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					             TIENS Intelligent Rejuvenating Mask

I. Relevant fundamental knowledge

    (Relevant story) “There is no greater pain in life than not treasuring well the
beautiful youth time before us but feeling regretful after losing it. If the God gave me
another change to choose, then I would say that I want youth. If I have to add a
limitation on this word, I hope it is forever!” This is a paragraph that a friend had ever
said to me. Maybe he used the classical sentences and phrases indiscriminately in “A
Chinese Odyssey”, which make people feeling humor. But if we think about it
carefully, we can taste some having no alternatives and dreariness.
     Youth is a preciousness that we cannot change with anything.There is only one
life for each person, and the most splendid period for this one time of life is the flower
of youth that bloomed transitorily. Childhood likes a brook, and youth likes a river.
The years are running like this drawing the outline of life on each person’s face
relentlessly. (Relevant story)     Maybe you have forgotten you were pleasantly
surprised when you finally grown higher a little than before, but it is certain that you
are still remembering the exclamation when the first wrinkle occurs; maybe you have
forgotten that you were satisfied when you longed for summer season and changed
into skirt, but it is impossible for you to forget the occurring of color spot and freckle
on skin, the massive pore, wrinkle and pouch due to the influence of life burden,
increasing of age, sunlight irradiation, and unhealthy habit. The body cells have begun
to broken and aging….
    The years have poured out so many dreams, but there is only one common dream
in each heart, that is “I want to be rejuvenated”.
    If we want to keep the skin full of youth with luster, we have to repair the cells
that have presents the evidence of aging and alter the aged cells to make them to
transport again various vitamins and nutrients.
    So it is predicted by some people that what is most prosperous in 21 century
maybe neither computer nor genetic engineering, but beauty culture. The reason is
with the improving of life level gradually, people would pay more and more attention
on their beauty. Furthermore, a good image is a greatest help for communication and
dealing with many complicated interpersonal relationship, even sometimes it can
determine the fate of a person.
    We have to mention a property—mask when we talk about the topics of youth
and beauty. Maybe you would have a thought of designing a mask when you were
going to take part in a masquerade, but you would never have the thought that the
ancient Egyptian using mask to improve their looks.
    (Relevant story)    In an archaeological excavation in Egypt, the expedition team
found accidentally a gold mask, which they have never seen before. At the beginning
they calculated that this is a kingship-indicating symbol, or a device with some
overawing effect used in important ceremonies such as sacrificial ceremony. But a
prudential archaeologist found in gold mask that there are one-after-another small
grooves being left over the trace of herbs. This new scenario caused immediately the
extreme interests of expedition team and finally they found by repeated study that this
is a special mask the ancient Egyptian used to do beauty treatment. The workmanship
of this mask is exquisite and complicated, plus its gold quality, it maybe only be used
in upper classes of society, or even just be used in royal palace.
     But today we want to exhibit an exquisite and delicate mask with facial
beautification functions. The experts call it as “ a Magic Mask that can colon youth”.
This is a high technology product through many years of development and
improvement. This mask can provide a entire repair for facial skin cells by 26
repairing points on mask based on aging and cross linking theory of human facial skin.
The original model of this mask had ever weighed about several scores of pound. But
with the continuous development of scientific technology, the intelligence integrating
system has made it reduced greatly until becoming into today’s light, handy and
not-more-than-one-pound mask, which is extremely convenient for carrying and
    This is the Intelligent Rejuvenating Mask that has stridden across history and
spanned many dreams and finally occurred as tidewater with the oath of “keeping
youth forever” after encoded the youth secrete. Here it has already been not a dream
again if you want to rejuvenate.
    Young girls, you really don’t afraid to date your boyfriend with acne on your
entire face? The successful ladies, you really can surrender to the vine of years to
climb quietly on the angle of your eyes? Handsome men, you really don’t mind that
the dark face shall shadow your sunny heart?
    No! No! The answer is no forever! If you are really puzzled by real and false
wrinkles, acquired color spot and point, acne, pouch, black circle, and coarse and dark
skin, the following topic would be very important to you!

