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									                         UTAH STATE LIBRARY
                          (Including 4th Quarter Outputs)
                  Action Plan Tasks and Activities 2004-2005
                             July 2004-June 2005

OBJECTIVE 1: Develop information resources and services, and improve skills
            among Utah’s library directors and staffs, board members, and
            government information providers.

      STRATEGY 1.1: Develop bibliographic access to library collections, and
                    the sharing of library resources.

             Number of Items Cataloged by CatExpress Libraries
                  1st Quarter:        8,429
                  2nd Quarter:        8,199
                  3rd Quarter:        7,702
                  4th Quarter:       11,848
                  Annual Total:      36,178

         Highlight: The San Juan County Library, the Gunnison Civic Library,
          the Hyrum City Library, the Lehi City Public Library, the Pleasant
          Grove Public Library, the Box Elder County Bookmobile Library, and
          the Tri-County Bookmobile Library have become CatExpress libraries,
          bringing the total to twenty-two.

             Number of Searches of Academic Library (Utah's Catalog) and
             Public Library (Utah Multi-Catalog Search) Holdings through the
             KVK Search Software.
                    1st Quarter:        11,429
                    2nd Quarter:        13,590
                    3rd Quarter:        15,147
                    4th Quarter:        10,116
                    Annual Total:       50,282

             Number of Page Views of Public Library (Utah Multi-Catalog
             Search) Holdings through the KVK Search Software.
                   1st Quarter:        5,693
                   2nd Quarter:        6,308
                   3rd Quarter:        7,883
                   4th Quarter:        7,382
                   Annual Total:     27,266

       Interlibrary Loan Requests
               1st Quarter:        3,304
               2nd Quarter:        2,764
               3rd Quarter:        3,577
               4th Quarter:        4,250
               Annual Total:      13,895

       Number of Books Circulated to Libraries from the USL Collection
            1st Quarter:         1,730
            2nd Quarter:         1,646
            3rd Quarter:         1,969
            4th Quarter:         1,660
            Annual Total:        7,005

   Highlight: AudioBooks collection added to USL lending collection.
    USL’s online catalog has been expanded to include the holdings of the
    Utah Department of Transportation, and work is under way to develop
    a cooperative agreement with the State Law Library to share the use of
    our Horizon software.

       Number of Books Circulated to Libraries from the USL Professional
              1st Quarter:          47
              2nd Quarter:          43
              3rd Quarter:          62
              4th Quarter:          57
              Annual Total:        209

STRATEGY 1.2: Develop online information content, and library

       Public PIONEER Government Information
              1st Quarter:    1,722
              2nd Quarter:    1,997
              3rd Quarter:    2,262
              4th Quarter:    1,988
              Annual Total:   7,969

       gilsUtah! (Government Information Locator Service)
              1st Quarter:       24,428
              2nd Quarter:       21,652
              3rd Quarter:       24,018
              4th Quarter:       29,125
              Annual Total:      99,223

   State Publications Depository module purchased from Dynix. USL has
    begun a pilot project to preserve and make accessible state

        Average Daily Searches on State Search Engine
              1st Quarter:          4,601
              2nd Quarter:          4,666
              3rd Quarter:          6,391
              4th Quarter:          0,000*
              Total 1st, 2nd, 3rd: 15,658

              *USL no longer involved in State search engine development

        Utah State Library (USL) Website Usage
                                  Page Views                Visits
              1st Quarter:         83,502                   33,328
              2nd Quarter:         88,324                   35,511
              3rd Quarter:        116,962                   43,189
              4th Quarter:         99,733                   41,104
              Annual Total:       388,521                  153,132

       USL website (http://library.utah.gov) migration completed

        Public PIONEER Website Usage
                               Page Views                   Visits
               1st Quarter:     184,620                     50,683
               2nd Quarter:     215,525                     65,170
               3rd Quarter:     260,014                     77,742
               4th Quarter:     285,767                     79,889
               Annual Total:    945,926                    273,484

        Aggregate Website Usage (USL Website, Public PIONEER)
                                Page Views        Visits
              1st Quarter:       268,104          84,011
              2nd Quarter:       303,849         100,681
              3rd Quarter:       376,976         120,931
              4th Quarter:       385,518         120,993
              Annual Total:    1,334,447         426,616

        Public PIONEER Premium Database Usage (Results Retrieved)
                               Page Views
               1st Quarter:     123,851
               2nd Quarter:     185,409
               3rd Quarter:     180,194
               4th Quarter:     153,900
               Annual Total:    643,354

