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					                                  Animalia Dog Training Checklist
Dog Name: _________________________Prepared By: ________________________Date:

The goal for elementary school is to learn everyday basic behaviors and begin to have success with each behavior under
a variety of situations. One cue, either verbal or a hand signal, should get the behavior. You should also focus on
Distance, Duration, and Distractions. When you and/or the instructor feel you are ready on a certain behavior, there
will be a formal assessment. Once the items have all been assessed, you can move up to the next level.
                                   Cue                             Instructor                  Comments
 1        Default Behaviors
 1.1      Name Recognition/eye contact
 1.2      Sit
 1.2.1        From a stand, one cue
 1.2.2        From a down, one cue
 1.3      Down
 1.3.1        From a stand, one cue
 1.3.2        From a sit, one cue
 1.4      Stand
 1.4.1        From a sit, one cue
 1.4.2        From a down, one cue
 1.5      Target – nose to hand consistently
 1.6      Recall
 1.6.1        Distance of 20’
 1.6.2        Reward with food, toy, running away (1 each)
 2        Basic Behaviors
 2.1      Leave it
 2.1.1       For food then toy for 5 seconds
 2.1.2       In hand
 2.1.3       On floor
 2.1.4       Trouble item from home
 2.2      Polite Greet
 2.2.1       Owner
 2.2.2       Instructor
 2.2.3       Other students
 2.3      Leash walking
 2.3.1       Slack for 10’
 2.3.2       Slack around cones/chairs
 2.4      Stay
 2.4.1       30 seconds
 2.4.2       Owner 3’ away
 2.5      Supervised Separation
 2.5.1       Leave room and return 1 minute
 2.6      Paw touch
 2.6.1       Paw to object when point
                                   Cue                 Instructor   Comments
 2.6.2      Paw to wall or fence
 3       Other Behaviors/Information
 3.1     Soft Mouth
 3.2     Handling
 3.2.1      Owner and Trainer
 3.2.2      Head, feet, tail, mouth, collar
 3.2.3      Groom
 3.3     Tug
 3.3.1      Start and end
 3.3.2     Pay to Play
 3.4     Rewards
 3.4.1     5 food
 3.4.2     5 toys
 3.4.3     3 environmental
 3.5     No Reward Marker
 3.5.1      To redirect
 3.6     Release word
 3.7     Journal
 3.8     Tooth brushing
 3.8.1      Able to brush all teeth with toothbrush

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Trouble Areas:

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