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                                                First Generation

1. John FRAZER. Born on March 17, 1770. [1] John died in 1836; he was 65.

On October 15, 1795 when John was 25, he first married Sarah VEATCH, daughter of John VEATCH & Sarah.
Born on February 17, 1777. Sarah died on April 10, 1820; she was 43.

They had the following children:
                  i.      Joel Cartwright. Born in 1798. Joel Cartwright died in 1863; he was 65.
                          Dr. Joel C. Frazer [2] (written by L. G. Marshall). One of the best-remembered names in
                          Cynthiana and Harrison county is that of Dr. Joel C. Frazer, although he died in 1863. He
                          was born in 1788 (sic), at the William Redmon place, about a mile from town on the
                          Lair's Mill pike. His father, John Frazer, was the original owner of the farm, and when he
                          moved to Falmouth, Kentucky, about 1826, he purchased a farm one mile south of that
                          place; and his house became the hospitable home of the Methodist clergy of the
                          surrounding region. He died in 1835, loved and respected by his friends and neighbors.
                          His farm is now owned by the heirs of Henry Dills, children of his granddaughter.

                          Young Joel read medicine at an early age with the well known Dr. Timberlake, who was
                          a leading physician of the place, from 1810 to 1828. In 1822, Dr. Frazer married Miss
                          Ruth Warfield, who died two years afterward. The doctor was still reading and practicing,
                          and having attended medical lectures at Transylvania University, graduated in medicine
                          in 1824. He at once, after graduation, proceeded to St. Charles, Missouri, intending to
                          establish himself there. But the place turned out to be distressingly healthy, so much so,
                          in fact, that the doctor and several other young professional men there found it impossible
                          to pay their hotel expenses; and, as a last resort, they concluded to get into a skiff, without
                          saying "good-bye" to any body, and float down the river to some more favor able locality.
                          At the last moment, however, the innate manliness of Dr. Frazer revolted at the measure,
                          and he refused to proceed, while his companions actually carried out their intentions, and
                          thus disappeared from St. Charles. With Dr. Frazer, the whole scheme was, no doubt,
                          only a piece of pleasantry, for he was, all his life, the embodiment of wit and merriment.
                          But he soon thought best to return to Cynthiana, where he married, in 1826, his second
                          wife, Mrs. Sanders, whose maiden name was Nancy Williams. For a few years his
                          practice seems to have been great, though he carefully remitted all his dues left unsettled
                          with his St. Charles creditor. To improve his business, he removed to Paris, Kentucky, in
                          1833, but returned in about a year to his native place again.

                          All this time his character as a physician was constantly rising, for he was devoted to the
                          science of medicine and fond of the practice. He began now to take rank as a physician of
                          the first order, and entered on a most successful career of nearly thirty years' duration. As
                          to business, he had more than he sometimes wished. He soon found himself able to
                          purchase the fine farm and residence once owned by Colonel William Brown, half a mile
                          from town.

                          He died at the age of sixty-five--not very old, but he had been eminently successful, both
                          financially and professionally. In addition, he was beloved as a citizen and greatly
                          respected by the profession.

                          Dr. Frazer had one son, Hubbard Williams, born in 1827, who also became a physician,
                          graduating at Transylvania in 1850, but died before his father, in 1859. He was a young
                          man of splendid mental endowments, but of delicate constitution. He had his father's
                          popular turn of manners, was even more witty and brilliant, scholarly and intelligent. His
                          short career, however, did not admit of great professional achievements.

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                                              Register Report

                         Dr. Joel Frazer was the only physician, of Cynthiana, who ever treated people who were
                         afflicted from imaginary diseases with signal success. When called to see a malingerer he
                         gave him or her his deepest sympathy, and dosed him on bread pills carefully coated,
                         which always brought about a cure.

                         Dr. Harvey McDowell, of our time, uses different tactics. He was called to see a man who
                         had been complaining for weeks; he visited him two or three times, and found that there
                         was nothing the matter with him but hypochondria. He finally jerked him out of bed and
                         pummeled him soundly, to the great amazement of the patient and his wife, and then left
                         him to get along the best way he could.

                         Joel Cartwright married Nancy WILLIAMS, daughter of Hubbard WILLIAMS.
                ii.      Wilson [1]. Born on August 27, 1796.
                         Note: I am speculating that this is the same Wilson Frazer listed in the Thomas
                         Alexander Frazer Bible.--REF

                         On May 29, 1821 when Wilson was 24, he married Mary VANHOOK, daughter of
                         Archelous VANHOOK & Jemima WHALEY (1776-), in Harrison County, Kentucky.
                         Born in Harrison County, Kentucky.
               iii.      Nancy. Born on July 3, 1800. [1]
                iv.      Sally Stewart [1]. Born on August 7, 1803.
                 v.      John Wesley [1]. Born in 1805.
                vi.      Eliza [1]. Born in 1808.
               vii.      Harriet [1]. Born on November 8, 1811.
              viii.      Mary Louisa [1]. Born on March 5, 1814.
                ix.      William H. [1] Born on March 17, 1816.
                 x.      Erasmus D. [1] Born on January 4, 1820.

bet 1821-1826 when John was 50, he second married Sarah Mountjoy MONROE [1]. Born on March 17, 1789.
Sarah Mountjoy died in November 1838; she was 49.

