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					                M BA U P D A T E
 MBA Program, Loyola Marymount University                                                                   September 13, 2004

THIS TUESDAY IS LAST DAY TO                 polos are available in white (women’s     MBB - Management
RSVP FOR WELCOME BACK BBQ                   sizes as well as men’s sizes) and chili   MBC - Marketing
                                            red (only available in men’s sizes –      MBD - Info Systems
If you plan to attend our annual            but we have we have S through XXL).       MBE - Human Resources
MBASA Welcome Back BBQ on                    They are terrific shirts and a great     MBF - Finance
Sunday, September 19, from 1:00-            buy at $20! We also have metal            MBG - International
4:00 p.m. at the Bird Nest at LMU –         license plate frames in brass or silver   MBH - Entrepreneurship
you MUST RSVP no later than                 for $12. The sweatshirts, caps and        MBJ - Accounting
Tuesday. Bring your spouse or               mugs have been ordered and are on
significant other as well as your kids.     the way.                                  If you have a second concentration,
 We’ll have great food and beverages                                                  MB2B - Management
– and a fabulous view, as the Bird          SAVE THESE DATES FOR FREE                 MB2C - Marketing
Nest is on the edge of the bluff. Just      FOOD ‘N SCHMOOZE EVENTS                   MB2D - Info Systems
click on                                                                              MB2E - Human Resources          Food ‘n Schmoozes - free dinner,          MB2F - Finance
sa.htm.                                     great networking opportunities, 6-7:30    MB2G - International
                                            p.m. in Hilton 300: September 28          MB2H - Entrepreneurship
REGISTER NOW FOR PANEL                      (make your own tacos), October 13         MB2J - Accounting
PRESENTATION ON                             (Asian buffet), November 18 (Italian
OUTSOURCING TECHNOLOGY                      buffet). You do not need to RSVP for      WEBSITE FOR MBA STUDENTS HAS
                                            the Food ‘n Schmoozes – just come         BEEN MOVED TO
The MBA Alumni Association’s                by!                                       HTTP://MBA.LMU.EDU/MBASTUDEN
Continuing Education Committee is                                                     TS. BOOKMARK FOR FUTURE
planning a terrific panel presentation      DECLARE YOUR EMPHASIS                     REFERENCE!
for Saturday, October 23, from 8:30
a.m. to noon in Hilton. The topic is        If you have decided on your emphasis      STUDENT INVESTMENT FUND
Outsourcing Technology and they             and you are pretty sure about whether     RECRUITING MBA STUDENTS
have great speakers lined up to offer       you want to do CMS, Integrative
a variety of perspectives on this hot       Project or CMS to complete the            LMU’s Student Investment Fund (SIF)
topic. The panel includes: Dermot           Program, we would like you to declare     is recruiting MBA students. SIF is a
Tuohy, senior vice president of IDA         your emphasis with the Registrar.         student-run investment account (real
Ireland (Europe), Julio Leung, CFO          From time to time we can nominate         $), overseen by a faculty committee
of Achievo Corporation (China),             students for awards and/or                that offers an opportunity for students
Kamal Bhadada, regional director,           scholarships from organizations in        to participate in the investment
TCS America (India), and Carl               marketing, finance, etc. You will only    decisions of a real-money asset fund.
LoBue, Chairman of the Board                be eligible to be nominated if you        It consists of several undergraduate
LoBue Associates. LMU MBA                   have declared an emphasis. If you         and MBA teams whose goal is to beat
students can attend at a special            change your mind at a later date –        the various market indices. If you are
reduced rate of $10, which includes         you would simply submit a new form –      interested, contact Dr. Ben Bobo at
continental breakfast. Guests are           no problem. You can download the
welcome at the regular rate of $20.         form at
You must sign up at                   MBA MARKETING CLUB          ngeofMajor.pdf or pick one up in the
sa.htm.                                     Lobby (MBA table) or in the MBA           If you are interested in joining the MBA
                                            Office.                                   Marketing Club, please email Dr.
TEE SHIRTS HAVE ARRIVED WITH                                                          Renee Florsheim at
NEW MBA LOGO                                When declaring an emphasis or
                                            petitioning for graduation, the           RESEARCH POSITION AVAILABLE
White tee shirts (100% cotton)              following codes must be used.
featuring the new logo LMU l MBA            Degree: MBA; Major: BADM;                 Dr. Amir Mahini, a faculty member in
(in red and gray) have arrived and          Concentration (=emphasis) +               the CBA is interested in hiring an MBA
are on sale in the MBA Office! The          strategy option (1 for CMS, 2 for         student to assist with a research
shirts are only $8 and we have a            Project, 3 for Strategy), e.g. MBB1       project. The student will help
variety of sizes available. Also on         for Management Emphasis and               develop cases and research on closely-
sale now are the new polo shirts -          CMS                                       held, family-controlled businesses.
available in chili red or white. The                                                  Candidate will have business smarts
and good analytical and                   domestic and international issues in        Compensation staff, assists in the
communication skills (writing and         public administration, technology,          analysis, design and delivery of SCE
interviewing). Prior                      science, financial management and           wide compensation programs including
experience/demonstrated interest in       other fields. Applications must be          the
issues surrounding family-owned           received by October 15 and you are          design/development/implementation of
businesses is desirable. If you are       eligible if you “meet the degree            the base pay structure, merit pay
interested, please contact Dr. Mahini     requirements for a graduate degree          program, bonus and incentive
directly at              from an accredited school between           programs, and the monitoring of
                                          September 1 of this year and August         employee recognition programs.
