Macbeth Journal Entry # 1 by 6vKsxv84


									            Macbeth Journal Entry # 3
Keep up with your Journals for Macbeth—you will turn all of them in at
                        the end of the unit.
   “There’s husbandry in heaven. Their candles are all out.”
                       (Act II scene i)
“I heard the owl scream and the crickets cry.” (Act II scene ii)

  1. Write these quotes at the top of your entry and identify
     the two speakers.
  2. Respond to the two quotes above. Use the questions
     below as guides, but if other things come to your mind,
     feel free to DV8. Remember, as always, journals are
     informal, so content is much more important than
       a. What plot event do both of these quotes allude to?
       b. Recall that the doctor from The Canterbury Tales
          believed in astronomy as a type of medicine. In what
          way is the same concept (the natural world needing
          to be balanced and secure) seen in Macbeth thus
       c. What life-altering natural (and tragic) events have
          “disrupted” the balance in today’s society? Give a
          specific example of how nature affects society.
          (Think about LARGE natural disasters and the
          impact they have on people and places).
       d. How is balance restored to both nature and society?

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