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OFFSET                                         StorA EnSo PACKAGInG oFFSEt ProDUCtS nEWSLEttEr For CUStoMErS 1/12

Angry Birds take flight at DesignStudio
DesignStudio, which opened at the Stora                        Under the new concept, SEPack design will strive to invest
                                                             more in establishing a proactive design culture, where the
Enso Packaging Lahti mill in February, lets                  customer will be positively surprised, time and time again. One
customers get involved in the design pro-                    of the first to be surprised was Angry Birds’ creator, Rovio
cess. One customer is Finnish company                          Entertainment Ltd., whose graphic designer Heidi Ettanen
                                                             was very pleased with the finished packaging prototypes she
Rovio Entertainment Ltd., whose Angry                        saw in January.
Birds are positively flying into consumer                      “I sent Stora Enso Packaging some images of my de-
                                                             signs and rough ideas on what our new packaging could
shopping carts in boxes manufactured by                      be like. I was extremely surprised to find that my ideas had
SEPack.                                                      already been transformed into finished packaging. The na-
                                                             ture of our meeting turned into something completely unlike
                                                             what I had imagined, when I got to manipulate and test the
  In the inspiring atmosphere of DesignStudio, custom-       functionality of the finished prototype. It was fairly easy to see
ers can check out ready-made packaging solutions and         that our meeting had been prepared with great care.”
materials as well as see designers at work, up close and
personal.                                                     Many leaps ahead
  Located in Lahti, DesignStudio has a realistic store en-
vironment, complete with shopping carts, where the             Ettanen felt that the workshop was especially useful.
customer can see how their product stands out from the         “I got answers to questions I had rolling around in my head
rest.                                                        and we were able to further develop the product together. We
  One of the DesignStudio walls is devoted to a display of   also came up with a functional structure for the packaging.”
different packaging material types. Packaging automation       Ettanen felt that the DesignStudio concept served designers
from subsidiary Formeca is also on display. Various pack-    exceptionally well.
aging solutions can also be viewed in 3D, examined, cut,       “It’s important that the designer can see the entire product
built and placed on the demo-store shelves.
catalogue at once as well as see and touch finished
  packages. Everything having to do with your own
product went considerably faster by coming up with ideas
  According to Stora Enso Packaging Design Manager,
Ilkka Harju Stora Enso Packaging has an outstanding
design team and plenty of specialised expertise in differ-
ent areas of design.
  “We really wanted to offer our customers the best
comprehensive packaging design available on the market.
The beauty of the Stora Enso Group is its global scale: in
our packaging design, we are able to combine tradition-
al Finnish expertise in design with the latest trends from
Asian markets and elsewhere in Europe.”

 New type of service

  The goal of the DesignStudio concept is to offer the
customer new types of packaging and service solutions
as well as multi-sectoral expertise. Stora Enso Packaging
will be using the concept to also build and brand its own
high level of award-winning design expertise and a new
operating model.

  “Our goal is to create a whole new kind of workshop
culture, where the customer is more closely involved in the
packaging design process.
  At DesignStudio, we come up with ideas, innovate and
look for solutions in order to develop a comprehensive
packaging solution together with the customer. These
solutions are sought sitting at a table together with the top
experts from SEPack and the customer. At joint meetings,
we can map out the whole project at once, thus speeding
up and enhancing the whole packaging design and pro-
duction process,” says Harju.

 Expanding the concept

  “Lahti is known as a place where design and business
have come together for decades.
  With the World Design Capital year currently underway,
it has been extremely gratifying to launch the Design
Studio concept in Lahti,” states Harju. This year, the Design
Studio concept will also be introduced to other Stora Enso
Packaging units in Europe and all the way to Beijing.
  “Our goal is to establish a strong network of designers,
with which we can freely share the best ideas,” says Harju.

 Taru Schroderus

                                         Heidi Ettanen from Rovio
                                         Entertaiment was happy
                                         with the offering of the
                                         Design studio.

                                    Sampo Antti appointed VP
                                    of Corrugated Packaging
                                    and Core Converting
                                    Sampo Antti has been appointed Vice President of the Corrugated Packaging and Core
                                    Converting unit on 19 March 2012, and he also serves as the Managing Director of
                                    Stora Enso Packaging. Antti transferred to his new position from his service as Managing
                                    Director of Corenso United, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stora Enso.

                                    Sampo Antti, VP, Corrugated
                                    Packaging and Core Converting
Microflute box gives a new
look to berry packaging
Berry season is upon us and this summer Finnish strawberry stands will be graced
by a new challenger – SEPack’s stylish, offset printed berry box.