LMU MBASA YAHOO GROUP                     31 of the following year”. Selection        Assists other Compensation
                                          includes nomination by the school           consultants with job studies, salary
Attention all current LMU MBA             and a rigorous assessment process.          surveys, internal/external market
students, help strengthen the LMU         Recruitment, application and                pricing, database management, and
MBA student connection by joining         nomination information for students,        other analyses as requested by line
the LMU-MBASA Yahoo Group                 faculty, and career professionals is        management. Partners with HR Client
today. This medium is an additional       available online at        Services to develop solutions to
tool used to inform the LMU MBA                                                       compensation issues. Develops and
student body of upcoming MBASA            INFORMATION SESSION                         interprets compensation and employee
events. The MBA experience goes                                                       recognition policies. Ensures
beyond the skills and knowledge           There will be an Information Session        compliance with existing SCE HR
learned in the classroom, it also         for the MBA Program, Wednesday,             policies as well as current state/federal
includes establishing long-lasting        September 22, at 5:30 p.m. in U Hall        laws. Must have strong problem
relationships with your fellow            ECC 1847. If you refer someone who          solving skills using various tools,
classmates. The MBASA provides            then enrolls – you get a logo gift.         including statistical analysis and
students plenty of opportunities to get                                               database management programs. Must
involved and create an impact.            DAY AT THE RACES THIS FALL                  be able to negotiate with and partner
Participation in LMU MBASA events                                                     with other HR professionals as well as
will definitely enhance your MBA          Save Saturday afternoon, November           line management on solutions to
experience at LMU. To stay updated        6, for the MBASA’s Day at the Races         compensation issues. Must have the
on the latest MBASA news and              at Hollywood Park. Details coming           ability to assess and manage HR
events, please send an e-mail             soon.                                       system issues, as related to
indicating that you are current LMU                                                   compensation programs. Degree in
MBA student, along with your name         MBA CAREER SERVICES NEWS                    Human Resources or Business, or
and graduation date to: LMU-                                                          related field or equivalent combination
MBASA-                                    Finance/Statistics Research                 of formal education, training, and to join         Internship available. The Manager is        experience. Must have 5+ years HR
this Yahoo Group now. Get more            working on a presentation being             experience as a consultant or analyst.
from your MBA!                            made to a major Southern California         Contact Eugene Aldava at
                                          based hedge fund to allocate seed  if
                                          money to a fund that would be               interested.
MBA OFFICE INFORMATION                    managed by this Manager. The
                                          research done by the intern would be        ENTREPRENEURSHIP SPEAKER
Dr. Katz will be out of the office this   part of this presentation. Currently it’s
week. If you need assistance during       an unpaid internship with the               Don Schoendorfer, founder of Free
this time, contact Ann Marie Nuno at      possibility of a nominal stipend.           Wheelchair Mission, will speak to or 310-338-2848.            Project requires immediate availability     students on Monday, September 20 at
                                          and may evolve into a paid part-time        6:00 p.m. in Hilton 100 as part of the
PRESIDENTIAL MANAGEMENT                   or full-time assistant position.            Hilton Distinguished Entrepreneur
FELLOWS (PMF) PROGRAM                     Finance/stats background and a              Lecture Series. Dr. Schoendorfer, a
                                          working knowledge of financial              successful mechanical engineer visited
The Federal government is seeking         markets including calculation of            Morocco in 1980 and noted that there
graduate students for the Presidential    performance statistics/parameters           were thousands of handicapped people
Management Fellows Program, a             preferred. Would like reasonable            with no mobility. In 1999 he found that
leadership development program that       familiarity with Excel or similar           wheelchairs cost at least $300. He
provides opportunities to work with       worksheet/database templates.               used his engineering skills to produce a
and impact public policy, to serve        Project time estimated at 1-4 months        wheelchair for only $40. . Over the past
one's country, and to receive             depending on how long research              five years he has built and shipped over
competitive pay, benefits, and career     takes. Contact Brad Pollack at              25,000 free wheelchairs to over 33
advancement. This rigorous two-  or 310-            developing countries. We are honoring
year paid program includes 80-hours       396-5753.                                   Dr. Schoendorfer as a social
of training each year, challenging                                                    entrepreneur-humanitarian.
assignments, accelerated                  Southern California Edison has a
promotions, and opportunities to          temporary opening for a                     CONGRATULATIONS TO …
network between agencies. Fellows         Compensation Analyst. As a
are hired by agencies to work on          member of the Corporate
Vanessa Ghishan who just accepted
a position as HR Representative with
Universal Pictures.

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