USAID Programs in 2009

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USAID Programs in 2009
Since 1992 the American                  Economic Growth: USAID’s work in the economic growth sector is
                                         partially funded by the Government of Kazakhstan, under the joint
people through USAID                     Program for Economic Development. USAID helps strengthen the
have provided over $500                  budget and public sector audit processes by improving monetary and
million in assistance for                competition policies supports Kazakhstan’s accession to the WTO,
Kazakhstan.                              works on reducing trade barriers relating to transport, transit, border
                                         crossing, and customs clearance, and facilitates access of businesses
                                         to market information within and beyond Central Asia. Energy sector
                                         assistance is helping establish a transparent, competitive energy
                                         market, increase electricity trade, and introduce market-based
                                         solutions for disputes on hydroelectricity facilities and reservoirs. To
                                         improve operating environment for businesses, USAID helps reduce
                                         regulatory and administrative constraints for SMEs through expert
                                         advice and dialog between the government and the private sector. By
                                         familiarizing microfinance institutions with the best practices in the
                                         sector, USAID aims to expand access to credit. USAID also provides
                                         training and consulting to SMEs. Key contractors, grantees: Bearing
                                         Point, AECOM, ACDI/VOCA, Pragma Corporation.

                                         Investing in People: USAID’s primary healthcare program is helping
                                         Kazakhstan to reform its health system to increase access to high
                                         quality primary healthcare services. This program focuses on
                                         improving the quality of tuberculosis (TB), maternal, child, and
                                         reproductive health services. Technical and other assistance support
                                         the country’s endeavors to control infectious diseases like TB,
USAID Regional Mission for Central
                                         including efforts to reduce the spread of multi-drug resistant forms.
Asian Republics:
                                         USAID also helps the Government build capacity to respond to highly-
Regional Mission Director:               pathogenic avian influenza. Principal contractors and grantees are:
Andrew Sisson                            Abt Associates; Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI); and KNCV
USAID                                    Tuberculosis Foundation.
41 Kazibek bi St,
Almaty, Kazakhstan 050010                Governing Justly and Democratically: USAID's programs assist the
Ph.: 7-727-250-79-12                     Kazakh Government and civil society to develop democratic systems
                                         and practices in the country. Programs cultivate local civic activism
USAID Branch Office in Astana:
                                         and coalition building among civil society and media organizations.
Stephen Kelley
US Embassy                               USAID also supports their dialogue with the Government of
Ak Bulak 4, Str. 23-22, building #3      Kazakhstan on democratic issues including decision-making
Astana, Kazakhstan 010010                processes, political pluralism, service delivery, policy and judicial
Ph.: 7-7172- 70-21-00                    reform, press freedom, and protection of human rights. Business and
                                         professional association leaders receive opportunities for practical
USAID Central Asia Coordinator in        training in the United States. Principal contractors/grantees:
Washington:                              Chemonics, Counterpart, Freedom House, International Center for
Bob Wallin, Ph.: 202-712-0141            Non-Profit Law, International Republic Institute, Internews, National
                                         Democratic Institute, and World Learning.