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									                                                                                         March 2003
                                                                               Northumbria University
                                                               Registrar’s Senior Management Group


The production of transcripts is a school responsibility.

The University is currently being guided by the QAA/CVCP’s ‘Guidelines on Progress Files’ which
also covers the inclusion of transcripts. A summative transcript (which will incorporate
recommended QAA datasets) is currently being devised to operate from the Oracle Student
System (and will be free of charge in the first instance). It is not expected that such transcripts will
be available until 2004/05. The OSS will not be able to produce such detailed transcripts for
students/graduates who have not previously existed on the MRS.


A system will needs to continue post-OSS implementation, therefore, for graduates who will not
receive summative transcripts from the OSS. As such, transcripts that are currently produced by
Schools are normally for individuals who require something over and above a MRS SURF reprint
(for which there should be no charge), and as such would be more timeconsuming to produce.

A ‘transcript’ is usually a document which incorporates the list of subjects studied (possibly
incorporating component marks as well as the agreed final mark) and could either be for the
duration of the course (eg Years 13) or for the final year only (depending on the nature of the
request). Some individuals also request syllabus details to be attached to their transcript.


The fee to be charged by Schools for transcripts is £25.00 with the exception of some areas
of HCES* where the fee is £100.00

* Due to the specific professional requirements of the nursing and other bodies (such as details of
clinical/professional practice and breakdown of hours) a separate charge has to be levied.
Preparing an individual’s transcript and verification of training can prove to be an extremely
lengthy process  involving both academic and administrative staff.

Registrar’s Department
April 2003

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