       Remote Patron Authentication (Home Access to Public PIONEER
       Premium Databases)
             1st Quarter:        1,975
             2nd Quarter:        2,096
             3rd Quarter:        2,245
             4th Quarter:        2,485
             Annual Total:       8,801

       Reference Questions Answered by USL Staff
             1st Quarter:        481
             2nd Quarter:        418
             3rd Quarter:        526
             4th Quarter:        479
             Annual Total:     1,904

       Number of Patrons of Library for the Blind and Disabled
            1st Quarter:         16,173
            2nd Quarter:         15,196*
            3rd Quarter:         15,655
            4th Quarter:         16,101

              * Decrease due to the purge of files of deceased patrons

       New Patrons of Library for the Blind and Disabled
            1st Quarter:              316
            2nd Quarter:              311
            3rd Quarter:              363
            4th Quarter:              453
            Annual Total:           1,437

       Circulation to Patrons of Library for the Blind and Disabled
              1st Quarter:         65,521
              2nd Quarter:         62,451
              3rd Quarter:         73,492
              4th Quarter:         70,997
              Annual Total:       272,461

       Interlibrary Loans from Multi-State Center Collection
               1st Quarter:       N/A
               2nd Quarter:       N/A
               3rd Quarter:       10,047
               4th Quarter:         8,409
               Total 3rd, 4th:   18,456

   The USL's new website for the blind and disabled
    (http://blindlibrary.utah.gov ) was completed in October, 2004. It is fully
    compliant with the provisions of the American's with Disabilities Act,
    Section 508.

   Staff of the Library for the Blind was trained in the use of the new book
    circulation software (KLAS).

   The USL's Radio Reading Service for the Blind was converted from
    analog to digital format in the fall of 2004. Plans are in place now to
    stream the digitized radio programming to the new website for the blind
    and disabled, making possible broader and more reliable distribution of
    radio programming to outlying patrons statewide over the Internet.

   Radio reading staff and volunteers were trained in the use of the new
    digital recording equipment for radio programs.

   The Utah Voters Pamphlet for the 2004 Election was recorded and
    translated to Braille for the Lt. Governor's Office and the USL to use
    with blind or visually impaired voters.

   All warehouse staff completed training and were certified for use of the

   A total of 52,529 cassette book machines are now in storage, ready for
    distribution to regional libraries for the blind throughout the United

   The State of Oregon has contracted with Utah for Braille service for
    Oregon residents, which will begin on July 1, 2005.

   National Library Service (NLS) staff visited the USL's Multistate Center
    on an annual visit to assess if the operation is in compliance with its
    standards. NLS staff also determined the status of talking book
    machines in storage.

   USL's manager of the Library for the Blind and Disabled, Bessie
    Oakes, attended the NLS Western/Midland Conference, and will be the
    chair of the Conference for the next two years.

STRATEGY 1.3: Develop continuing education, training, and consulting
              for librarians and library trustees.

       Public PIONEER / Internet Content Training
                          Events       Attendees        Contact Hours
       1st Quarter           2             34                 96
       2nd Quarter           7            153              3,258
       3rd Quarter           3             37                 88
       4th Quarter          10             87                174
       Annual Total         22            311              3,616

             Continuing Education
                                Events           Attendees    Contact Hours
             1st Quarter:         11                334          1,876
             2nd Quarter:          4                 73            448
             3rd Quarter:          6                 97            762
             4th Quarter:          3                 72            548
             Annual Total:        24                576          3,634

OBJECTIVE 2: Advance library services and access to information for all of
             Utah’s residents through funding, technology, outreach,
             partnerships, and by effectively administering the USL.

      STRATEGY 2.1: Advance through funding and administering library
                    grants and the service standards that libraries are
                    required to meet in order to qualify to receive them.

         The 2004 Legislature adopted legislation requiring that public libraries
          have in place an Internet filter on publicly accessible workstations to be
          eligible for grants. Working with Utah's public libraries, by March 31,
          2005, USL had issued letters of compliance to 64 of Utah's public
          libraries, qualifying them to receive state and/or federal grants. One
          library requiring the policy and the Internet filter remains in process.

         State / Federal Grants awarded to libraries:

                           Number of            Aggregate
                           Grants Awarded       Dollar Amount
             1st Quarter:          0                      $0
             2nd Quarter:        21                $225,000
             3rd Quarter:        94              $1,083,086
             4th Quarter:          0                      $0
             Annual Total:      115               $1,308,086

      STRATEGY 2.2: Advance through the effective use of technology.

