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									              Bristol University Archaeology and Anthropology
                          Research Seminar Series

                         Wednesdays 4:00pm – 5:30pm
                       MA Seminar Room, 43 Woodland Rd

                    Autumn Term, October – December 2011

12th of October – Dr. Elizabeth Ewart (Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology,
University of Oxford) “Making and unmaking Panará beadwork; or how to overcome
the fixity of material things”.

19th of October - Mayca Carmen Rojo Ariza, (Department of Archaeology and
Anthropology, Bristol University) "The Archaeology of Spanish Civil. The materiality of
Spanish Republican Aviation".

26th October – Dr. Alex Alvergne, (Department of Anthropology, UCL). "Is social
transmission critical for the spread of modern contraception? The case of rural

2nd of November – Professor Tim Ingold (Department of Anthropology, University of
Aberdeen), “To build is to weave”.

9th of November – Dr. Jamie Tehrani, (Department of Social Anthropology, Durham
University).”Fairy Tales and Phylogenetics”.

16th of November – Professor Mark Thomas (Research Department of Genetics,
Evolution and Environment University College London) “Modelling the spread of
Aurignacian material culture: Were the first modern humans in Europe ethno-
linguistically structured?”.

23rd of November – Professor Christina Toren, (Department of Anthropology,
University of St Andrews). “The evanescence of experience and how to capture it”.

30th of November – Dr. Teri Brewer. (Bristol University/Cotsen Institute of
Archaeology UCLA) “A Tale of Two Cemeteries: Community and Conscience in the
City of Dreams”.

7th of December – Dr. Caroline Potter (Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology,
University of Oxford). "The body in flux: implications of the embodiment paradigm
within anthropology".

14th of December – Dr. Udi Mandel Butler (Department Archaeology and
Anthropology, Bristol University). “An ethnography of the neuroscience of meditation”.

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