Making sense of the Nitrogen Cycle by iq00ies



 L.O. 1) Know that this is a problem
    caused by too much nitrogen!
2) Be able to describe who it causes
            problems for.
• Death of aquatic life caused by
  increased nitrate levels in water
• Nitrates can come from two sources
         - Artificial fertilisers used by
         - Nitrates from animal waste (faeces
         and urine) or feed ( silage)
1. Farmers put too much fertiliser on the
   land and it runs into water ways.
2. Fertiliser causes water plants to grow.
3. Plants become overcrowded and die.
4. Micro-organisms feeding on dead
   plants use up all the oxygen.
5. Other organisms (fish) in the water
• In the stream in Mrs Swinson’s garden a trout
  called Jaws was washed in in one flood
• He lived there for a year growing larger and
• Just when Mr Swinson was contemplating
  buying a fishing rod _ early June
• The stream went cloudy brown
• The next morning Jaws was floating belly up-
  and all the little fish in the stream too
• Why??
                     This is the constant cycling
The Nitrogen Cycle   of nitrogen through the
                     atmosphere, soil and living

                     It shows us that the matter
                     (nitrogen) is recycled and
                     not destroyed.

                     Nitrogen makes up most of
                     the air we breath but we
                     cannot use it this way.

                     We use nitrogen that we get
                     from plants and meat in the
                     form of protein. Plants can
                     make nitrogen into a form
                     we can process.
Root nodules
• These are nodules which
  form on the roots of
• They contain micro-
  organisms called
• These bacteria help the
  plant take up nitrogen.
 Questions on the nitrogen cycle
Use your diagram from last Friday
 You need not copy the questions
  just answer in full sentences!!
1.   Nitrogen makes up 79% of the air we breath. Can we breath it
2.   Where do we as animals get it from?
3.   In what form do we obtain our nitrogen from this other
4.   How do we, as animals, loose nitrogen?
5.   Name two other ways nitrogen is added to the soil.
6.   Name two types of bacteria involved in the nitrogen cycle.
7.   Why do farmers add nitrogen compounds to their land?
8.   What are the problems with adding nitrogen compounds to
     agricultural land?
9.   Are there any natural ways of boasting nitrogen compounds in
     the soil?

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