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					Step One- Key Facts

Identification of key people:
President, manager, sales people, Ruth

Size of the organization
One boss and 40 employees

Product and services
Persian Rugs-- inexpensive and luxury, with repair and cleaning service

Organization structure
The president overtakes the company all by himself and gives little power to employee.

Other key facts:

       Favoritism at the work places (ex. Ruth)
       The leader is experienced but unwilling to accept others opinion.
       He takes control of everything.
       Lack of communication involve between the staff


       Runs the business only during the absence of the president.
       Manager has given no power, no authority with little responsibility
       Sexism over women and imply them as subordinates to the men


       Much more women than men on the job, and mostly are students
       No delegation into work as well as lack of motivation to perform
       Not all the customers are being contact when they come to the store due to sales people stay in
        their favorite place in the store
       Paid a flat rate with no expectation from the president.
       Employees are allow to play card game or sitting around during down time
       Schedule is not being followed when employee consider it as a suggestion to them
       no policies, no discipline, no dress code, no punishment
       most employees have blood relationships with the boss
       sometimes overstaffed with under load duties
        no formal training for managers as well as sales people
       low turnover

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