Binary Option Brokers Selection Criteria by lanp2012


									Binary Option Brokers Selection Criteria

Nowadays there are lots of brokers offering Binary Options Trading.
As stated above, there are brokers who offer you all types of trades: Above/Below,
One-Touch and Boundary Options.

In addition to that, lots of Brokers offer very generous opening Bonus and very high
promises. You have to be careful and use your due diligence when selecting your

Following criteria are my recommendations to what you should be looking for at a
minimum when you select YOUR broker:

allow the attractive coloured sites to flare your sight.
                                                      ‖ and the ―Contact us‖ sections.
Look for a physical address appearing clearly on the site

60 times your initial balance: look in the FAQ about this point in particular
                                             ‖ reaching to 15%... look in counterpart for
their Return offers: If you do the calculation on long run, this option might not be

                               -out-period (ranging from 5 to 15 min): this is
detrimental for your last moment trade

your losing trade before the expiry: This is a VERY attractive possibility
                                      ity to make your own %... they call it Option
Builder: You can decide by yourself the Win/Lose %


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