II. Product structure and efficacies of the product
1. Product structure:
(Relevant story)   Rejuvenating Mask looks like the Oscar gold statue and is invented
by American female family of Kitty·Reagan. It is a high technology product with its
core-patented technology imported completely from America united Entire Inc. and is
produced under the guidance of technicians of this company throughout the entire
manufacturing process. Kitty·Reagan, the follow-on inventor and user of this mask,
has been more than 60 years old but has a young appearance. There are magic stories
spreading in United States about the invention of rejuvenating mask, and have been
the secretes for Hollywood stars to keep their beauty since a long time ago. But before
it is not popular due to its bulky volume and complicated use. It has been launched
into market in a simple and convenient visualization since it resolved its shape issue
not long before.
  1) The rejuvenating intelligent repairing system includes three sections: RF mask,
     Martel processor, and Rejuvenating assistant series (size 1, 2, 3).
     Martel processor—is the core technology of rejuvenating mask, which is
     equivalent to Pentium IV in computer, occupying a key position. The intelligent
     chip in processor plays the role of brain. It can customize the combined energy
     according to skin condition of each person, and transfer it to RF mask through
     multi-mode fibers for guided wave, forming an intelligent repairing net together
     with 26 gold coated sensing points on RF mask. This “facial beautification
     doctor” can diagnose and locate automatically the damaged cell in skin and
     transfer combined energy corresponding to these damaged cells according their
     concrete conditions to perform intelligent repairing, and make them return to
     their healthy state.The feeling of each person during repairing is different and is
     extremely individualized. From this you can see the carefulness of rejuvenating
  2)There are 26 sensing points at the back of mask, which is designed according to
      the most important positions of cells that can influence face. An intelligent
      repairing net is formed to repair the cells when the mask contact with skin to
      obtain the effects of resolving skin problem and keeping skin in healthy state;
  3)It has also a set of assistant series, which can provide necessary nutrients and
     energy when use in cooperation. It can be used for more than 10 years.

    The current results of studies in the world have shown that: the capacity of
supplying energy for mitochondrion in cells generates the cell synthesis and division.
Once the supplying energy is reduced, the slowed division and regeneration speed of
skin would occur, leading to the number of new cells reduced and the aged cells
increased, so the senile phenomena such as wrinkles, loosened skin and pouch would
    Rejuvenating mask is the first to use bio-wave guided intelligent technology to
resolve thoroughly the issues of insufficient supplying of energy. It can remove
wrinkles, pouch and resolve the problems of loosened skin to obtain the effects of
rapid rejuvenation.   (Relevant story)    The American “TIMES” said that the fourth
