A Sustainable Fundraising Program that creates a Win-Win-Win_ by wuyunyi


									A Sustainable Fundraising Program
          that creates a

The Problem
On-going funding for nonprofit organizations is
a challenge
• Monthly donations can be unpredictable partly due to the unstable
• Fundraising can be vey time-consuming for key staff members
 who could be using their abilities in more productive roles
• Donors are passionate about your ministry and want to give but
 may be limited by budget restraints


    Main Objectives
•   Offers you a funding mechanism that pays all year long
•   Creates a benefit to your donors
•   Creates a way to expand your donor base
•   Adds no additional burden on your staff
•   Requires NO upfront purchase from you
•   We help you and you help us!


Who is Mannatech?
• A well-established, nutritional research and development company,
  headquartered in Coppell, Texas with offices in 16 international
  countries, established in 1994
• Mannatech has a State of the Art research lab and develops cutting-
  edge nutritional technologies with over 70 patents world-wide
• Mannatech has invested over $20 Million in R & D in the past 5 years
• World leader in nutritional glycobiology
• Pioneered a patented a new technology for developing the only plant
  based, standardized Real Food Technology® nutrition on the market
Sam & Linda Caster, the founders of Mannatech, having a real passion for
the fatherless and for orphans, established their own non-profit to give
nutritional aid to children.

MannaRelief Ministries, is a nonprofit charity organization providing advanced nutrients to
malnourished children and orphans around the globe.
•Touched the lives of more than 80,000 children in more than 80 countries world-wide
•More than 20 nutritional relief-oriented trips accomplished to date

 Malnutrition-the world’s biggest problem
Today, Over Three Billion People Are Malnourished
In developing countries, children receive too little of the right kind of food.
   • According to UNICEF, more than 5 million children die from malnutrition every year.
   • ABC’s 20/20 News recently reported that the lack of nutrition in the early developmental years
     is to blame for stunted growth, retarded brain development and death.
   • Doctors Without Borders said “Food is not enough, without essential nutrients millions of
     children will die.”

In America, children (and adults) receive too much of the wrong kind of food.
   • 90% of the food we eat is processed*
   • The Journal of Nutrition exposed that nearly the entire U.S. population fails to eat a diet in
     line with the Dietary Guideline for Americans. (7 -13 servings of fruits and vegetables.)
   • It is estimated that approximately 70% of the $2.3 trillion cost of health care in the U.S.
     could be eliminated simply through improved nutrition and exercise.

                                                                        *U.S. Department of Commerce, 1999   5

The Market for Vitamins & Minerals
• 150 million people in North America alone take a
  vitamin/mineral supplement every day*
• $25 billion market in U.S.†
• Consumer demand for dietary supplements is rising‡

                                    *Datamonitor: Dietary Supplements Market Trends & Opportunities
                                                            4/29/09 (Dietary Supplement Market USA)
                                                   †Nutraceuticals World—Dietary Supplements 2010
                                            ‡ 2009 survey by Ipsos—Public Affairs for the Council for

                                                       Responsible Nutrition (CRN), Washington, D.C.

Did you know that 95% of all vitamin/mineral
supplements sold are synthetically made?§
        Most synthetic vitamins are made from fossil fuelsŦ

      Coal Tar                                               Petroleum
                        §The   Vitamin Myth Exposed By Brian Clement, Hippocrates Health Institute & OCA, Dec. 31, 2006

                                               ŦThe   Truth About Vitamins and Supplements, Robert J Thiel, Ph.D., N.M.D.,
                                                                                           ANMA Monitor, 2003;6(2):6-14

New Study Finds That Synthetic Vitamins
Increase Risk of Death
A meta-analysis of 47 clinical trials found that the supplementation of
synthetic forms of vitamin A, beta carotene and vitamin E at doses
larger than commonly found in a modern diet actually increased
mortality risk.
Researchers pointed out that their observations do not apply to
natural antioxidants and vitamins such as those found in fruits
and vegetables.         Journal of American Medical Association February 28, 2007

So, which plant do you want your
nutrition to come from?

