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									                                Association of Learning Providers South East

                                                 Notes and Actions
                                            Apprenticeship Sub Group
Meeting date                      24 March 2010
                                  Guildford Spectrum Leisure Centre, Guildford, Surrey

                                               Notes and Actions
Merged Apprenticeship/Public Sector Sub Group Attendees:
Name         Organisation           Contact details                                      Representing
Rachel       Highbury College                          ALPHI (Y)
Weeks                               07824621801
Paul         SCTP                                     SCTP (apologies)
Mitchell                            01273891232
Julian       YMCA Training                      SCTP (N)
Stevenson                           01273 411845, 07825 033036
Poppy        JHP                                            SCTP (Y)
Jo Sellars   Aspire Learning                              ALPSE (Y)
Jane Wick    Network Manager                                      TVRN (Y)
Ann Snell    ATG Training                                                                TVRN (N)

Jane Dixon       Oxfordshire County                   TVRN (apologies)
Zeena Çala       NAS                          NAS (Y)

Gavin Smith      NAS                         NAS (apologies)

Lynda            SCC                      ALPHI (N)
Dawn Smart       IOW College                         ALPHI (Y)

Carol            Keits                                        KATO (N)
Jamie            KATO                               KATO (Y)
Stevenson                                01923854586
Anne Hulse       Guildford College                          ALP Surrey (Y)

Grace Stone      Oxfordshire County                  TVRN (Y)

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                                Association of Learning Providers South East

(in place of     Council
Jane Dixon)
Sue Taylor       Network Manager                                          ALP Surrey (Y)
                 ALPS                     01252 783137; 07786 313957
Mac Cleves       Icon Training                                          Kent/Surrey

               Notes and action                                                                     By whom
1.             Welcome and Introductions
               RW welcomed the group and introduced herself as the new Chair. As there
               were some new attendees RW asked the group to introduce themselves.

2.             Apologies - As above

3.             Minutes of the last meeting 24 November 2010

               One outstanding action – GS to provide list of live AV Candidates by age.            ACTION – GS to
               Approved as a true and accurate record.                                              provide list of AV
                                                                                                    candidates by age
               Matters Arising:
               Local authorities in some cases are choosing only to work with providers within
               their own geographical areas for their own Apprenticeship schemes by way of
               supporting local business – there is a lack of understanding about the breadth
               of training – this was discussed and it was felt that this is probably a conscious
               decision by some local authorities.

4.             Update on NAS activity with the Public Sector – Zeena Cala

               AGE 16-17

               Most important at the moment is the AGE 16-17 Grant. In the South East there
               have been 217 young people actually registered out of the target of 650. The
               South East is not the only region in this position. The North West and North
               East are doing very well. There has been a good response initially but not
               enough ILRs now coming through. If we do not hit the target by 31 March the
               monies will be reclaimed. NAS has identified 2 team members (Adele O’Sullivan
               and Linda Miller) who will be ringing round providers everyday chasing starts.
               Vacancies unfilled for 3 weeks will be removed from the AV and grant
               withdrawn so that these places can be reallocated. If however through
               discussions it is identified that providers have a start happening imminently
               then the NAS will hold this place open but the provider will be chased regularly.
               Proactive work with learners is also taking place.

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                                Association of Learning Providers South East

             ZC asked all providers to make a concerted effort and to do anything they can
             to help NAS to meet this target.

             RW said that feedback from both providers and NAS on the pluses and minus of        Action: All to feedback
             this initiative would be useful following the 31 March 2010.                        experience of the 16-
                                                                                                 17 grant
             ST said that they had been working with e2e providers and using the grant as a
             way of progressing these learners.

             Providers reported that they had not had a particularly good experience with

             Period 7 Figures
             Overall there were a total of 22,345 starts against the profile of 23,649 (94% of   See attached
             profile to date)                                                                    document
                  16 –18 Starts 9,329 against the profile of 11,126 (83.3%)
                  19-24 Starts 9792 starts against a profile of 9499 (101.6%)
                  25+ Starts 2,731 against a profile of 3,071 (112%)

             Overall not a bad position

             Success rates
             The South East exceeds the national average in all age bands.

             Apprenticeship week was very successful. The favourite event (according to
             David Wey) was the Portsmouth Dockyard Event.
             200 leads were generated from breakfast meetings. Kent was the most
             successful breakfast meeting.

             The NAS will be looking at what went well and learning lessons to support next
             year’s activities.

                     58% increase in enquiries during Apprenticeship Week.
                     870K listeners reached through radio
                     Over 1m through other media.

             ZC now has 30 Case Studies.

             Budgets have now been agreed for next year. The Sub Group needs to consider         Action: JoS to invite
             how we can support this.                                                            Amanda Sayers
             It was agreed that the next Sub Group meeting will be extended to allow any
             group members and other providers to discuss Apprenticeship Week activities

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                                Association of Learning Providers South East

             for next year.

             NAS in the South East we might do a second Apprenticeship Week type activity.

             81% usage, with Surrey now top with 93% usage. Pressure still on to ensure
             that the system is used.

             ST said that schools are now starting to ask for lists of vacancies.

