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									                                                                                   Phone: (561) 285-1010
Adam T Morrison
7435 165 Street N                                                       
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418                                           

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Seeking opportunities as a Solution Architect to lead businesses through successful technology decisions
and to analyze, architect and deliver systems utilizing refined methodologies and development processes.


       Over 10 years of hands-on architecture design and implementation of the Documentum platform
       Capable of filling a variety of roles including technical architect, developer, project manager,
        business analyst, trainer, technical writer, etc.
       Several successful project implementations across a variety of industries including pharmaceutical,
        energy, retail, construction and media
       Effective communication skills with the ability to clearly communicate project details across all
        levels of the organization
       Proven ability to manage complex implementations across multiple project teams
       Hands-on development, installation and configuration across multiple hardware/software stacks
       Hands-on experience evaluating options and determining proper integration paths between
        Documentum and SharePoint
       Significant experience implementing content management solutions within the media space
       Multiple successful upgrades of the Documentum Platform
       Developed in a variety of programming languages with a focus in Java technologies
       Several successful migrations from legacy platforms including DocuShare, Documentum, External
        File-systems, third-party vendors, custom database applications, and others.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science :: Magna Cum Laude                       Florida Atlantic University
8/2000                                                                                     Boca Raton, FL

                                           Technical Skills
                                        Documentum Products

Documentum Content Server 4/5/6/6.5 (CS), Content Transformation Services (CTS, ADTS, RPS, MTS),
Web developer Kit (WDK), Process Builder, Workflow Manager, Composer, Application Builder, Business
Office Framework (BOF: TBO/SBO), Documentum Foundation Classes (DFC), Documentum Foundation
Services (DFS), Site Caching Services (SCS/IDS/IDSX), Site Deployment Services (SDS), Import Manager,
Content Services for SAP, Documentum Connector for MOSS (DC4M), My Documentum for SharePoint
(MDSP), Accelerated Content Services/Branch Office Caching (ACS/BOCS), WebTop, Administrator, Web
Publisher, Digital Asset Manager, WingSpan DocWay,

                                      Languages :: Technologies

Sun Certified Programmer, Java, Spring MVC, Delphi, ASP, C/C++, XML, XSLT, Castor, HTML, JavaScript,
AJAX, Familiarity with C#.Net, WingSpan DocWay, JMS, EJB

                                 IDE :: Application Server :: Platform

Eclipse, Visual Studio, CVS, VSS, Delphi 5, WSAD, BEA Workshop, WebLogic, Tomcat, JBoss, SharePoint
2007, HPQC, DocuShare

                                   Operating Systems :: Databases

Windows NT, 2K, 2K3, Linux, Solaris, SQL Server, Oracle
                                             Project Timeline
Global Implementation of Collaboration Platform                                        Solution Architect
7/2009  Present                                                    Independent Consultant, Adjility Group
Atlanta, GA                                                                       Merial Pharmaceutical

Lead the Documentum effort to design and build a SharePoint/Documentum Collaboration Platform
leveraged by over 5000 employees across 4 regional locations worldwide.

Project Highlights
       Developed extensive documentation in support of Merial's Collaboration platform including platform
        methodology, platform governance, technical standards and conventions, maintenance processes,
        design presentations, design templates, training approach, training presentations, and migration
       Evaluated multiple "connectors" (WingSpan, Vorsite, and EMC) to be used as the conduit
        between Documentum/SharePoint and summarized findings to the executive leadership team.
       Lead the design of the Documentum implementation through a series of end-user workshops
        leveraging design presentations and templates
       Lead the design and build activities including security model, taxonomy and workflow using
        Process Builder and Composer
       Deployed the full solution across three regional environments consisting of Oracle 10g, SQL
        Server 2003, Windows Server 2K3, Tomcat, SharePoint 2007
       Executed IOQ and PQ validation scripts per clients validation requirements
       Designed and developed a Documentum publishing solution in support of custom .Net web-
        application leveraging Interactive Delivery services.
       Acted as Project Manager across multiple projects with a total of 4 reports.

Documentum 6 Core Implementation, Business Process                         Documentum Solution Architect
Development and Legacy Migration
11/2008  6/2009                                                       Independent Consultant, SCFoster
Richmond, VA                                                                           Dominion Power

Lead the research, design and implementation of the internal Fossil and Hydro Procedures Database
including those that support energy compliance regulations.