  Chemical Plant       Real Plant
                    Nutrition the Way Your Body Wants It.
First & Only
that provides all
the basic
nutrition you
need in ONE real
food product!
Announcing the First Ever, All Real Food,
Multi-Nutritional Supplement!
Made from technologies that have
generated more than 65 patents
PLUS! Standardized Rice Bran
Stabilized rice bran is among the most
nutrient dense food ingredients with a rich
diversity containing:
★100 antioxidants
★Metabolic co-factors
★Vitamin E complex
★The B-Vitamins
★Essential fatty acids
★Trace minerals
★Rich source of plant glyconutrients
Innovative Delivery
Makes whatever you eat the most nutritious thing you’ll
 eat all day!

Nutrition the Way Your Body Wants It.
            •Helps you maintain your energy*
            •Bolsters your immune system*
            •Supports cell-to-cell communication*
            •Helps protect your cardiovascular system*
            •Supports healthy digestion*
            •Supports brain function*

            Affordable at only $62/mo!
            Save 10% with an automatic order!
                      *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration

     Donation thru Consumption Program

When you nourish             Mannatech nourishes an
  your family                     at-risk child
Endorsements & Validation
• Ben Carson, Sr. MD - world renowned neurosurgeon & Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery
    at Johns Hopkins Hospital In a recent interview with Mannatech’s CEO and Chief Science Officer,
    Rob Sinnott, MD; Dr. Carson emphasized the importance of integrative health and commented on
    the important role Mannatech was playing in providing nutrition to children.

• Dr. John Rollins- retired award winning U.S. Trademark and Patent official
    In an article in The Atlanta Voice newspaper titled “Disruptive Technology Brings Hope to
    Health Care” said that glyconutrients (from Mannatech) were one of the most important healthcare
    discoveries of the 21st century.

• ISKA (International Sports Karate Association) maintains very high standards for their martial
    arts elite athletes. Never in their 25 year history has the ISKA Board endorsed a nutritional
    supplement line, however, in 2010 ISKA hand-picked Mannatech as the official dietary
    supplement company of the ISKA and the US Open. Through 3rd party testing they determined
    that Mannatech’s products are scientifically valid, pure and safe with no banned substances.

• 9th Annual Jenner Glycobiology & Medicine Symposium held at the Royal Society
    of Medicine at London, England, invited Mannatech scientists to present two posters related to
    their scientific studies in the field of glyconutrients. Mannatech was the only natural supplement
    company invited to participate. Mannatech was invited back for the 10th.

•   For more information visit: GiveForReal.com

Recent Endorsements
✦NFL Retired Players Association
✦International Sports Karate Association
✦Boys and Girls Clubs of America (pending)
✦Convoy of Hope
✦Pres. Fox of Mexico-Vamos Mexico Orphanage
✦Asian Pacific Children’s Fund
✦Don McAlvaney Intelligence Report            Sam Caster with former President Vincente Fox, & Mrs. Fox
                                              at a press conference in Mexico, announcing that Mannatech
✦Backpack Ministries                          is providing nutrition to 5000 orphans in Mexico.

✦Numerous Schools and Sports organizations!

Our simple plan to create sustainable funding
for your nonprofit organization:

 Ask your donors to redirect dollars, most likely already budgeted on
 vitamin supplements, to create THREE WINS:
 1) Give their family the best real food supplementation available
 2) Raise funds for your organization
 3) Help us nourish a malnourished child

 15-25% paid to your organization of purchases all year-round!
Potential Sustainable Funding

                                                 $56.00 X 15% = $8.40* each tub
                                                 100 tubs =   $840.00 per month
 NutriVerus                                      300 tubs = $2,520.00 per month
                          $56.53 per tub
                    Month Supply on Auto Order   500 tubs = $4,200.00 per month
                                                  *price figured with 10% discount on auto order

Because this is a consumable product we will suggest the donors set up an automatic
monthly order which would save them 10% and insures you of sustainable funding.
  Any additional products ordered would be included in the 15% rebate to your organization.

