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Hispanic Diversity Group Research Paper Rubric by HC120912131115


									                                                                     MINNESOTA STATE UNIVERSITY, MANKATO
                                                               Department of Educational Studies: K-12 and Secondary Programs
                                                                             KSP 603: Foundations of Education
                                                                     Assessment Rubric for D2L Discussion and Writing

Explanation of                    Basic (I)                             Developing (2)                       Secure (3)                          Exemplary (4)
Scoring Criteria                  Demonstrates incomplete               Demonstrates general                 Demonstrates specific               Demonstrates exceptional
                                  understanding of the knowledge        understanding of the knowledge       understanding of the knowledge      understanding of the knowledge
                                  and skills underlying the concepts    and skills underlying the            and skills underlying student       and skills underlying student
                                  related to student development        underlying the concepts related to   development and learning.           development and learning and
                                  and learning. Answers do not          student development and              Answers consistently identifY a     presenting more than one
                                  identifY specific response            learning. Answers do not             few specific response strategies.   perspective. Answers
                                  strategies. Responses do not make     consistently identifY specific       Responses consistently make use     consistently identifY several very
                                  use of available on-line resources.   response strategies. Responses do    of available on-line resources.     specific response strategies.
                                  Responses do not demonstrate          not consistently make use of         Responses consistently              Responses consistently make
                                  cooperative learning engagement       available on-line resources. .       demonstrate cooperative learning    excellent use of available on-line
                                  across all group members.             Responses do not consistently        engagement across all group         resources. Responses
                                  Responses do not demonstrate          demonstrate cooperative learning     members. Responses                  consistently demonstrate
                                  technical writing skills.             engagement across all group          consistently demonstrate            cooperative learning engagement
                                                                        members. Responses do not            technical writing skills.           across all members of the group.
                                                                        consistently demonstrate                                                 . Responses demonstrate
                                                                        technical writing skills.                                                outstanding technical writing

          On-line discussions will be scored on a 0 (no evidence of participation on-line), I ( on-line participation evidence but little contribution in terms of content
          knowledge references and applications; or 2 (on-line participation demonstrating meaningful connections and contributions based on references to course content
          and developing applications and critical thinking skills).
          Instructor Comments:

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