3 rock types by o489H3


									3 Types of Rocks
Graham crackers             marshmallow cream                 chocolate chips
Starburst two packs         microwave                         wax paper
Magic School Bus Inside the Earth                             record sheet

Lesson                                                             Notebook
Discuss the fact that scientists like to categorize things. One    Record:
way they categorize rocks is by size, rocks, pebbles, sand, silt   Sedimentary: layers
– we discussed this in past weeks. Another way is by how           Metamorphic: heat and
they were made:                                                    pressure
Metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous. Discuss what these           Igneous: melting and
are.                                                               cooling

Make edible rocks:

Edible Rocks

Sedimentary –
Layer graham crackers and marshmallow cream, choc. chips
Can see layers, crumbly, can be broken apart

Stack 3 different color starburst, press them together
Warmth and pressure changes them to something different,
not easily broken

Melt chocolate in microwave, pour out onto wax paper on
kids desks
Watch it harden
Often has crystals, bubbles and air inside caused by cooling.

Read Magic School Bus Inside the Earth.

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