 Mannatech’s orders average $147/mo
 600 orders x $100 = 60,000 At this sales level, added commissions                    .

  could net your organization $15,000/month!

100% full satisfaction guarantee for 180 days on every purchase!

As your donors see benefits with the product they will likely
refer others to the program increasing your donor base!
• Our average customer order is about $100/month
• With 600 orders of $100/month the income to your
  Non-Profit would be approximately $15,000/mo
   (Additional bonuses are paid for 60,000 in volume/month)

 Additional Benefits:
 • Create awareness of the importance of good nutrition to overall health
 • Empower those families you serve with education regarding healthy lifestyles
Added Benefit: Increase your donor base
when your donors refer friends in order to get discounts on their orders!
                                               John receives a credit on his next order of
                                               25% of the total of the orders from friends
                                               he referred.

                                                $100 x 25% = $25 credit to John

                                                 $60 x 25% = $15 credit to John

                                                $100 x 25% = $25 credit to John

                                                                                    John has a
       ‘John’ Donor                                                               $100 Credit for
   Purchases $100 this month                                                       next month!
                                                $140 x 25% = $35 credit to John

Marketing Suggestions:

• A direct mail piece to your donor database with a return
  postcard or directions on how to order
• Add a link on your website for easy ordering (you’ll receive a
  free web site from Mannatech)
• A personal phone call to the donor asking for their

    Maintaining Your High Reputation
    is of upmost importance to us.

What does it cost?
• No registration fee ($100 fee is waived for nonprofits)
• No minimum orders
• No cost for my services (I am paid by Mannatech)
• Your only expense would be for the marketing costs of any direct mailings

What does Mannatech provide?
•   Excellent customer service
•   Highest quality nutritional products
•   100% guarantee for 180 days
•   A free web site for donors to place their orders (or change their orders)
•   My professional help as liaison to support the marketing, answer questions, help
    with ordering and follow up calls to donors
     Who wins?

                                          • Your donors receive excellent high quality
                                            nutrition & have the opportunity to refer
                                            others and earn credits or free products
               Sustainable                • Your organization receives sustainable
               Win for all!                 funding
                                          • Your donor based is increased as you
                           Organization     receive 15% of ALL the orders placed from
                                            donors and those they refer through the
                                            4Free program
                                          • An at-risk child is nourished and you help
                                            us solve the global problem of malnutrition

                                          YOU can make a
                   Donor                  BIG difference!

                                             Let’s get
               Win for all!



Suggested Marketing Materials
    Sample of Cover Letter to be sent with “Does Your Vitamin Serve A Big Purpose”
                YOUR LETTERHEAD
                 AND LOGO HERE

Dear Supporting Partner:

As you know, we are passionate about rescuing children and we could not do it without
each one of our supporters. Recently we have been given the opportunity to create a
true “Win-Win-Win” situation which we are very excited about sharing with you.

Our focus is all about saving children, but we have learned that over 5 million children
under age 5 die every year of malnutrition. Malnutrition is not just a problem in third-
world countries but also right here at home. We have been introduced to a company
called Mannatech, whose passionate mission is to solve the problem of global
malnutrition by linking millions of consumers with millions of at-risk children. They are
locking arms with us to offer a way for you, our supporting partner, to easily provide high-
quality, real food nutrition for your family and with every order, Mannatech is committed
to send life-saving nutrition to an at-risk child. In addition, each order will also provide
important funding for _______________________ (your organization)>

Thanks for your time in reading the enclosed information and considering your
involvement with us.


Does your vitamin serve a BIG purpose?                                             *Text distorted on slide - this is formatted as a two-sided
                                                                                   8 1/2 x 11” brochure

       Over 5 Million children under age 5 are dying every year from the devastating effects of
       malnutrition. ABC’s 20/20 News reported recently that the lack of nutrition in the early
       developmental years is to blame for stunted growth, retarded brain development and can even
       cause death. Doctors Without Borders says that “Feeding programs are not enough, these
       children need critical nutrients.”

