FY2009 Massachusetts Charter School Dissemination Program – Reviewer Evaluation Criteria Form
Charter School Name                                   Project Title                                        Reviewer #

                                    [Rating Scale: Absent = 0; Weak = 1; Adequate = 3; Strong = 5]
                                                                                     Factor        Total       Evidence/
Criteria: The grant proposal …                                            Rating
                                                                                                 Points       Comments
Competitive Priority – Outlines a plan that meets one of the                                        0
                                                                            0          1
stated competitive priorities.
A.   Purpose – Articulates the purpose of the dissemination
     project, including specific measurable project outcomes that           0          1            0
     will result in effective dissemination of the charter school’s
     best practices.
B. Eligibility – Provides evidence that the school has                                        0
   demonstrated success in:
     B1. substantial progress in improving student achievement;             0          1            0
     B2. high levels of parent satisfaction;                                0          1            0
     B3. the management and leadership necessary to overcome
         initial start-up problems and establish a thriving, viable         0          1            0
         charter school; and
     B4. the particular area(s) of proposed dissemination and is            0          3            0
         well-qualified to conduct the proposed project.
C. Organizational Capacity – Provides evidence that the
   charter school has the organizational capacity to successfully
   manage and complete the proposed project; and specifically               0          1            0
   identifies and addresses the capacity of staff and/or potential
   contractors who will be working on and overseeing the grant
D. Demonstrated Need or Demand – Provides a compelling
   argument that there is a demonstrated need, or actual
   demand (identifying specific potential public school partners,           0          2            0
   if possible) for the specific products and/or services that
   would be provided through the proposed grant project.
E. Effective Dissemination – Provides a detailed plan for:
     E1. the specific activities (with potential partners, if possible)
         the charter school will conduct with grant funds, including        0          2            0
         a plan to disseminate the finished product and/or
         services to others; and
     E2. thoughtful web-based dissemination of project activities
         and/or results/products that would be accessible to the            0          1            0
         broader educational community.
F. Evaluation - Provides an evaluation component to determine                                       0
                                                                            0          1
   if project outcomes are met.
G. Budget - Provides a request for funds that:                                                0
     G1. includes a detailed narrative explanation of the proposed
         project, aligned clearly with the budget categories in the         0          2            0
         required Part II – Budget Detail Pages; and
     G2. is aligned with the purpose of the proposed project and is         0          1            0
         reasonable and appropriate for planned activities.
H. Action Plan - Provides a detailed action plan (following the
   prescribed format) for the completion of proposed activities
   necessary to accomplish each of the project outcomes,                    0          2            0
   including: a chronological timeline; persons responsible; and
   amount of funds requested for each component, broken out
   by budget line as articulated in Part G (above).
                                                                                Total Points        0      out of 100 Possible
                                                             Funding Recommendation
Summary Comments:

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