achievement in technology influencing American life is the completely new
revolutionary achievements in today’s facial beautification field,which realize
fundamentally a complete breakthrough about the traditional facial beautification
mode such as the superficial absorbance, cell nourishing and skin modulating.
    The activating bio-signal sent out by Rejuvenating Mask aims mainly at the skin
issues such as wrinkles, looseness, skin prolapse, and pouch, breaking through the
traditional facial beautification mode such as supplying water, and proteins as main
means. The signal acts directly on deep layer of cells, strengthening the capacity of
supplying energy to mitochondrion, and quickening the speed of new cell division and
regeneration. Meanwhile, accelerate the synthesis of collagen protein and elastic
fibers, maintaining the normal supporting function of skin’s cellular structure, and
fundamentally resolving skin-aging problems.
    The major functions of bio-regeneration signals sent out by Rejuvenating Mask is
to improve the activity of bio-enzyme in cells, allowing the speed of biochemical
reactions (DNA replication, and RNA transcription) in cells increased, and facilitating
cells to divide continuously to regenerate a great deal of young cells, so that to resolve
thoroughly the problems such as wrinkles, loosened skin and prolapsed skin, and
pouch, making skin younger.
    The hydrolyzing bio-signal sent out by Rejuvenating Mask can act directly on
withered, curled, de-naturated and abnormal skin cells, to make it decompose quickly
and discharged out of the body through skin blood circulation and lymph circulation.
Meanwhile it can inhibit over-secretion of sebaceous gland, and thus to resolve the
skin issues such as acne and heat rash, making skin soft and smooth with elasticity.
    The bio-circulation signals sent out by Rejuvenating Mask can act on skin’s deep
layer of cells to accelerate blood circulation, facilitate metabolism, quicken the
absorbance of nutrients by skin cells and remove rapidly the metabolic wastes,
allowing the facial skin in a vigorous growing state in a long period of time to resolve
the problems such as dark skin, roughness, black eye’s circle and color spots, and
make the skin white, delicate, smooth and looks naturally young.
    Intelligent Rejuvenating Mask aims at the enlarged pores, dark skin without luster,
dryness and loosened phenomena caused by the oxygenation and breaking of inner
layer biologic chain. It can join and repair the broken biologic chain and prolong its
life circle, making small wrinkles disappeared, the pores thinned, the superficial skin
soft and inner layer tight, allowing people looks young a lot. For the damages caused
by oxygen-derived free radicals during metabolism of facial cells, the Intelligent
Rejuvenating Mask can transform the harmful peroxide into beneficial substances to
prolong aging process. The intelligent net of Rejuvenating Mask use 99.99% 24K
gold energy repairing points to connect the facial cells for reparation, especially repair
the nearly broken cells by connection. Moreover, it has the repairing functions on
brain either while repairing skin cells. It can improve the symptoms such as nervous
headache, toothache, rhinitis, neurasthenic and insomnia.

