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									The crystal clear advantage with Gerflor’s new Tarasafe safety flooring!
“Gerflor is shaping the future of flooring as an innovator not an imitator. “

Tarasafe, the trusted and high-performing safety flooring solution from Gerflor, has a brand
new composition with deeply inlaid mineral crystal particles that provide unique value and
aesthetic vibrancy, whilst also making installation and recycling even easier.

Offering affordable solutions for architects, specifiers and installers, the innovative sheet
flooring provides improved anti-slip performance and high resistance to heavy traffic,
making it an ideal solution for virtually any environment where safety, durability and good
design are prerequisites.

The new Tarasafe represents an important step in the development of safety flooring.
Unlike traditional safety floors, where carborundum particles cause an inherently dark
appearance and make recycling difficult, Tarasafe’s mineral crystal technology provides a
clean and lustrous appearance to the flooring throughout its entire life.             From an
environmental perspective, the mineral crystal is itself a recycled ingredient and 100% of
any waste material can also be recycled.

For the installer, Tarasafe’s new composition saves both time and money. Blade life is
extended by up to five times that of traditional safety flooring because it is easier to cut
than traditional carborundum. The product itself is also lighter to handle and more flexible,
ensuring faster installation and an ability to contend with difficult corners and angles.

There are now nine Tarasafe ranges in total. Brand new to the portfolio is Tarasafe Geo
with its striking metallic and marble effects and Tarasafe Elements which comprises
dynamic colours and designs with a strong emphasis on vibrant greys and blues.

Gerflor’s unique and patented revolutionary SparClean® surface treatment makes
Tarasafe one of the easiest safety flooring products to maintain in today’s demanding
marketplace. The SparClean® treatment contributes to a drastic 60% reduction in water
and detergent usage, when compared with non-treated material. Optimum hygiene is also
provided by the integral Sanosol® bacteriostatic and fungistatic treatment.
Tarasafe is a multilayer flooring solution and includes a PVC wearlayer and a glass fibre
reinforced grid. Tarasafe has an abrasion group ‘T’ rating and R10 slip resistance, with the
exception of Tarasafe Super which has improved slip resistancy now with a R12 rating.

All the Tarasafe ranges are provided with an extended 12-year warranty which reinforces
the high quality and improved performance of the safety solution.

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