Transcript Requests by HC120912135153


									A Step-by-Step Guide to Ordering Your
 Transcripts with Parchment/Docufide
• Transcripts are required for ALL schools on the
  Common Application, and for other private and
  public schools.
• Transcripts are required for EACH Cal State
  school that you are applying to. (This is new.)
• Transcripts are not required right now for any UC
  school – you will send ONE transcript later to the
  campus you are accepted to.
• To order your transcript, visit the Beverly Hills
  High School website, and click on the “Ordering
  Transcripts” link on the right side.
                                   Create an account using
                                    an email and password
                                  you will remember! Scroll
                                      down to answer the
                                   security questions. Click
                                      “Save & Continue”

You may ignore the Username.
Click that you “Agree to terms”
 and make sure you have your
      parent’s permission.          Ignore Username
 Scroll down and enter your contact information. Decide if you want to
participate in “College Discovery” and/or receive Parchment newsletters.
                              Click Submit.

                             Your account
                                is now

Go to your email and click
the link. YOU ARE NOT
                               Search for
                               and select
                        Beverly Hills High School

Click BHHS and select
 “Save & Continue”
    Enter your
   “Enrollment                              Answer (*) questions only


                        IGNORE STUDENT ID

The BHHS policy is to
 waive your rights to
   Select “Save &
Authorize the release of your transcript by signing. You do
       NOT need a Parchment Registration Code.

                                  Ignore Parchment Registration Code
You now have REQUESTED a FREE copy of your transcript
       to be delivered to your Parchment account!

                                  You still need to request
                                       the destination
                                 your transcript should be
                                       “delivered” to
 BUT, you still
 must select a
  location for
    Click on
   “Deliver”                             Select undergraduate
Search and select the college/university you want your transcript sent to. If you are
 applying to schools using the Common App, click that tab. You can also search
             for other schools that don’t use the Common Application
                               Confirm and
                             enter credit card
                              information to
You’re almost there!

BHHS will be notified of
your request. Once your
counselor approves your
 request, your transcript
  will be electronically                    Last Step!
delivered to the school(s)
      you selected.

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