The functions of Rejuvenating Mask to improve skin and beautify face rapidly
presents mainly at six respects:
1) It can control the increase of facial wrinkles, unfold the wrinkles and restore the
   original physiological functions of cells:
   Wrinkle shall be formed when skin cells become dented due to lacking of water
and nutrients. 60 minutes each day, Rejuvenating Mask can accelerate intradermal
blood and lymph circulation through high technology intelligent combined energy,
providing sufficient energy and nutrients (protein and water) for skin cells, enhancing
skin metabolism, and finally obtaining the purpose in order to remove and unfold
wrinkles and prevent generation of new wrinkles. it usually takes effects in about 35
2) Inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, accelerate the metabolism of melanin, and lighten
as well as eliminate the acquired color spots.
   The melanin secreted by chromoplast in skin is relatively more, and those that
don’t decomposed shall be left in skin and form into spots. There are many reasons
for these, such as solarization, pregnancy, incorrect use of cosmetics and endocrine
   The combined energy generated by Rejuvenating Mask can decompose the
melanin deposited in epidermis, and allow the decomposed chromoplast discharged
out of body with the cast off horny layer of cells so that to make the color spots being
lightened or disappeared. The intelligent combined energy and assistant series can
inhibit the activity of tyrosinase (chromoplast contains tyrosinase) at the same time,
preventing effectively the regeneration of color spots.
   The chromoplast is discharged out of body at about 28 days; and color spots begin
to become lightened at about 60 days, and is lightened obviously at about 90 days, or
some have disappeared.
3) Discharge the toxin in sebaceous layer, regulate the secretion of sebum and
eliminate effectively the acne;
   Acne is caused due to excessive secretion of grease by sebaceous gland, plus
incorrect cleaning, which leads to obstruction of pore by dirt and grease. The
combined energy can clean out the dirt and grease in pore, repair the cells damaged
due to acne, and inhibit the excessive secretion of sebaceous gland to reduce
effectively the recurrence rate of acne.
   the small acne begin to disappear at about 10 days with large acne emerged. The
recurrence rate of acne is obviously decreased at about 20 days.
4) Contract the pore to improve skin quality, allowing rough skin to become delicate
and elastic.
   The enlarged pores are caused mainly due to obstruction of pore by grease and dirt
over a long period of time. The combined energy can dredge sebaceous gland and
clean out the grease and dirt that obstructed the pores. Resume the ordered array of
cells, regulate and inhibit excessive secretion of sebaceous glands. Effectively
improve the phenomena of enlarged pores.
   Some pores begin to contract at about 15 days. But the skin shall present dryness
at this point and the dryness begin to disappear at about 30 days, with skin becoming
smooth and the pores being obviously decreased.
5) Facilitate the supplying of blood and oxygen, eliminate excessive water and fat
        around eyes to improve or eliminate pouch and black circle of eyes.
            The un-smooth microcirculation around eyes with excessive water retained at
        lower area of eye shall form edema at eye region, making the elasticity of fiber around
        eyes lost and forming the pouch. The circulation of blood around eyes is un-smooth
        with blood retained at eye region, presenting as black. This is the black circle around
        eyes. The combined energy can accelerate the lymph circulation around eyes and the
        passive movements of lymph can disperse the excessive water around eyes to improve
        6) Accelerate the transportation of energy in skin cells: Absorb water doubly to
        improve the black skin color, allowing face returning to youth state.
             The follow-up results of 50 thousand users show:
             Skin become soft and smooth after use for 16 minutes;
             Skin becomes delicate and white with luster after use for 3 days;
             After use for one week, the small facial wrinkles begin to be lightened with dark
             spots lightened, and pouch as well as black circle around eyes begins to disappear;
             After use for four weeks, feel younger 1-2 years than before;
             Perform comparative observation for those using for more than one year and
             found they are younger 5-10 years than their same age cohorts.

