Binary Option VS Gambling by lanp2012


									Binary Option VS Gambling
As explained earlier, Binary Options Trading is one of the easiest and most lucrative forms of trading…
But beware: There exists a thin line between the Smart Trading and Gambling…

It is a very common misunderstanding (and under-estimating) belief for the new/beginner traders to
expect a high winning ratio ALL the time.

The average new trader is easily tempted to OVER trade… thinking that he can achieve high returns… He
is driven into a vicious cycle leading him to place emotional trades and chasing ―Winning‖ trades to find
himself diving into his Losses.

This EXACTLY describes the Gambler personality… and this, somehow, is the trader’s profile the brokers
are mostly looking for.

Below is a tabulated comparison of traders profiles based on same trading criteria (ie trading same asset
with same return % for same period of time)

          …YOU CHOSE under which Trader’s category              Consistent Options Winning
          you wish to be. Type Of Trader                        Ratio
          Expert trader                                         75%
          Good trader                                           70%
          Lucky trader                                          65%
          Normal trader                                         60%
          Lucky gambler                                         40%
          Normal gambler                                        25%
          Bad gambler                                           00%

The System described in this Manual will give you CONSTENTLY a monthly winning ratio of
between 65% and 75%...

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