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									                                        General Document Imaging Systems

Integrated Financial Systems, Inc.
24 Washington Avenue
North Haven, Connecticut 06473

                                                                              Page Scanners

OdinDoc Imaging provides the technology to capture, store and
effectively retrieve virtually any documents, legal, letter, and small size
documents such as checks and signature cards.

Use OdinDoc to define and store a virtually unlimited number of document types, each with its own unique set of
database indexing and key fields for easy retrieval. OdinDoc provides up to four user definable indexing fields per
document type and includes four system index fields for indexing purposes, such as document type, user id, batch,
and scan date.

Functional Features:

    Define Documents - Multiple document types supported. Setup new documents for scanning and filing in seconds -
    - Loans, Mortgages, IRA Accounts, SBLI, Other file folder applications.
    Scan Documents - Prompts user for indexing information, scans, cleans and deskews images and then files them
    along with database indices.
    Automatic Image Quality Improvement - Deskews & cleans images for best quality before filing.
    Indexed Retrieval - Up to 8 index fields per document type.
    View (Magnifiers, rotate, inverse image, best fit, etc.)
    Annotations - Text notes, stamps, highlighters, etc. Saved as part of document image!
    Export to PDF - Single and multiple pages of a document.
    Automatic removal of blank pages.
    Supports TWAIN Compliant page scanners.

Define Documents - Setup new documents and indexing fields. Use OdinDoc for all your electronic filing needs.
OdinDoc creates four system indexing fields and while allowing the user to define up to four more user-defined fields
for indexing purposes. Setup new documents for filing in a matter of seconds. Begin scanning and filing new
documents immediately!

Scan Documents - OdinDoc offers a low cost alternative for electronic document filing which also incorporates the
                                                                          added benefits of a truly flexible database
                                                                          with the ability to define multiple
                                                                          document types along with the individual
                                                                          indexing and key field requirements for
                                                                          each document type.
                                   General Document Imaging Systems…

Loans can be filed by Loan Number, Account, Name, and other pertinent data. File signature cards by account or tax id
or both, Use OdinDoc as a low-cost alterative to microfilm when MICR capture is not important. A "Check" application
can be setup to include indexing fields such as date, teller, batch and location, making future research quick and easy.
Retrieve Documents

Retrieval is quick and easy using OdinDoc's true database architecture fetch documents based on one or more of the
user definable key fields, and system fields. This is much more powerful and sophisticated than "out-of-the-box"
scan-and-file programs that merely store multi-paged TIFF's or PDF's to the PC's hard drive file folder system.
OdinDoc gives you the power of Microsoft’s Access relational database to track all of your documents like a true
commercial grade document imaging system should.

Annotations: Sample Loan Portfolio document with OdinDoc Annotations
Use OdinDoc's innovative Annotations tool kit to place highlighted text, pointers, rectangles, blackouts, rubber stamps,
labels, freehand and other annotations on the document image.

                                                                OdinDoc supports a variety of industry standard
                                                                scanners from various manufacturers (subject to
                                                                change without notice.)


                                                                … Versatile, easy to use, database-driven,
                                                                powerful and economical document management
                                                                technology for today’s cost-conscious and
                                                                efficiency driven organizations.

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