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					                        The Battle to the Top

       The Iditarod race took place in Alaska with eighty-seven mushers participating. The race
started on March 6, 2004. Most people like being in these races because, they want to be the best
mushers in the world, or they want the money.
                               Mitch Seavey and his lead dog were the first ones to arrive at the
                       finish line. Mitch Seavey did an awesome job in the Iditarod race this
                       year!! He battled the horrible winds and the blowing snow. He got,
                       $69.000 because he had won the race.
                       The Iditarod first started in 1972. The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race was
  Mitch Seavey, the
  2004 champion        first run to Nome in 1973, twenty-two mushers made it to Nome in that
  holds one of his
  lead dogs, Zebra     year. In the 1920’s airplanes replaced the dog sled as a mode of
  for the pictures.    transportation. Diphtheria was a disease that children were exposed to in
                       Nome, during the year 1925. Many kid got this disease and so did the
Alaskan Husky, which is the type of dogs the mushers use in the Iditarod
races. Dogs cannot be brought into a shelter except for when they need treatment from a doctor.
The Honorary mushers of 2004 Iditarod race are Terry Adkins and Harry Pitka. I think that
Doug Swingley is a very honored musher because he was one of the
mushers in between first and tenth place had to scratch because his eyes
froze, so he needed some serious treatment.
One of my mushers was born and raised in California. Jerry Sousa was the
sixteenth musher to finish the Iditarod race and he did a wonderful job.
Jerry made it through the race without getting sick or hurt. When Jerry
                                                                                This is Jerry Sousa
finished he had nine dogs left in his pack. His ranked between fifteenth        who had finished in
place and fiftieth place. He wanted to join the Iditarod because his dad was    the 13th place in the
                                                                                Iditarod race.
in it when Jerry was younger. His dream was to move to Alaska to fish,
hunt, and live in a wonderful land filled with adventure. He also wanted to move to Alaska
because he wanted to participate in the Iditarod races. When he was twelve years old, he got to
  move to Alaska and live with his aunt, uncle, and his cousins. He loved his life seeing fish in the
  streams and wild bears running free. His lifetime Iditarod prize money is, $2,098,000. His
  hobbies are, mushing and flying.

                                 My musher was born and raised in Nome, Alaska. Aaron
                         Burmeister was the thirteenth musher to finish the iditarod race. He did a
                         terrific job, in the race. Aaron made it through the race
                         without getting sick or hurt. When Aaron finished he
                         had nine dogs left. He ranked between fifth place and

This is Aaron            thirtieth place. He joined the Iditarod because it was his
Burmister as he waves    dream. Aaron was a heavy equipment operator and a
to his hometown fans,
as he drives his dog     professional musher. His lifetime prize money is,
team up to the finish
                         $17,584,000. Aaron has a dog, named Mr. Bo Jangles.
                         His hobbies are outdoor activities, boating, and camping.
         This year was a very great race and only ten mushers had to scratch.
  Two Alaskan Husky dogs died during the race this year.
                                                                                      This is part of the
                                                                                      Iditarod trail that
                                                                                      the mushers went

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