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					Schools Work Lesson Plan 1

1) Introduction –
     Introduce yourself and explain that you work for Mendip YMCA and are here
       to talk about Homelessness.

2) Brainstorming- Approx 5 minutes

Notes to worker – this is a warm up exercise to help the class to relax and
participate in the session.

      Using whatever is available for example whiteboard and dry wipe pen ask the
       class to shout out as many different words that they can think of around the
       subject of homelessness and homeless people.
      Remind them that there are unlikely to be words or phrases that will shock you
       and that they should not try to hold back.

3) Video – Nowhere to Live. Approx 15 minutes

Notes to worker – before the film starts remind the class that everyone in the
film has agreed to appear, but that if they recognise someone refrain from
shouting out their name.

      During the video hand out feedback forms and once the film has ended ask
       them to fill them out at the end of the session.

      Write the Mendip YMCA website address on the board.

4) Questions- Approx 5 minutes

5) Scenarios (see attached sheets) – Approx 15 minutes

      Ask the class to separate themselves into a maximum of 6 groups (usually
       groups of 4 or 5).
      Hand each group a laminated case study and ask them to discuss and decide
       whether they think the subject would be found to be in priority need and what
       their options may be.

Note to worker – some groups will complete the exercise very quickly so swap
around the case studies between groups should this happen.

      Give each group a couple of minutes to read their case study and start to
       discuss. Aim to talk to each group about their individual case study.

      Once task is completed by each group check if there are any questions then
       reflect on case study one.
       Ask the group who had case study one to share their thoughts about it with the
        whole class. Then talk the class through the procedure for somebody who
        finds them self in that situation e.g. Mediation Referral, possible MEAG etc.

Note to worker- if you feel at this stage that something (for example priority need
or intentionality) needs more explanation or hasn’t been fully understood then
go back over it - Approx 5 minutes

6) What do you Know? – Approx 5 minutes

Note to worker – you are nearing the end of the session. The purpose of this
exercise is to get the class thinking about some of the basic skills they may need
to improve upon before they leave home.
This is a hands up exercise.

       Examples of questions to ask the class

   1.   How many of you have ever done your own clothes washing?
   2.   How many of you would say you can cook a meal?
   3.   What meals can you cook?
   4.   How many of you have ever done the food shopping?
   5.   How many of you have ever paid a bill?

7) Closure – Approx 5 minutes

       Thank the class for their contributions and give a very brief reminder of where
        they can access advice and support about homelessness and housing (keep this
        specific to their area).
       Remind them to familiarise themselves with local agencies such as
       Specify that should anyone need to speak with the YMCA following the
        session that this could be arranged by speaking to their tutor or year head.
       Tell the class that there is a Mendip YMCA website should they be interested
        in finding out more about our work.
Case Studies

    1. Under 18 and being kicked out.

Sadie is 17. She lives with her Mum, Step-Dad and
Brother. She’s had loads of arguments with her
step-dad but yesterday they had a massive row. He
has told her to leave by the weekend. He has said
he will not change his mind and he will tell that to
anyone that asks him. She knows there is no point
in talking to her Mum about it as she always sides
with her husband. Sadie applies to the council as

    2. Young and sleeping rough

John is 20. He used to live with his father, but his
father died last year. He could not afford to pay the
rent in the flat so he left to stay with his girlfriend.
They broke up and since then he has been sleeping
rough. Some nights he has stayed in a hostel but
mostly he has slept in the park, shop doorways or a
bus station. John is healthy apart from his asthma,
but he is tired of being cold and wet. John applies
to the council as homeless.
    3. Pregnant

After an unhappy marriage, Rahila obtained a
divorce from her abusive husband. She then moved
in with her sister. After a brief affair, Rahila found
she was pregnant. When Rahila’s sister found out
she told Rahila she could not stay with her and told
her to leave. Rahila applies to the council as

    4. Married with nowhere to live

Cathy and Mark got married last year. They don’t
have any children. They moved in with Cathy’s
parents on the understanding that they would move
on within a few months, and began to save for a
deposit to buy a house, but last month Mark was
made redundant. They know they will not be able
to buy a house now and the rents in flats in the
town they live in are too high on Cathy’s wages.
They have been living with Cathy’s parents for
over a year and have now been thrown out and
have nowhere to go. Cathy and Mark apply to the
council as homeless.
    5. Family evicted for non payment of rent

Dave and Karen and their 2 children live in a
rented flat. The family had just returned from a
holiday in Spain when Dave was made redundant
from his job. He applied for Housing Benefit to
help pay the rent, but instead of giving the money
to his landlord, Dave used it to pay off a loan he
had taken out to pay for the holiday. As he owed 3
months rent his landlord took him to court to evict
him. The court told him he had to leave his flat.
Dave and Karen applied to the council as homeless.

    6. Relationship Breakdown

Phil used to live with his partner, Sue, and their 4
year old son Joe. After being together for 7 years,
the relationship broke down last year. Phil moved
out stay with is friend Rob, who had a spare room.
Joe came to stay with him some weekends. Rob has
now sold his house and Phil has nowhere to go.
Phil wants somewhere where his son can stay with
him at weekends. He applies to the council as

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