GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY
                   Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
                   Graduate Admissions, Box 571004
                   3520 Prospect Street, NW, Room CB-207
                   Attn: MSFS Application (FSER)
                   Washington, DC 20057-1004

                                     BSFS/BSBA/MSFS Supplemental Form

To the Applicant: Please fill out this required form. In order to move between lines or fields, use either
the Tab button, which will take you to the next field, or click on the beginning of the desired field or line
with your mouse. Please limit each response to the space provided.

             Last/Family Name               First/Given Name             Middle

   Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy):

   I am applying for the (check one)           BSFS/MSFS               BSBA/MSFS
   I understand that (please type in initials in front of each item)
           1) I must have maintained an honors academic average (3.5 or above) to apply to the 5-year
           accelerated program with MSFS.
          2) I must apply for admission to MSFS for the semester when my senior year would start (i.e., if
           my senior year starts fall 2011, I must apply for MSFS for fall 2011)
          3) I may only take graduate-only (500-level and above) coursework during the fourth and fifth
           year of study.
          4) I must complete my undergraduate distribution requirements by the end of my junior year
          5) MSFS Degree candidates must satisfactorily pass the MSFS language proficiency
           examination to receive the MSFS.
          6) MSFS Degree candidates must pass a one-hour oral examination to receive the MSFS.
          7) MSFS Degree candidates must pass an internship requirement to receive the MSFS

   I verify that I have (please initial):

                   I have discussed curricular requirements with Dean Mini Murphy (BSFS/MSFS) or the
                   Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs (BSBA/MSFS), and will have finished all
                   undergraduate distribution requirements by the end of my junior year

                   I understand that I need to interview with the Director of MSFS Admissions, and will
                   contact/have contacted to set up an interview

   By typing in my name, I hereby certify that the information provided by me is my own work and is true, complete
   and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand and agree that any deliberate misrepresentation may be
   cause for denial or revocation of admission or subsequent dismissal from Georgetown University. I understand
   that all admissions materials (originals and photocopies) submitted in support of this application become part
   of my Georgetown University record and are not returnable.

                  Signature:                                           Date:

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