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									Desicion adopted on the fifth CAYEN meeting
12-15 February 2011, Almaty, “Altyn Kargaly”

Issues for discussion:

1. Increasing the CAYEN participation in the TUNZA network
Solution: national coordinators before March 1 submit to the Secretariat a nomination from each
country to interact with the executive bodies of global network Tunza.
Age: 16 - 24, preferably knowledge of English.
2. CAYEN Newsletter
Solution: Continue to expand of CAYEN information distribution. Add e-mail addresses of
3. Site
Solution: Continue to work on the development of site. Create a working group on optimizing site
(1 person per country). According to the results of the work of working group Biom provides to the
secretariat technical tasks on optimizing of site wich estimates in the range 1000 - 2000 USD
including the extension of the hosting for 2 years. Financing stands out from the savings of the
project of the fifth meeting of CAYEN after consultation with UNEP.
The work with site development must include following suggestions of Meeting:

Create a movie library, put environmental films for download and viewing, without copyright
infringement. (Videos / documentary / art)
Resources on ESD including manuals, guides, posters, logos, pictures.
Placement of materials to conduct competitions (PhotoHunt, etc.)
Update and expand the History section
Lay out theCAYEN documents and papers online,
Create environmental Wallpaper for the desktop with elements of CAYEN - logo, name
Links to sites of major partners and donors
reference to national YEN web sites if there is
news updates every 1, 2 days
Placement of CAYEN banner on other sites like ekoportal, carnet, etc.
Providing a mechanism to apply for entry into the CAYEN network, the application should be
forwarded to the national coordinator of the country
Placement of the requirements for entry into the network in each country of Central Asia
Design improving
Library development
creating opportunities for blogging and analysis of active bloggers
Regulary updating of the English pages
Place banners on the English-language sites
Prolongation of hosting
Files for download of free of licensing programs
Provide a mechanism for fundraising on the site

4. Sustainability of national networks
Solution: Increased awareness of young people in Turkmenistan. Conduct of elections of the
national coordinator in Tajikistan. Conducting national youth forums in each country of Central
Asia. Campaign to increase membership in each country.
5. Issues of age of CAYEN participants
6-14 years Children's Environmental Network
15-24 Youth Environmental Network
25-30 Young mentors (those who consisted of CAYEN and grew up)
31 - ... CAYEN Experts
Start a discussion on providing platforms for each age group in CAYEN.
6. Ensuring the participation of CAYEN in 7th Conference of Ministers “Environment for
Organization of exhibitions
Organization of Site Event
7. Development of cycling.
Solution: arrangement in every capital of Central Asia Campaign to enhance cycling.
8. Position of CAYEN
Solution: Take into account position that:
CAYEN is not a political structure
The status of CAYEN in the ICSD
age of participants
status of experts
Members of the CAYEN are National Environmental Networks
Council of National Coordinators will finalize structure and statement of the CAYEN for futher
9. Cooperation with OSCE
Recognize that partnerships of CAYEN and the OSCE is important for futher CAYN development.
Contact the office of the OSCE in Vienna by the OSCE Office in Astana with a proposal on the
financing or co-financing activities of CAYEN through the country offices of the OSCE.
The proposed list of activities in which the OSCE can be a strategicpartner of CAYEN is below.

       1.National youth environmental forums in 5 countries of Central Asia. 5000 EUR * 5
       countries = EUR 25 000 OSCE, UNEP
       2.Site Event and Exhibition of CAYEN on the 7th Ministerial Conference
       3.Financing the participation of representatives of the CAYEN in World Leadership
       Conference in Singapore to prepare young people to World Summit for Sustainable
       Development in Rio, the preparation of national youth messages from the countries.
       4.Institutional OSCE project to support and develop CAYEN as a sustainable mechanism for
       youth participation in decision-making and preparing future environmental leaders and
       experts. With a strategic partnership with key international organizations in Central Asian
       countries and civil society
       5. Support actions and campaigns of CAYEN dealing with global environmental days, the
       traditional international global youth actions amd activities. Small grants $ 500 and more.
       6. The Small Grants programms for youth organizations and initiative groups of young
       people for solve concreate environmental problems on local level.
       7. Project to expand the membership of CAYEN

10. Youth advisers of TUNZA
Decision: The national coordinators hold elections of youth in age 16 - 24 years, one from each
country, preferably English speaking to represent the country at the Tunza Network. The voting age
be strictly observed. At least 2 representatives from CA be proficient in English. All advisors must
submit a CV in English.
11. Children's Tunza Network and a network of young eco journalists.
Solution: Go to the next meeting of CAYEN, can be earlier, to make proposals for the creation of
children's environmental Tunza Network in Central Asia and a network of young environmental
journalists / bloggers.
12. Decision-making mechanism for CAYEN.
Desicion in the CAYEN accepte at the annual meeting of CAYEN, each country has one vote.
Between the meetings desicions makes the CAYEN Coordination Council (CAYENCC).
CAYENCC includes national coordinators from each country and the representative of the
secretariat. Total: 6 people
National coordinators can conduct internal vote in national networks, according to national
In the absence of a national focal point in the country or its inaction decisions can be made by
active members of the Coordinating Board. To participate in the voting process CC members must
have constant access to email and check it regularly. Decisions are made by reaching consensus on
the issue (In exceptional cases, a large number of votes). In controversial issues, coordinating
council may apply to the Council of Expertsof CAYEN.
The National Coordinator may delegate alternative candidacy in the coordinating council.
The Experts council consists 5 or more people over the age of 30 years, delegated to the national
coordinator. The Experts Council does not take a final desicion , but provides advisory support to
When making decisions between meetings the secretariat is guided by the decision of the
13. Elections of Secretariat.
Decision: It was decided to transfer the CAYEN secretariat to the country's of ICSD chairmanship.
Put forward the NGO "Institute for Human Health", Kazakhstan, Astana, and its representative
Dmitriy Tereshkevich
Vote in favor - unanimously
14. Representation of CAYEN in Public Council of ICSD
Solution: the authority to represent the interests of the CAYEN in public council of ICSD given to
Dmitriy Vetoshkin.
15.Work plan
Approved work plan for the CAYEN and taken into account work plans of PC of ICSD and ICSD
for further implementation.
To implement the work plan it is useful to the following activities
advanced training of young people (Tonji, AIT, IAC, etc.)
Development of datebase
Ensuring continuity of activities in countries
Development of cycling
Organization environmental groups and watchers
action against poaching
seminars for students and schools
network project on gardening
developing partnerships with government structures
Development of Eco Silk Way
Increasing ecological awareness
Popularization of environmentally friendly products
The initiative on the ECOlabels

16. representation of CAYEN in the regional and global decision-making processes
Astana Economic Forum
Tehran Conference
World Leadership Conference, Singapore
Ministerial Conference Environment for Europe
Tunza Conference
Meetings of the ICSD
RIO + 20
17. CAYEN celebration days
Earth Hour 26/03
Bird Day 1 / 04
Earth Day 22/04
Marsh of Parks March - April
Day of environmental knowledge 15/04
Day of climate 15/05
WED 5 / 06
Day without a car 22/09
World Day of saving Energy 11.11 campaign
Completion of UN Youth year 12/05/1911
Birthday of CAYEN 27/09

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