Project Highlights
       Documentum 6 implementation
       Implementation included external publishing via Site Caching Services and SQL Server
       The installation included a robust Documentum security model used to support 40+ business
        units, 400+ user groups with limited maintenance requirements.
       The deployed solution also included extensive use of BOF Type Business Objects, automated
        Business Process methods and Document Transformation Services to automatically render
        PDF's based on a procedure review workflow.
       The WebTop application was customized to provide custom validation using the WDK.
       A custom, Java based, XML based migration tool was developed to allow for a fully configurable
        migration process from DocuShare to Documentum.

Custom Accounts Payable Application Development                                         Solution Architect
Documentum 6 upgrade
7/2008  11/2008                                                       Independent Consultant, SCFoster
Teterboro, NJ                                                                               Jet Aviation

Primary design tasks included the upgrade of an existing 5.3 Documentum installation to version 6. This
included the design and implementation of several enhancements to the underlying implementation
leveraging Spring/MVC, Process Builder, Captiva and DFC.

Project Highlights
       Significant improvements were made to the custom Accounts Payable application in support of
        Documentum 6; including workflow process re-engineering and security model performance
       The improvements were realized through exhaustive testing of the Spring MVC/J2EE application
        throughout the entire upgrade process.
       The testing process was controlled and verified using multiple upgrade scenarios that leveraged a
        cloned production environment.
       Hands on testing and installation included core D6 components, configuration of BEA WebLogic,
        SAP integration modules, Captiva InputAccel modules, and custom component testing of
        Documentum TBO's and the underlying workflow process.

Digital Asset Management Solution Design and Development                  Documentum Solution Architect
3/2008  8/2008                                                        Independent Consultant, SCFoster
Miami, FL                                                                                        PBS&J

Primary design tasks included the development and delivery of the Functional Requirements Specification,
Detailed Design Specification, development and rollout for a Digital Asset Management catalog within

Project Highlights
       The solution included Core DCTM implementation (Security, Document Types, Folder Structures,
        and System Configuration), custom rendition profiles, DAMTop client customization, custom
        business objects, custom workflow and lifecycles.
       The core tools and technologies leveraged were Documentum 6 Content Server, Digital Asset
        Manager 6/WDK, Content Transformation Services, DFC and Java.

Custom Brand/Marketing Application Design and Development                 Documentum Solution Architect
8/2006  4/2008                                                        Independent Consultant, Razorfish
Atlanta, GA                                                                                      FedEx

Primary tasks included the soup to nuts implementation of a robust Brand Management and Asset
Delivery Tool for external advertising agencies.

Project Highlights
       Development and delivery of the Software Requirements Specification, Detailed Design
        Specification and Resource Estimate/Project Plan.
       Core Documentum implementation (Security, Document Types, Taxonomy, Rendition Profiles,
        Client Customization Requirements, etc.)
       Design and implementation of the BOF Type Based Object layer according to Documentum
        capabilities and application requirements
       Design and implementation of three custom business process workflows using Business Process
       Design and implementation of Documentum Lifecycles to drive required business process and
        design and development of custom Content Transformation Services rendition profiles for a
        variety of image formats.
       Design and implementation of the front-end applications service layer within the Spring MVC
        framework application running on WebLogic. Service classes were leveraged by the controllers to
        allow users to access the underlying assets managed within the Documentum repository.

Documentum Digital Asset Management Implementation                        Documentum Solution Architect
6/2005  7/2006                                                        Independent Consultant, Razorfish
Austin, TX                                                                              Dell Computers

Documentum lead for the design and implementation of a Digital Asset Management tool using
Documentum’s Digital Asset Manager web-client 5.3, Content Transformation Server 5.3, Developer
Studio 5.3 and Content Server 5.3.

Project Highlights
       Required to work closely with the business organization to refine project requirements and
       Architecture design included system architecture refinement, installation process and procedures,
        taxonomy definition, lifecycle development, user/group development and access control definition
       Technical development included WDK customizations to WebTop and DAMTop, typed business
        object development (TBO) for specific business logic and legacy XML migration application using
        leveraging DFC.
       Deliverables also included the development of an extremely robust and flexible asset submission
        workflow and UI wizard. Process was developed to manage the capture and approval of digital
        assets throughout the creative process, including photo studio creation, image retouching and final
        image publishing to end users.

