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Celebrations SaskTel Pioneers


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									The Telephone Pioneers started in Boston on November 2, 1911, originally as a means for the first retirees from
the Telephone Industry to keep in contact with their working colleagues. Over time the Organization changed from
a social club to one dedicated to community service. As of October 5, 2002, the name of the organization officially
changed from Telephone Pioneers of America to the TelecomPioneers. Today the TelecomPioneers are the
largest industry based volunteer organization in the world with over 750,000 members.

Saskatchewan Chapter 59 became a member of the Association on October 14, 1947. Built on the principles of
Fellowship, Service and Loyalty (the 3 sides of the Pioneer Triangle), the SaskTel Pioneers presently have a
membership of 4350 province wide.

Chapter 59 consists of SaskTel, DirectWest and SecurTek employees, and retirees. There are 11 clubs in our
province; one in Regina ,Saskatoon, Melfort, Moose Jaw, North Battleford, Prince Albert, Swift Current, Weyburn
and Yorkton, and 1 Life Member Club; H.A.D. Allen in Regina and we now include DirectWest and SecurTek in
our Chapter 59.

In 1995, recognizing the need to strengthen and build on an already solid relationship, a formal partnership was
signed between the Pioneers and SaskTel. In return for being a part of the SaskTel planning process the
Pioneers provide a business plan which assists SaskTel in meeting its commitment to social responsibility and
good citizenship. This business plan includes the Pioneers being involved in activities that align to the researched
needs of our communities, membership and sponsoring company.

The following are the number of volunteer hours contributed by the Pioneers and their $ equivalency:

        2006 - 74,941hrs. x $17.19 = $1,285,657.29


The SaskTel Pioneers through their various events have raised the following funds:

        In 2006 - $450,287.98

60th Anniversary = Diamond – we determined to add an environmental flavour to our celebrations

‘Diamond in the Rough’ -
-   Clubs across the province are ‘digging for diamonds’- for the 60 Anniversary of Chapter 59 Pioneers
           o There are garden patches and flower beds being planted and maintained with a special
               commemorative stepping stone adorning each of these special areas.
           o These areas will be maintained as on-going projects.

Check with your local club to see how you can get involved in this ‘diamond celebration’ by contacting your local club:

A Very BIG THANK YOU to SaskTel and a BIG HAPPY 100 YR PARTY in 2008 !!!!

Our Celebrations CONTINUE……..

The Chapter 59 Pioneers will be helping SaskTel and YOU celebrate 100 years in Saskatchewan – by hosting events
across the province – so check our calendar to see what you can be a part of in your own area, or come and join in as
many events as you can !!!
More History:

The very 1 Telephone Pioneer meeting took place in Boston in 1911, with attendees of distinction – Alexander Graham
Bell and Angus MacDonald attending. Mr. Bell invented the telephone in 1876 and 12 yrs later Mr. MacDonald was part of
a crew in 1888 that worked through a blinding blizzard in New York. They patrolled and worked through the storm to
ensure communication was kept up between Boston and New York. This is how the ‘Spirit of Service’ print came to be –
Mr. MacDonald posed for the painting in honor of the dedication to the brave workers. This ‘Spirit of Service’ print has
become a hard and fast tradition in Pioneering – as the passing of the print between presidents was started in July 1970
when H.I. Romnes, then AT&T chairman, presented it to Pioneer President Robert D. Liley at their General Assembly in
Cleveland. Chapter 59 presidents follow this same procedure as it is passed on to the Incoming President at the Annual
General meeting by the – Outgoing President. Each of our clubs within Chapter 59 also follow this tradition.

Wherever the ‘Spirit of Service’ hangs – it reminds us that service remains our number 1 priority. It is truly fitting that it is
associated with the Telecom Pioneers, for no one knows the meaning of that spirit better than those that have dedicated
their careers to keeping it alive. The ‘Spirit of Service’ – It is our most important tradition!

The number on the bell at the center of the insignia is that assigned by the U.S. Patent Office to Alexander Graham Bell’s
patent on the fundamental principle of the electric speaking telephone. The dates of 1875 and 1911 commemorate June
2, 1875 when Bell verified his theory of the electrical transmission of speech, and November 1, 1911 when the Telecom
Pioneers – formerly the Telephone Pioneers of America was organized.

