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									                    STATEMENT OF PURPOSE

It is my hope that by studying for a doctoral degree, I will attain a higher level
of understanding and expertise to share with a new generation of educators. I
want the new educators in the field to be excited with what they do each day,
proud of what they do each day, and be raising the bar for their own students.
I hope to be able to guide educators to realize that they need to be lifelong
learners to infuse the love of learning in their students. In addition, I would
like my own level of thinking and methods of inquiry to be raised to a higher

By moving ahead in my career development and working toward a doctorate, I
look forward to being exposed to new ideas in education as well as
recognizing, valuing, and saving that which is good. It is important to me
that I not become stale or stagnant in my beliefs and/or knowledge. I want to
be a role model to my children, as well as to my employees. There is always
more to learn, more to think about, and more to try.

Achieving a doctorate is a goal I have had for many years. I wasn’t sure I
would ever be able to reach this point in my career, but as with any goal, I
continued to work toward it. However, after having a large family, I was
afraid that this was a goal that might have to be set aside. I continued to
work while raising a family. It became apparent that my children did not
resent my working, but rather respected it. They appreciated my feelings
about education. By going for this goal, they will see that goals are worth
setting, worth working for, and worth waiting for. Things don’t have to
happen immediately in life to be worthy of working for them. This is an
important life lesson that I am learning now, and that I can help teach my

Ultimately, this doctorate is for me. However, in the process, I hope to be a
role model for my own children, and to help younger educators set a higher
purpose for themselves as well.

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