List Of Registered CCMSS oftware by o489H3


									List of Registered CCMS software

The software listed on this page has been developed by software producers who have
provided a declaration to FaHCSIA that the software has been tested against test scenarios
provided by FaHCSIA, and have undertaken to abide by the CCMS IT Security Principles
For Software Developers.

FaHCSIA is satisfied with the results against the test scenarios, however, FaHCSIA has not
done any independent testing and listing on this page does not constitute an endorsement
of the product by FaHCSIA.

FaHCSIA does not accept any liability for these products; any adverse affect the use of
these products may have on your existing IT environment; or any outcome arising as a
result of using these products including failure by you to comply with your legislative
obligations. You must satisfy yourself that the particular product is suitable for your service
and existing IT environment. You should evaluate alternatives and properly evaluate and
test any product chosen to ensure that it works as expected and without side effects for
your systems before proceeding to implement it.

You should seek independent advice if you believe that a statement made by a software
producer is false and/or misleading.

If you wish to purchase software listed on this page you should do so on the basis of
independent consideration and/or advice.

*       Note – Service Provider Interface Technical Specifications Version 1.1 is valid from
        30 June 2006 – 5 June 2009. Service Provider Interface Technical Specifications
        Version 1.2 is valid from 6 June 2009 onwards.

Software         Tested to work     Exceptions Company                Contact Details
product,         with CCMS 'Service or
version          Provider Technical Restrictions
SmartFees        Passed                  None          Abdat          Alison Darby
CCMS             'Service Provider                     Computer
(version 15)     Interface Technical                   Systems Pty
                 Specifications'                       Ltd            (03) 9509 5022
                 version 1.2
Heartbeat4Kidz Passed                    None          SDC           Ray le Roy
(version 1.4)  'Service Provider                       International
               Interface Technical                                   Heartbeat4Kidz
               Specifications'                                       (07) 5574 2255
               version 1.2
starCare         Passed                  None          JCN         Amanda Watson (Sales)
(version 6.3)    'Service Provider                     Systems Pty
                 Interface Technical                   Ltd         (02) 4862 4000
                 version 1.2                                          Support – (02) 4862 4044
ChildcarePro     Passed                  None          NumeroPro
v1.2.11         'Service Provider            Pty Ltd
                Interface Technical                        (07) 5585 5900
                version 1.2
Spike           Passed                None   Economic      Deb Chernoff
(version 3)     'Service Provider            Outlook Pty
                Interface Technical          Ltd 
                Specifications'                            (08) 8231 0941
                version 1.2
Child Care      Passed                None   Redbourne     Rachel Sherlock
Central V 1.0   'Service Provider            Business
                Interface Technical          Services
                Specifications'                            1300 733 667
                version 1.2
KiinCARE Studio Passed                None   Nepean        Claude Damaschino,
V1.9.72         'Service Provider            ProData-      Rowena Thomson
                Interface Technical          KiinCARE
                Specifications'              Pty Limited   1300 722 717
                version 1.2
QikKids4        Passed                None   QK           Michael Hovey
(version 4.2)   'Service Provider            Technologies
                Interface Technical          Pty Ltd      1300 367 770
                version 1.2
Future Blocks   Passed                None   Child Care    Chantal Adney
(version 2.0)   'Service Provider            Information   Future Blocks
                Interface Technical          Systems Pty
                Specifications'              Ltd           (02) 9939 0998
                version 1.1
BrainChild      Passed                None   Quanta        0411 511 911
V18.0           'Service Provider            Computing     Carmelo Tassone
                Interface Technical          Pty Ltd
                version 1.2
City Manager    Passed                None   Xpedite      Michael Holden
V6.3.1          'Service Provider            Professional
                Interface Technical          Services Pty (03) 9596 8433
                Specifications'              Ltd
                version 1.2
Harmony for     Passed                None   Harmony       Jon Justin
C.C.M.S         'Service Provider            Software
                Interface Technical                        (02) 6239 2034
                version 1.2
Kindy Manager   Passed                None   Hamilton     Phillip Hamilton
V4.9            'Service Provider            Software
                Interface Technical          and Training (07) 5594 0519
                version 1.2
CentrecalcCCMS Passed                 None   Centrecalc    Peta-Marie Perkins
v29            'Service Provider                 
               Interface Technical                         (07) 3161 9330
               version 1.2
Kids Wizz V1.47 Passed                None   School Care Sales & Support
                'Service Provider            Software Pty
                Interface Technical          Ltd
                  version 1.2                      

                                                             1800 730 087 or
                                                             (03) 9720 9900
HubWorks!         Passed                None   HubWorks!
CCMS V 2.2        'Service Provider
                  Interface Technical              
                  version 1.2
                                                             1300 769 110
                                                             (03) 9525 6835

BASYS             Passed                None   Becklyn Pty   Doug McKenzie
                  'Service Provider
                  Interface Technical              
                  version 1.1
                                                             (02) 9878 2651
Australian        Passed                None   Child Care    Chris Buck
Childcare         'Service Provider
Management        Interface Technical              
Software (v1.5)   Specifications'
                  version 1.2
                                                             0418 762 823
ChildcarePlus     Passed                None   Tailored   Derek McKinnon
V6.02             'Service Provider
                  Interface Technical
                  version 1.2

                                                             1300 227 587 (1300 CC Plus)
Principal V2.4.0 Passed                 None   Principal     Roland Douglass
                 'Service Provider
                 Interface Technical               
                 version 1.2
                                                             (03) 9663 0088
KindCare v2.0     Passed                None   Your Spare    Rachel Sherlock
                  'Service Provider
                                               Office PTY
                  Interface Technical
                  version 1.2                                07 3632 5444

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