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									Obituary Writing
 Characteristics of an Obituary
 Time/Date    of passing
 Birthplace
 Date of birth
 Hobbies and Activities
 Employment History
 Survivors
 Date of Memorial Service
 Cause of Death – not mandatory
“Death of Jerry Mouse” (Pt. 1)
     Jerry Mouse, from the antique cartoon show “Tom and
Jerry,” was a beloved character and metaphoric
embodiment of how cleverness trumps persistence when
being chased by a not-so-bright cat by the name of Tom
Cat. Tom and Jerry’s feud was brought on solely from the
real life scenario of cats chasing and eating mice. For as
long as the show ran, Jerry had managed to escape his
fate sealed by Tom, being the cause of his future demise.
All was well for the two until Tom took his T.V. personality
too seriously. Late one night, after airing their last episode
together, Tom came waltzing into Jerry’s house looking for
a fight. Jerry, being the non-violence activist he is, refused
Tom’s invitation to brawl. That’s when Tom snatched Jerry
off his couch and chewed, swallowed, and digested him.
“Death of Jerry Mouse” (Pt. 2)
     There were many traits about Jerry that
made many viewers so fond of him. Jerry was
kind to all living things, even when things
attempted to make a meal out of him. Upon his
distinct kindness, Jerry was the kind of mouse
who could instantly set differences aside to
make both ends meet to form a glorious
friendship. To all viewers and loved ones, Jerry
will be sincerely missed. To everyone out in the
world who will let stereotypes conflict with their
lives, let this be a lesson that you will learn from.
   Write an obituary for a fairy tale or cartoon character
   Length: 3-5 Paragraphs long
   Be creative, but appropriate
   No graphic/violent depictions of the character’s death
   Focus on:
       Character’s life and accomplishments
       Things for which he/she will be best remembered
   Last sentence:
       “Memorial contributions may be made to . . .” and select a charity
        that best matches your character’s passions and/or interests!

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