  The berry season in Finland is relatively short, but long        Looks count
awaited. Popped right in the mouth, berries are traditionally
packed in litre-sized plastic boxes. This summer, SEPack pre-       Studies show that a colourful appearance is the number one
sented farmers an environmentally-friendly corrugated board       criterion to get people to reach for a certain package. This
box, which, if desired, can be printed with the farm’s own in-    is great news for offset printed boxes, as the limit for photo-
formation. The product line’s five box models come with an        graphic-quality prints is one’s imagination.
auto bottom to make packaging easier and an integrated              “Larger farms in particular want to take advantage of the
take-away carrying handle, which also functions as the box lid    recognition that their own packaging design would provide.
  “In Central Europe, the branding of gardening products has      Consumers also appreciate producer-specific packaging,
been in practice for a long time. Farmers there are already       because it helps them to find their favourite products at the
using exclusive packaging, which we should also do,” says         store,” explains Lehtinen.
SEPack consumer products sales manager Timo Lehtinen.               Not only does the corrugated berry box have excellent sales
  Known for their purity and flavour, Finnish berries are of an   appeal, it is very strong, protecting the berries during shipping
exceptionally high quality, so farmers do have the necessary      and handling.
prerequisites to raise the profile of their products.               Based on advance orders for the summer, the N-flute
                                                                  corrugated board berry boxes have been very well received.
                                                                    “We believe in the product and, based on our order
                                                                  backlog, the new boxes have got off to a flying start this sea-
                                                                  son. Expectations for the summer of 2013 will be even higher,
                                                                  as the product will have already become more familiar among
                                                                  consumers and farmers.”
SEPack helping                                                       rigid Box and
Kullabygdens                                                         Ensocoat expand
musteri in bringing                                                  the premium class
ideas to real life                                                   product range
 When Kullabygdens musteri, the Swedish juice company,                 Two new products have been added to Stora Enso
needed a new box for its Kullamust drink at the end of last          Packaging’s premium class product range. The new
year, it turned to Stora Enso Packaging, which has been              production line investment at Hungary’s Komarom plant will be
its packaging supplier since the beginning of 2011. Three            manufacturing Rigid Box luxury packaging, which looks like a
wishes were given: the structure of the box should be                handmade product. These are suitable for use as, for example,
simple, quality should be high, and it should give an                electronics, cosmetics or confectionery product packaging.
exclusive feeling. Peter Carlsson at Kullamust explains that         A similar Rigid Box luxury product packaging handmade at
he and his team had a clear vision of the box in mind, and the       Inpac’s China plant can be distinguished by their sharp
result was – in his own words – ‘damn good’.                         corners.
                                                                       The print surface of another new product, Ensocoat, is
 “We wanted to simplify the handling for those who take care         especially well suited for high-quality packaging. Ensocoat
of exposition in the retailers’ end. Now it’s easy for them to set   is a fully coated SBS board, with a lightly coated reverse.
the boxes in stores and rip the cover. The new box has several       Ensocoat’s advantages are its brightness, strength, print-
advantages, the most important being that it’s fully recyclable.     ability on both sides and outstanding post-processability,
In addition, it’s very easy to use both for us and the retailers.    which makes it perfect for demanding applications. The
At the same time, our brand is displayed well. We wanted to          combination of corrugated board and Ensocoat adhered to
have the right feeling, and that we have now” he says.               its surface shows colours, detailed patterns and metallised
                                                                     polymer films with incredible accuracy, thus making it
Wooden board or corrugated board?                                    especially well suited to the highest quality prints.

 Kullabygdens musteri’s previous boxes have been wooden                According to Design Manager Ilkka Harju, both new prod-
cases but this time the company had something more light-            ucts have created quite a bit of interest in customers.“Packaging
weight and sustainable in mind. The best way to implement            is playing an increasingly important role in building product
the idea was by using B-fluted corrugated board and the high           image. Our new products do their job exceedingly well,”
quality offset printing method. The boxes have a                       assures Harju.
 look-a-like wooden board pattern with ‘staples’ in the edges.
The frontside is perforated for increasing the usability. The
boxes were printed in SEPack’s offset plant in Mosina,
 Poland, and shipped to Sweden.

 Karl-Erik Andersson, designer at Stora Enso Packaging in
Skene, was part of the team that worked with the Kullamust
box, and according to him the project was flexible and fun.

 “In this case SEPack’s task was to help in realizing the
customer’s plan and bring the idea to the real life, confirm
that all the related technical processes would work according
to plans, and the final result would please the customer”, he

                                                                                           Rigid Boxes are suitable for use as electronics,
                                                                                           cosmetics or confectionery product packaging.

                                                                     We’re looking forward
                                                                     meeting you at the
                                                                     forthcoming trade fairs!
                                                                     Jun 18-22, 2012
                                                                     Moscow, Russia (All-Russian Exhibition Center)

                                                                     Sep 26-29, 2012
                                                                     Helsinki, Finland (Helsinki Fair Centre)

                                                                     Oct 23-26, 2012
                                                                     Gothenburg, Sweden (Swedish Exhibition & Congress
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