Documentum Solution Design and Implementation                            Documentum Solution Architect
3/2005  5/2005                                                  Independent Consultant, ATM Consulting
Delray Beach, FL                                                                           Office Depot

Project consisted of the evaluation and overall recommendation to refine various aspects of the existing
Global Content Management architecture in support of future goals.

Project Highlights
       Design of the enterprise Documentum architecture to support distributed configurations including
        content servers, web publishing configurations, media services, web clients and site delivery
        services across 6 regional locations.
       Additional tasks included supporting Documentum software on both Windows 2000 and Solaris
        operating systems and drafting a proposal for high-availability including fail over to a secondary
        data center.

Documentum Architecture Extension for ASP Model                                        Solution Architect
4/2004  3/2005                                                  Independent Consultant, ATM Consulting
Boca Raton, FL                                                                  Ricoh Corporation, ASD

Primary objectives were to extend the Documentum 5.2 backend and WebTop 5.2 client to support a
partitioned, web-based, content management system to be used within the Application Service Provider
(ASP) business model.

Project Highlights
       System was designed to support legacy applications, including content upload and imaging system
        with business machine integration (MFP).
       Responsibilities included taxonomy definition, access control definition (ACL), WebTop
        customization and Delphi API. Additional responsibilities included project and resource planning,
        technical design code review and development of technical documentation.
       Completed customizations to WebTop application through WDK customizations, Java, DFC and
        BOF TBO implementation

Content Upload System and Imaging API                                                  Solution Architect
4/2004  8/2004                                                  Independent Consultant, ATM Consulting
Boca Raton, FL                                                                  Ricoh Corporation, ASD

Developed an extensive API leveraging Delphi 5 to encapsulate the business process of moving user
upload requests though an advanced upload and imaging system. The API was developed to abstract the
developer’s view of each object as it moved through the system, allowing for a more robust development
process and system architecture.

Global Content Management Design, Implementation and                         Documentum Technical Lead
4/2003  3/2004                                                                                 Employee
Delray Beach, FL                                                                              Office Depot

Worked together with several internal and external IT organizations to architect the Global Content
Management platform spanning thirteen countries worldwide.

Project Highlights
       Global installation embraced the advanced features of Documentum’s Enterprise architecture
        including enterprise workflow, Digital Asset Management and Business Objects Framework.
       Specific duties included the design of the core Documentum architecture, implementation of
        various Documentum integrations and customizations and full administrative support of the
        Documentum implementation.
       Core systems included Documentum 5.2 applications running on both Sun Solaris and Windows
        2k servers with an Oracle 9i database.

Enterprise Performance Testing of Documentum                                               Developer II
8/2003  1/2004                                                                              Employee
Delray Beach, FL                                                                           Office Depot

Requirements included the isolation of various performance issues when accessing a Documentum
installation across a WAN environment; including network communication at various worldwide client sites
with varying bandwidth and latency.

Project Highlights
       Worked with lead performance engineers at Documentum as well as the Office Depot network
        team to design and test various scenarios designed from required Documentum Use Cases
        including search, browse, download, etc.
       Testing efforts culminated with Documentum releasing a performance patch that significantly
        increased performance across the WAN environment.

Documentum and Pindar Agility Integration                                                  Developer II
6/2003  3/2004                                                                              Employee
Delray Beach, FL                                                                           Office Depot

Worked as part of the Global Content Management team to architect the integration between Pindar’s
catalog management product “Agility” and the Documentum Content Management Application.

Project Highlights
       Integration included asynchronous updates using Java Message Services (JMS), integrations into
        Documentum using Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) and Documentum Typed Business Objects

Custom Documentum ASP Implementation                                         Principal Software Engineer
8/2000  3/2003                                                                                Employee
Boca Raton, FL                                                                           CyLex Systems

Lead the design and development of a custom Documentum web-client application that provided the ability
to multi-tenant the Documentum system in support of the ASP Model.

Project Highlights

       Main components included MS ASP front-end, Oracle 8i backend and Documentum DFC.
       Development responsibilities included design of the application’s user interface including HTML,
        DHTML, CSS style sheets, and extensive JavaScript functionality.
       Main application included development using DFC 4.2 from Active Server Pages (ASP), several
        3 -party COM objects, extensive database work (Oracle 8i) and optimization, remote application
        integration through XML, and implementation of tracing and debugging tools.
       Required to work closely with several other companies and their development teams including top
        business machine manufacturers, scanning solution vendors and Documentum integrators.

 Additional Experience available upon request


 References Available Upon Request

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