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									           Jaiprakash Associates Limited Fixed Deposit
Company Background

In 2004 Jaiprakash Industries Ltd was amalgamated with its wholly owned subsidiary, Jaypee Cement Ltd. and the
name of Jaypee Cement Ltd. was changed to Jaiprakash Associates Ltd (JAL) after amalgamation. JAL is the
engineering and construction arm of the Jaypee group focused on development of river valley and hydro electric
projects and a leader in construction of river valley and hydropower projects on turnkey basis for more than four


Profits and Dividends                                                                                     (Rs. In Lacs)
         Year Ended               Profit before Tax             Profit After Tax                  Dividend (%)
         31.03.2009                    125098                        89701                             50
         31.03.2010                    238167                       170836                             54
         31.03.2011                    175451                       116778                             40*
*Interim dividend of 20% (already paid) and 20% Final Dividend (Proposed)


Minimum & Maximum Amount

          Minimum Amount is Rs.20000 for Scheme A (non-cumulative deposits) & Scheme B (Cumulative deposits)
           for all durations.
          Additional amounts in multiples of Rs.1000/-
          Maximum amount per investor for six months duration is Rs.10 lacs

Who can Apply

    a)     Resident Individuals                       b) Trusts
    c)     HUFs                                       d) Minor through Guardian

Non-Cumulative Deposits
Scheme A – Quarterly Income Plan                                                   Cumulative Deposits – Scheme B
 Period       Rate of Interest (% p.a.)   Yield (% p.a.)                                 Period        Yield (% p.a.)
 1 year                11.75                  11.86                                     6 months           11.50
 2 years               12.25                  12.37                                      1 year            12.40
 3 years               12.50                  12.63                                      2 years           13.80
Interest on quarterly income plan is compounded                                          3 years           15.07
monthly and paid quarterly.

Cheque/draft in favour of “Jaiprakash Associates Limited A/C Fixed Deposit” and crossed ‘Account Payee Only’

Documents required for KYC – Self attested copy of PAN card

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