       Even right here at home, 90% of the foods the average family eats are processed foods. Studies
       show that a child’s diet high in processed foods, chips, pizza, crackers, etc., can permanently cause
       a decrease in IQ levels. Due to commercial farming practices and the lack of nutrients in our food,            Under fed - Under nourished
       the RDA of fruits and veggies has risen to 7-13 servings a day! French fries and ketchup are
       sometimes the only vegetables kids get.

       The lack of essential nutrients effects children’s learning ability, brain development and overall
       health. Studies also show that obesity risk increases by 80% when children don’t get the proper
       nutrition in the developmental years.
                                                                                                                      Over fed - Under nourished

       150 million Americans already take vitamin supplements, you’re probably one of them, however, the
       problem is that most all of these supplements contain synthetics from petroleum by-products, coal
       tar and rocks. Your car runs great on petroleum, but your body was designed to run on real food.
Would you switch your vitamin if...
                                              ✓ It meant you & your family could have a vitamin/mineral supplement made
                                                  entirely from REAL FOOD and not from petroleum by-products & rock dust?

                       Real Food              ✓ It would possibly save a child from dying and help solve the #1 global problem of malnutrition?
       Synthetic                              ✓ It would give you the necessary nutrients to help your brain function better,
                                                  improve your immune system and keep you healthier?
                                              ✓ It would also benefit ___________________________?
                                                                        (Nonprofit organization)
                                              ✓ There was a 180 day satisfaction guarantee?

                   Want to help us create a Win-Win-Win?
  Mannatech® has taken on the responsibility to solve the global problem of malnutrition! It begins with Mannatech’s donation through
consumption program called Give For Real™, which allows you to help nourish the world’s most vulnerable children by simply nourishing
yourself AND provide funding for ______________________ at the same time, at no extra cost! Truly a Win Win Winfor every body!
     The first ever, real food Multi-Nutritional, 4-in-1 supplement made from real
                             plants not in a chemical factory!
If you had the choice of getting your supplements from a chemical factory or from plants, which would you think would work better in your body? Plants, of course!
Mannatech’s NutriVerus™ powder contains all food-sourced vitamins and phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables along with concentrated plant-sourced minerals derived from hydroponically
grown Indian Mustard sprouts, plus glyconutrients proven necessary for cellular communication and to support your immune system, PLUS nutrient dense stabilized rice bran, seldom used as
a nutritional supplement until new scientific processes recently discovered, made it possible to use it in a supplement form while maintaining it’s potency without becoming quickly becoming

                                                Member price: $56.50
                                                    Month supply
                                                  (Auto ship price)

  PLUS! Standardized Rice Bran
  ★Stabilized rice bran is among the most nutrient dense food ingredients
   with a rich diversity of more than 100 antioxidants and metabolic co-factors
  ★Vitamin E complex
  ★The B-Vitamins
  ★Essential fatty acids
  ★Trace minerals
  ★Rich source of plant glyconutrients

                Yes, I’ll switch & create a Win-Win-Win!
                                        Give For Real™ program: With every automatic order of $100 or more* Mannatech provides a month supply of the same nutrition
  Two simple ways to place your order:                                to an at-risk child, plus _____your organization____ receives necessary funding!

  1)   Order online at MyMannapages.com/________________________
  2)   Call 1-800-281-4469
  Tell the customer service agent that you want to place a “Member” order under Acct# ________________
  *Request that your order be set up as an automatic order to get a 10% discount on every order!
                                                                                                     Specify number of ___ NutriVerus™

  ?    Any questions about the products or ordering - please call your personal service rep: _____________________
   *Orders for less than $100 still count! They cumulate with other customer orders, each $100 worth of orders generates a month supply of nutrition for at-risk child.

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