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					                                                             Hermes Team: Bosch-MSE 2006/07

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What we expect from our team website

The Hermes team website should provide the team with a place for document storage,
version tracking and document collaboration.

How we do it

-   There are three main folders in the web site.
       Shared Documents
       Work In Progress

Shared Documents
Customer documents: This folder contains documents that are not produced by team
Hermes. Examples of documents that belong in this folder are product documentations
that are provided by the customer.
Templates: This folder contains templates for minutes and agendas.

Work In Progress
In this folder contains all the latest versions of the documents that the team is producing.
This folder has versioning enabled. That means that SharePoint will internally save a new
version every time a document gets updated. This allows retrieving older versions from
the website.

This folder contains copies of all versions that team Hermes releases (see versioning in the
process proposal).

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                                                               Hermes Team: Bosch-MSE 2006/07

-   As soon as a first version of a document is produced by a team member (for example
    if the team member sends it out for review) he or she also has to put a version in the
    WorkInProgress folder.
-   Persons how edit a document that is in the WorkInProgress folder have to edit this
    document directly from SharePoint. This means the document needs to be checked
    out by the editor.
-   Documents have to be checked in again as soon as the editing is done.
-   If a document is checked out and someone else needs to edit that document, this
    person should contact the person who holds the document blocked.
-   There has to be only one version of each document in the WorkInProgress folder. The
    document must not have a version number attached to its filename.
-   Every time when the team gives a new version number to a document, the current
    version of the document must be copied from the WorkInProgress folder to the
    Publihed folder. There the document name has to be changed so that it reflects the
    version number of the document.
-   Schema for including the version number into documents in the Published folder:
    <document name>_<major version>_<minor_version>.<file extension>
-   Within the team, documents should not send around over email, instead a link to
    document on the website should be sent.

The quality manager needs to make sure that all documents that are produced within
the team actually are copied to the web site. He checks this every week before the
status meeting. He can verify this with the task list and action items. He further verifies that
all documents are named in a correct way and that the other rules described in this
document are followed.

How we check it
Every last week of a month the quality manager will gather the team’s feedback in one
of the team meetings.
The quality manager will also report on issues detected during his weekly repository
Based on this meeting he updates this document and inserts reflection into the proposal
overview file.

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