    Symptom Type/causes                     Facial beautification mode and          Mask                                 Effect
s                                           resolving approaches
             Pseudo-wrinkles:       Poor    Moistening of horny layer can make      Bio-signal      for     activating   1.      trunk     wrinkles
             epidermal                      skin looks moist, small wrinkles not    microcirculation can change the      disappeared at 14 days.
             microcirculation,              obvious, but the microcirculation       skin tissue into circulating state   2. Pay attention to the
             insufficient supplying of      problems cannot be resolved, and        and regulate the permeability of     moist at eye area. For the
             lymph fluid and nutrients      small wrinkles cannot be removed        semi-permeable membrane at           repairing of fine wrinkles,
             in spinous layers and tubes,   really and truly.                       basal layer.Allow the nutrients      it has a high assistant
             causing dented spinous                                                 in dermal blood vessel entering      effect.
             tubes,     dried    stratum                                            into epidermal spinous tubes,
             granulosum cells arranged                                              making the dented tubes filled
             disorderly and rough skin                                              and     the    small     wrinkles
             texture.                                                               disappeared.

             Real wrinkle: the aged         The general cosmetics can enter into    Stimulate brain to send out          The      original      wrinkle
             and      denatured     skin    dermal layer at all. Because the skin   bio-hydrolyzing signal and act       unfolded at 28 days and the
             collagen protein and elastic   itself has barrier action, which can    on dermal nerve end to release       skin becomes plump.
             fiber abnormally linked,       impede the enter-in of outside          active substances, facilitating      Note: The real wrinkle
             losing the function to         substances.    The     high   quality   the thorough hydrolyzing of          cannot       be      removed
             preserve     water      and    cosmetics contain collagen protein,     deformed and linked collagen         thoroughly in principle, but
             supporting skin.               which can only form a water storing     protein and elastic fiber into       it is difficult to distinguish
                                            membrane at outside of the skin to      small molecules by proteolytic       the real wrinkles from
                                            reduce water emanation, but cannot      enzyme       and      metabolized    pseudo-wrinkles. So you
                                            resolve the problems of collagen        through skin.                        can tell the customer when
                                            protein occurred in dermis.             The healthy collagen protein         answering that more and
                                                                                    and elastic fiber shall recombine    more wrinkles can be
                                                                                    and form into good net structure     unfolded with the increase
                                                                                    to well support the skin from        of times using mask.
                                                                                    inside to outside, making skin
                                                                                    tightened and the real wrinkle
         Freckle: Influenced by          Cover                                                                           Lightened
         genetic      factors,     the
         congenital defect of DNA
         can cause adverse melanin
         Acquired color spots and        Cover                                     The bio- hydrolyzing signal sent      1. The deposition of
         dots: The errors caused by      Strip off                                 out by mask can act directly on       adverse pigment stopped at
         ultraviolet        radiation,   The cosmetics sold on market              these aged and died cells             14 days and the color dots
         oxygen-derived           free   contains mostly two compositions:         containing       melanin,      and    are felt lightened.
         radicals,           chemical    first strip off to obtain the effect of   decompose it directly into small      2. The color spots lightened
         substances during the           removing spots, and then the heavy        molecules –amino acid, which          obviously with the renewal
         division and replication of     metal (hydrargyrum) shall wrap            can be metabolized normally by        of entire epidermal cells at
         newly generated cells           melanosome and press it into deep         body’s circulation system. The        28 days.
         result in the reduced           layer of skin, and finally apply          bio-signal can resume the             3. For the users older than
         function of new cells,          covering agent to maintain the effect     supplying of nutrients for cells      32 years old, they have to
         influencing the cell to         of removing spots. The spots would        through microcirculation and          insist on for more than 3
         metabolize the melanin and      reoccur if stop use. And moreover,        regulate the metabolism of cells,     courses of treatment to
         as a result lead to the         beyond       doubt     the    chemical    allowing the metabolism of cell       lighten color dots.
         deposit of melanin. The         compositions can cause new damage         returning to the optimal              4. The color spots and dots
         metabolite of cells itself      on DNA during stripping off process.      vigorous state before 25 years        caused by diseases can be
         cannot be metabolized           So for the customers who ever use         old. Thus the melanin secreted        distinguished       obviously
         duly, generating excessive      this product, the spots would be          by     chromoplast      can     be    after      3    courses    of
         lipofuscin and forming          connected into patch when the spots       metabolized      duly,     without    treatment. We advice the
         color spots and dots either.    reoccur.                                  deposit         of       pigment.     customers to do related
                                                                                   Consequently the color spots          physical         examination
                                                                                   shall be removed naturally. (For      according to the residual
                                                                                   example:      the skin may be         position of color dots and
                                                                                   injured by ultraviolet radiation      receive assistant therapy.
                                                                                   too in summer just like before
                                                                                   25 years old and become black
                                                                                   without using any cosmetics,
                                                                                   but after a while, the melanin
                                                                                   can be metabolized naturally by
                                                                                   skin. )。This is a natural color
                                                                                   spots removing effect obtained
                                                                                   through cell itself capacity.