             Local Authorities in the region are implementing an online vacancy system for
             jobs in local authorities.

             Public Sector
             The NAS have achieved 2139 actual Apprenticeship starts against a target of
             3298 actual public sector starts resident in the South East. Majority 19 – 24 age

             Lot of work still going on with the public sector and local authorities. ZC going
             to the meeting of the 74 HR meetings to engage with them.

             Local Authorities
             As at Period 7
             Target 760 – actual 166
             769 from public sector organisations

             National Health
             Target 507 - actual 124

             Target 456 - actual 134

             (private providers not counted in these numbers)
             Target 253 - actual 230

             Civil Service
             Target 62 - actual 36

             Target 101 - actual 1,839

             Kent police have recruited 10 apprentices and are keen to promote this to

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                                Association of Learning Providers South East

             other constabularies.

             NAS are hosting a CE event to engage with Chambers of Commerce.

             Discussion around SSCs and the Sector Skills Alliance. SSA – Jo Cassey is regional
             manager until July then the role being made redundant so a fear that the good
             work started may not continue.

             As a region review with Simon Warne CE of the NAS, next week to identify
             what NAS has been doing this is an opportunity for ALPSE to say what activities
             they have been involved in.

             Remit and Function of the Sub Group – the next 12 months
             Schools agenda is an area that this group could focus on to increase the number
             of Apprenticeships. We need to show them how Apprenticeships can be part of
             progression for their students.

             Working more closely with SSCs. As a network could we work with and explore
             existing relationships to look at creating new frameworks that at present are
             not available.

             The group could look at how they can engage with employers with high                 Action – JoS to include
             Apprenticeship potential but not yet reached/taking up Apprentices.                  in next Agenda, how
             Could we do some research to identify where there is an ageing workforce and         can this group engage
             look at succession planning.                                                         with employers with
                                                                                                  high Apprenticeship
             ZC doing some work on this. ZC happy to bring list of employers with high            potential?
             Apprenticeship potential to this group so that we can discuss the way forward
             on this.

             RW invited discussion on these topics.

             ZC said that NAS do have sector leads so we need to ensure that NAS bring
             what they have done to the table and we work collaboratively on this to
             maximise resources. If we could identify 3 sectors we should host a Sector
             Spotlight for that sector.

             Action ZC to provide JoS list of ILRs broken down by sector framework and age.       Action – ZC to provide
             Action All to research with their networks where there are gaps and no               a list of ILRs broken
             framework exists also where frameworks exist but there is no provision.              down by sector,
                                                                                                  framework and age.

                                                                                                  Action – JS to forward

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                                Association of Learning Providers South East

                                                                                                mapping document to
                                                                                                JoS for dissemination
             ZC would like to do some training with providers on the Teacher Toolkit so that    to the group.
             they can go out and sell it to schools – a co-ordinated approach needs to be
             adopted to ensure that all schools are covered by NAS Learner Services or

             Could the second ‘Apprenticeship Week’ be focused on schools? This group to        Action - ALL to attend
             discuss the possibility and logistics of a second Apprenticeship week at the end   the extended SG
             of September.                                                                      meeting to discuss the
                                                                                                way forward for such
                                                                                                an event.

             ZC said this group must ensure that all providers keep their profiles and
             information on AV up to date and this is a role that this group must continue to

             Public Sector Survey
             JoS gave update on this. Report now in draft will be passed to ZC shortly. 117
             providers in the South East were surveyed by the LSC to identify the number of
             apprentices working in the public sector, 71% of providers responded.
             KATO – ATA
             JS gave pdate. Company going live in April. Have recruited 3 staff, Ops
             Manager Irene Hore, ES Consultant and Apprenticeship Support Consultant, all
             start on 6 April 2010. 62 starts to achieve between April and July. Will be
             working with 10 providers initially. Once team in place they will be working
             with these 10 providers and then the network. Just getting CRM initiated.

             Expansion Pilots
             These are progressing well.
             Apprenticeship Redeployment Programme
             JoS gave update. Numbers of apprentices being signed on to programme have
             increased to 20. This would indicate that not large numbers of apprentices are
             being made redundant which is good news. However as the programme can
             only take apprentices who can complete their frameworks in the 26 weeks
             allowed under the programme it may not give the true picture.

9.           NAS Employer Pack
             This is on hold for the moment

10.          Review of Action Plan
             As the actions in the plan were covered throughout the meeting there was no        Action: JS to add
             need to cover again. Progress against the action plan and new actions will need    action plan to agenda
             to be looked at next meeting.

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                                Association of Learning Providers South East

11.          AOB
             ST has been asked by NAS and Aim Higher to organise a progression event to
             look at the options for moving from an Apprenticeship onto Degree Courses.
             This event would be held at Surrey University. If anyone has any information
             they can share with ST on other work in this area please let her know. PCM said
             that Paul Mitchell had done a lot of work around progression into HE. The
             group also said that there was a lot of work already being undertaken in this

12.          Dates, venues and times for the next meetings
             The next meeting will be on:
                  10.00 – 13.00 25 May 2010 Guildford Spectrum.

                     10.00 – 1.00 27 July 2010 Guildford Spectrum

11.          The meeting closed at 12.50

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