         The USL initiated in the fall of 2004, the use of the Internet software,
          SKYPE, to make possible personal participation in important meetings
          by individuals living at great distance from the central meeting site
          (USL, Salt Lake City).      The connection is much better than the
          telephone, and the costs associated with travel are eliminated.

         In February 2005, USL's Library for the Blind upgraded its integrated
          library system (KLAS) to the new version, which brings important
          enhancements and increased reliability.

STRATEGY 2.3: Advance through outreach to librarians, trustees, and
              library customers.

   In January 2005, the USL Library for the Blind received the results of a
    customer satisfaction survey in which 93% of the customers of the
    Library for the Blind gave a rating of excellent or good on the service
    they are receiving.

   Six rural libraries have been targeted as having large and rapidly
    growing Hispanic populations. Each library has been given consulting
    support, training and grant dollars to expand its Spanish collections,
    and its services to the Spanish-speaking.

    In January 2005, staff of the USL Library for the Blind participated in a
    senior citizen outreach event at the Centro Civico Mexicano, which
    was organized and sponsored by the Utah Office of Hispanic Affairs.
    In addition to demonstrating Spanish-language cassette magazines,
    applications for service and brochures about the program—in
    Spanish—were distributed.

   USL staff members have worked with the Utah Library Association
    (ULA) Legislative Committee to plan and implement training that
    focused on networking for Utah library trustees, friends, and
    supporters. This training and networking was cooperatively sponsored
    by the USL and by ULA.

   ULA and the USL presented trustee training as part of the May 2005
    ULA Conference.

STRATEGY 2.4: Advance through partnerships that optimize service
              capacity, budget, and staff resources.

   Twenty-eight bookmobile librarians and technicians attended the Great
    Utah Bookmobile Workshop in Salt Lake City on November 29 - 30.
    Bookmobile staff were excited that this annual training has been

   The San Juan County Bookmobile is the first bookmobile in the State
    equipped with a satellite dish to successfully offer Internet from the
    bookmobile. This first step promises the possibility of providing
    Internet from all bookmobiles in Utah.

   On March 31, 2005, the State Library Board reviewed and adopted a
    policy redefining the collaborative relationship between the USL and
    county governments in the provision of bookmobile services.

   The USL cooperates with the Utah Academic Library Consortium
    (UALC) and Utah school libraries (Utah Education Network) in the
    purchase of selected premium databases.

       Public PIONEER Premium Database Usage (Results Retrieved)
              1st Quarter:    123,851
              2nd Quarter:    185,409
              3rd Quarter:    180,194
              4th Quarter:    153,900
              Annual Total:   643,354

   Public PIONEER has added a new Premium Database,
    HeritageQuest, a genealogical database, effective May 1, 2005.

   Volunteers (who annually contribute hours comparable to more than 24
    FTE employees) are utilized to provide services to the blind and
    disabled, as well as to complete other tasks.

       Volunteer Services for the Library for the Blind
                                  Number of             Hours
                                  Volunteers            Donated
             1st Quarter:             112                14,302
             2nd Quarter:             159                14,991
             3rd Quarter:             140                10,739*
             4th Quarter:             126                11,132
             Annual Total:                               51,164

       * The program was down for a period because of staffing changes
         at the Utah Department of Corrections.

       o USL staff honored volunteers from Salt Lake City area with a
         dinner on April 21,2005, at which Jeopardy champion Ken
         Jennings was the guest speaker.

       o USL staff honored volunteers from the St. George area with a
         luncheon held in St. George on June 15, 2005.

STRATEGY 2.5: Advance through the effective administration of the USL.

   As the USL began implementing the new Strategic Plan the library
    administration assessed services and responsibilities.       This has
    resulted in reassignments, new and flexible team projects, and more
    working together as the USL and less separation by function.

         USL staff obtained training to enhance their ability to accomplish the
          missions of the USL and the State of Utah:

             o Designated staff attended selected meetings throughout the
               year that were essential to the functions of their positions.

         Assignments and reporting structure were changed according to new

         In February 2005, USL hired a new librarian, Krista Griffiths, whose
          primary assignment is in the Library for the Blind.