Black    1、 Poor metabolism and          The general cosmetics use the             The mask can regulate the             Skin becomes delicate and
and         thicker horny layer          compositions for covering and             circulation state of face through     white with luster at 3-7
rough    2、 Poor            blood        refraction to adjust the color of skin.   bio-microcirculation signal to        days;
skin        circulation causing          The color of skin seems being altered     resolve the issue about dermal        The horny layer becomes
            dermal oxygen deficit        from sense of organs, but it cannot       oxygen deficient.                     obviously soft, smooth and
                                         resolve the problems fundamentally.       Meanwhile,        resume       the    delicate at 7-21 days.
                                         Some      cosmetics      contain    the   supplying of nutrients for skin
                                         compositions for stripping off horny      and regulate the ability of cell to
                                         layer, and make you feel that the skin    metabolize, allowing horny cell
                                         become soft and smooth. But the deep      to return to normal thickness,
                                         layer of skin may be injured if cannot    guaranteeing the optimal vitality
                                         control precisely. In addition, the       of skin and ensuring the
                                         issues that cosmetics cannot resolve      softness of horny layer to
                                         are the blood circulation.                become white and bright.
Black    The black circle is caused      With moistening and covering as           The bio-signal for activating         The    blue-black   color
circle   by     un-smooth       blood    main purpose, the un-smooth blood         blood circulation can improve         begins to soothe at 7-14
         circulation at eye area. The    circulation cannot be resolved.           the entire microcirculation state     days.
                                    venous blood contains                                                       of skin at eye area, with fresh
                                    excessive wastes becomes                                                    blood containing plenty of
                                    into blue black and                                                         oxygen flowing through the
                                    presents as blue-black                                                      circumambience of eye to carry
                                    color through skin. This is                                                 away the wastes. And as a
                                    the so-called black circle.                                                 result, the black circle shall
                                                                                                                disappear naturally.
Acne                                The vigorous secretion of        1. Clean out excessive sebum:              Bio-signal      for     activating   The small acnes would dry
                                    sebaceous       gland     and    decrease the occurrence of blockage.       microcirculation can improve         and fall off at day 7.
                                    adverse cornification of         But sebum is the best composition to       the microcirculation state and       The large acnes would
                                    follicular orifice cause the     moist and protect skin. Over               regulate the permeability of         obviously decrease at day
                                    un-smoothness               of   elimination of sebum may damage            semi-permeable membrane of           14.
                                    sebaceous        metabolism,     skin.                                      basal      layer,allowing      the   For the customers with
                                    forming blockage. At the         2. Superficial antibiotics: It can block   nutrients, antibodies and white      long history and large area
                                    early stage of blockage, we      infection. But it just block infection     cells in dermal blood vessel         acne, they would feel the
                                    can see the small white          temporarily and cannot block the           entering into epidermic cellular     symptoms alleviated at day
                                    prominence (white pimple)        secretion of sebum. Caution should be      space, enhancing the resistance      21-28.
                                    at the surface of skin. The      executed to avoid recurrence of            of kin.
                                    small white prominence is        inflammation when blockage forms,          For the inflammation that has
                                    the solidified grease, which     which may result in a vicious circle.      been formed, it can be repaired
                                    can cause pore blockage          3. Vegetable essence for inhibiting        quickly due to the participation
                                    (comedones)              after   acarid: use it to eliminate acarid,        of a great deal of leukocyte, and
                                    contaminated by dust in          relieve the entering of acarid into hair   repair acne rapidly.
                                    air. The bacteria parasitized    follicle to cause infection. But it is
                                    in hair follicle can             unable to resolve the infections
                                    propagate rapidly under          caused by non-acarid factors.
                                    anaerobic condition, and
                                    consequently results in
                                    inflammation,         forming
                                    acne.     The      acne     is
                                    contaminated continuously
                                    and     occur     repeatedly,
                                    leading to severe and large
                                    area concurrent infection,
                                    which consequently may
                                    form into pus pocket (i.e.
                                    The reason that cause skin       High quality cosmetics contain some        The bio-hydrolyzing signal can       The customers younger
Loosened, aged and prolapsed skin