They had the following children:
       2          i.      Thomas Alexander (1827-)
                 ii.      James Newton. Born on July 1, 1831.
                iii.      Emily [1]. Born after 1831.

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                                              Register Report

                                            Second Generation
                         Family of John FRAZER (1) & Sarah Mountjoy MONROE

2. Thomas Alexander FRAZER. [1] Born on April 16, 1827.

On April 6, 1852 when Thomas Alexander was 24, he married Ellen Elizabeth WILLETT. Ellen Elizabeth died on
September 21, 1892.

They had the following children:
       3           i.     James Willett (1853-1905)
                  ii.     Betty Kimbrough. Born on July 28, 1856.
                iii.      John Harmon. Born on August 12, 1858. John Harmon died on January 13, 1864; he was
                 iv.      Nellie [1]. Born on January 26, 1861.
                  v.      Virginia Lee. Born on December 13, 1863.
                 vi.      Thomas Alexander [1]. Born on May 4, 1867. Thomas Alexander died on December 30,
                          1895; he was 28.
                vii.      Otwell. Born on May 9, 1870.
               viii.      Hubbard Shawhan. Born on June 27, 1873.
                 ix.      Edith Mountjoy. Born on June 4, 1876. Edith Mountjoy died on June 8, 1894; she was 18.

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                                              Register Report

                                             Third Generation
                   Family of Thomas Alexander FRAZER (2) & Ellen Elizabeth WILLETT

3. James Willett FRAZER. [1] Born on July 21, 1853. James Willett died on September 20, 1905; he was 52.

On October 10, 1876 when James Willett was 23, he married Mary COOK, daughter of James Albert COOK &
Sarah WOLFORD. Born on January 25, 1860.

They had the following children:
       4          i.      Charles Royall (1877-)
                 ii.      May. Born on December 19, 1879. May died on June 12, 1880.
                iii.      Jay C. Born on August 10, 1883. Jay C. died on January 26, 1884.

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                                            Register Report

                                           Fourth Generation
                           Family of James Willett FRAZER (3) & Mary COOK

4. Charles Royall FRAZER. Born on October 17, 1877.

On December 8, 1910 when Charles Royall was 33, he married Pauline Gertrude SOMERS.

They had the following children:
                  i.      James Royall. Born on December 1, 1915.
                 ii.      John Alexander Mountjoy. Born on March 16, 1918.

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                                             Register Report

1. “Thomas Alexander Frazer Family Bible,” "Kentucky Pioneer and Court Records”, Keystone Printery, Lexington,
Ky., 1929, Miss Nellie Frazer, Cynthiana, Harrison Co., Ky.
2. Chronicles of Cynthiana, Lucinda Boyd, Cincinnati: Robert Clarke and Company, 1894, pp.95-97.

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                                       Register Report

  Mary (1860 - )                           spouse of 3
  Betty Kimbrough (1856 - )                child of 2
  Charles Royall (1877 - )                 4
  Edith Mountjoy (1876 - 1894)             child of 2
  Eliza (1808 - )                          child of 1
  Emily (>1831 - )                         child of 1
  Erasmus D. (1820 - )                     child of 1
  Harriet (1811 - )                        child of 1
  Hubbard Shawhan (1873 - )                child of 2
  James Newton (1831 - )                   child of 1
  James Royall (1915 - )                   child of 4
  James Willett (1853 - 1905)              3
  Jay C. (1883 - 1884)                     child of 3
  Dr. Joel Cartwright (1798 - 1863)        child of 1
  John (1770 - 1836)                       1
  John Alexander Mountjoy (1918 - )        child of 4
  John Harmon (1858 - 1864)                child of 2
  John Wesley (1805 - )                    child of 1
  Mary Louisa (1814 - )                    child of 1
  May (1879 - 1880)                        child of 3
  Nancy (1800 - )                          child of 1
  Nellie (1861 - )                         child of 2
  Otwell (1870 - )                         child of 2
  Sally Stewart (1803 - )                  child of 1
  Thomas Alexander (1827 - )               2
  Thomas Alexander Jr. (1867 - 1895)       child of 2
  Virginia Lee (1863 - )                   child of 2
  William H. (1816 - )                     child of 1
  Wilson (1796 - )                         child of 1
  Sarah Mountjoy (1789 - 1838)             spouse of 1
  Pauline Gertrude                         spouse of 4
  Sarah (1777 - 1820)                      spouse of 1
  Ellen Elizabeth ( - 1892)                spouse of 2

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