         Business office staff (Béla Vastag and Debbie Reese) have utilized
          existing software (Excel) to streamline and improve several processes,
          which allows the USL to be more efficient and to better serve our
          customers, as well as meet all State and Federal requirements.

          o – Created an electronic payment tracking and transmittal
            system using Excel. We no longer print and file paper transmittals
            in several places. The organization and search functions of Excel
            have reduced the monthly FINET reconciliation process by at least
            ½ day.

          o – The first quarterly budget review meetings were held in
            October 2004 with program managers and the USL director.
            Budget review reports were provided in November and December.
            An easy-to-read budget review sheet was created for each USL
            program area in Excel to supplement the standard FINET reports.
            Program managers are receiving useful and timely information on
            their financial status.

          o – Converted the Purchase Order (PO) ledger to an
            electronic format in Excel. PO research can now be accomplished
            very quickly using Excel’s advanced search capabilities. Now that
            the PO ledger is electronic, multiple personnel can easily and
            rapidly access it from their desktop computers when requests for
            PO’s are received.

OBJECTIVE 3: Promote the services, activities, and value to the community of
             Utah's public, academic, school, and special libraries, the USL,
             and their partners from local, state, and federal governments.

      STRATEGY 3.1: Utilize the media (television and radio), newsletters
                    (online and hardcopy), websites, annual reports and
                    brochures to promote public awareness of, and
                    commitment to, library services in Utah.

   Jeri Openshaw has organized and conducted effective in-house efforts
    to promote library services in Utah through the media.

       o Produced television Public Service Announcements (PSA)
         (three focusing on library services to the blind, and one dealing
         with Public PIONEER) that have run on all TV stations for a full
       o With other staff, attended technology expos to present Public
         PIONEER to thousands of Utah's citizens of all ages.
       o With Pat Montgomery and Donna Jones Morris organized two
         KSL "Our Town" discussions about Public PIONEER.
       o With Bessie Oakes and staff, negotiated a contract with KSL to
         begin spots for the Library for the Blind, focusing on Learning
       o With Craig Neilson and staff, took the lead with legislative
         leaders to organize and present Public PIONEER to the 2005
         Legislative Republican Caucus.
       o Produced three television and radio PSAs advertising the
         services of the Library for the Blind and Disabled.
       o Produced several new brochures highlighting the services
         offered through the Library for the Blind. They are printed as
         needed to reduce printing costs.
       o Lead in the decision process terminating the Utah State
         Library's hard-copy newsletter, Directions for Utah Libraries. In
         future, the newsletter will be online. Printing costs will be saved.
       o Produced brochures, press releases, banners and information
         sheets on services for the Spanish-speaking supporting six rural
         libraries targeted as having large and rapidly growing Spanish

STRATEGY 3.2: Expand the available statistical resources used to plan,
              evaluate, and promote library services with government
              officials, and train librarians and trustees in the
               consistent and effective use of these resources.

   The USL has received the 2004 Helen M. Eckard Award for Exemplary
    Use of FSCS and Public Library Data from the US Department of
    Education, National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and the US
    National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS).

STRATEGY 3.3: Build and support effective organizational structures that
              can better promote and advocate for library services

   State Library Board members have expanded their role by utilizing
    committees, conducting selected business over the Internet, and by
    serving on other boards and groups as representatives of the State
    Library Board.

   Donna Jones Morris has worked effectively with other library leaders
    and organizations—the Utah Library Association (ULA), the Utah
    Academic Library Consortium (UALC), the Utah Education Network
    (UEN), the Utah State Office of Education (USOE), the Utah
    Educational Library Media Association (UELMA)—to establish the Utah
    Library Advocacy Network (ULAN). The mission of ULAN is "to further,
    advocate for, and promote libraries throughout the State of Utah and
    beyond . . . and to assist organizations and consortia in furthering the
    promotion, marketing, and legislative clout of Utah libraries." ULAN
    has been influential in the 2005 Legislature, and in the organization of
    a new Library Trustee Roundtable in ULA.

    (See the ULAN website at: ).

   Steve Decker, Cedar City Public Library Director, and USL staff
    members Jeri Openshaw, Craig Neilson, and Donna Jones Morris
    have built a rapport with Representative Mike Noel that has resulted in
    Representative Noel serving as an advocate for libraries.

                        Donna Jones Morris
                  State Librarian/Division Director
                   250 North 1950 West, Ste. A
                  Salt Lake City, Utah 84116-7901
                           (801) 715-6770
                      (801) 715-6767-facsimile


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