The RSA Cryptosystem by iq00ies


									         The RSA Cryptosystem
• The methods of encryption that we have studied
  so far have been historical methods that are not
  very useful for today’s computer age.
• The RSA cryptosystem, named afte its developers
  Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir, and Leonard Adelman,
  who invented the cryptosystem in 1977, is a
  method that has been widely publicized and is
  used widely today.
• The purpose of this section is to describe the
  properties of the cryptosystem and som of its
  special properties…
       RSA Cryptosystem Setup
• RSA Cryptosystem Setup
• Important Facts Concerning the RSA
• Example 1: Create an RSA scheme to encipher
• Notes Concerning Example 1…
  Security of the RSA Cryptosystem
• Security of the Method
• Example 2: Discussion on the issue of
                  The Public Key
• When the RSA was developed, it was the first
  commercially developed type of system in which the
  sender and receiver of a message do not have to agree
  on a key beforehand in order to encipher and decipher
• The RSA is an example of a public key cryptosystem.
• Anyone can send messages. Only the receiver who
  knows the value of d can decipher the message.
• Normally, a key center is responsible for distributing
  public and private keys to people who request them.
   – This key center might be your company, school, or even
     ASCII Alphabet Assignment
• When enciphering messages using the
  RSA_Cipher applet (created by Mr. Fisher), we
  will use the ASCII table.
  – The ASCII table allows us the flexibility to use
    letters, characters, and punctuation in our
  – Example 3: Convert Message to ASCII.
  – Example 4: Lose Message Because Y > m.

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