Our name was changed to Telecom Pioneers in 2002 from Telephone Pioneers of America – to better reflect the evolution
of the companies that sponsor Pioneers, this shows that the Pioneering organization is keeping up with the changing

Chapter 59 also has had some name changes – we no longer are just SaskTel Pioneers. We have been fortunate to
recruit DirectWest and SecurTek employees to our membership. SecurTek came on board in May, 2004 and DirectWest
became part of Chapter 59 in November 2004.

SaskTel no longer is known for just basic telephony services and products we broadened our scope to include DirectWest
and SecurTek employees. Both companies have stepped up to the challenge and have recruited new members, as well
as forming their own clubs. We all fall under the Chapter 59 organization – so we also changed our logo to be; SaskTel,
DirectWest and SecurTek Pioneers including all of our names.
Emblem/Logo = Triangle
The Pioneer Logo was adopted because the 3 sides are intended to symbolize the 3 principle objectives of the Telecom
Pioneers: Fellowship, Loyalty and Service.
 Fellowship – comes 1 and is the foundation upon which loyalty and service rest.

 Loyalty – represented by the left side marks the relationship of our members to each other, no less than to the
industry they serve.
 Service – signified by the right side of the logo, is an outgrowth of both fellowship and loyalty and has become an
integral part of the Pioneer program as well as the motto of our business.

Who are the Telecom Pioneers?
We are the World’s largest industry-related volunteer organization, with approx 620,000 members across United States
and Canada. Canada has 16,000 members and 4565 belong to our Chapter 59 – Saskatchewan

Why be a Pioneer?
- It is a great way to support your own community
- Get to know fellow employees, share fellowship, work together in a spirit of giving
- Personally rewarding, and just plain ole FUN – to be a Pioneer
- Gives retirees a continuing bond with their companies, and former colleagues
- Many Pioneer projects – gives you hands on experience with the people you are helping (see 1sthand the difference
you are making)
- Pioneering is a great way for you and your entire family to participate in community service projects. This helps your
children learn about helping others
- Pioneering is a ‘one stop shopping’ for volunteers; there is such a diverse choice of projects –to fit your personal
interests and skills – and you can donate as many or as few hours as you wish
- Pioneering is a win-win organization – you win by helping your community and your community wins by your

As long as there is a need or a request in a community – no matter how big or small – Pioneers across U.S and Canada
will answer the call in every way imaginable as well as many creative ways.

Whether a cash donation to fund a homeless shelter meal or one on one tutoring to battle literacy, Pioneers offer a
conduit through which their sponsor companies can contribute to the well being of the citizens who comprise not only of
their customer base – but their pool of potential employees.

Corporate volunteerism gives the company ‘a face’ in the community- setting a tangible example that the company cares
and that it has taken an active interest in its customers and that it is willing to invest in their future.

Pioneer sponsorship is evidenced by the leadership and administrative skills that employees develop through
volunteering, playing a role on their club executive and then ultimately applying in the work place. As members of a team-
Pioneers learn and know the value of working together to confront problems and devise solutions; they learn that working
as one, they can accomplish the goals of many – in a short time.

When Pioneers work on a community service project, they do so as equals, unhampered by management levels and
union affiliation, they all work to the good of a common goal. It is an opportunity to learn more about each other, build
friendships that they might not have developed in the workplace, as well as helping their communities. This camaraderie
flows over into the workplace, solidifies the working relationships and actually strengthens communication on the job.

Currently Pioneers pay $15/yr membership fee. $8 comes back to the local Chapter 59 and is put towards Projects. $4 is
given to the National Office and $3 is given to the International Office to establish new projects.

Our sponsor companies – like SaskTel provide funding for our National Pioneer staff, as well as our Pioneer Manager and
the Annual Business Meeting and Training Session.
It is this sponsorship that enables the Pioneers to take a proactive approach to bettering the lives of others in our
communities across Saskatchewan. This sponsorship enables the company to build a positive image in our communities;
an image that says it stands ready to support the Pioneers as they volunteer to change the world.

Without sponsorship and support we would not be the strong organization we are today, and we would not be celebrating
our 60 Anniversary with you and for you!!!!


Our Annual General Meeting is on Thursday November 15/07 at 8PM at the Delta Inn - Regina, Sk.
       Everyone is welcome to attend!!

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