                                    loosened,       aged      and    good compositions, but they just form      go directly into dermal layer        than 40 years old shall feel
                                    prolapsed is similar with        basically an elastic membrane on the       and hydrolyze the denatured          the skin beginning to be
                                    the reason that causes           surface of skin, which can support         collagen protein and elastic         lifted at day 14. And the
                                    wrinkles. Due to abnormal        skin temporarily, just like holding        protein        into         small    customers older than 40
                                    linkage and denaturing of        upward the face with hands.          It    molecule—amino acid, which is        years old can feel the skin
                                    collagen protein and elastic     cannot stop essentially the continuous     metabolized from skin. The           tightened.
                                    protein, and the change          denaturing of collagen protein and         healthy collagen protein and         The customers younger
                                    from its net shape into          elastic protein caused by aging and        elastic protein shall reorganize     than 40 years old shall feel
                                    adhesively         disordered    outside damage. The skin would             to form a good net, and support      the       skin     returned
                                    dumpling, the ability to         prolapse still when stop using             up the skin from inside to           completely to electricity at
                                    support the skin is              cosmetics.                                 outside. Like this, the loosened,    day 28. And the customers
                                    decreased and the skin                                                      aged and prolapsed skin can be       older than 49 years old
                                    begin to loosen, age and                                                    resolved fundamentally.              shall feel the skin being
                                    prolapse under the action                                                                                        lifted.
                                    of gravity.
Pouch                               Pouch is one of the              The eye creams with function of            The bio-hydrolyzing signal can
                                    loosened and prolapsed           contracting pouch contain elastin,         go directly into dermal layer
                                    skins. The ability of            which can form a elastic membrane at       and hydrolyze the denatured
                                    collagen protein and elastic     outside of skin and support the skin       collagen protein and elastic
                                    protein to support skin          temporarily, just like holding upward      protein       into       small
                                    would       be      decreased    the face with our hands. But it            molecule—amino acid, which is
                                    quickly and form pouch           cannot stop essentially the continuous     metabolized normally from
                                    under the action gravity         denaturing of collagen protein and         skin.
                                    after they are linked and        elastic protein caused by aging and
                                    denatured because the skin       outside damage. The skin would
                                    at eyes is thinner and weak      prolapse again when stop using
                                    and the collagen protein         cosmetics.
                                    and elastic protein in this
                                    area is relatively little.
                                    Usually the occurring of
                                    loosened,       aged      and
                                    prolapsed skin is mostly
                                    due to loosening, aging and
                                    prolapsing of skin in
   Categories of TIENS Intelligent Rejuvenating Mask
       Imperatorial series: 32 repairing points of 99.99% 24 K gold, controlled digitally
   by microcomputer and made by aviation metal materials with enhanced effects.

       Romantic series: 26 repairing points of 99.99% 24 K gold, controlled digitally by
   microcomputer. 1. orange color (orange close friend); 2. red (red lover) and 3. Green.

       All are made using aviation complex materials; there are two indications for date
   and time; has audible prompt and is provided with an mp3 that can play music for 30

       The romantic version is made using ABS ultra-thin color friction material. There
   are 26 golden repairing points coated with 24k gold in the inside. The imperatorial
   version is made using aviation complex materials, and has 32 golden sensing points
   coated with 24k gold. Comparing with romantic version, the larger repairing area is
   much better.

   Special feature of the product:
   1. Significant effect: Contract pore and smoothen skin 100%
                   Effectively remove acne 100%
                   Control the increase of pseudo and real wrinkles 88.9%
                   Lighten and eliminate acquired color spot 90.9%
                   Improve or eliminate pouch and black circle 87.5%
                   Improve dark skin 83.33%

   2. Intelligent Rejuvenating Mask uses the top technology of 21 century---cell
                  attenuation controlling technology and first resolved fundamentally the
                  issue of youth flowing away.

   3. The development of modern articles for facial beautification has three trends: high
       technology, complex function and leisure.

III.   Target customers and usage method
   1. Target customers: Women between 16-60 years old.

   2. Usage method:

       TIENS Intelligent Rejuvenating Mask is easy for use, saving time and labor,
   which stands comparison with its facial beautification efficacy. What you need to do
   is just put on the mask and hang the Martel processor at waist, and turn on the activate
button. Then you can arrange your movement freely within each 16 minutes of facial
beautification time, such as reading, watching television or chatting with friends, or
even you can do the housework. This is incomparable with the experience when you
have to sit or lie down quietly in beauty parlor at a holiday day to allow other people
to “manipulate”.Beauty treatment can be so easy, how can you resist the temptation of
Intelligent Rejuvenating Mask?

Issues to be awarded of :

    We dislike exaggerating its efficacy, though it has passed the national
certification on product efficacy. The effective rate for acne and fine wrinkle is up to
90%, and for the complex issues such as color spot and pouch, the lowest effective
rate is more than 80%. These values are quite higher in beauty treatment field. But
Intelligent Rejuvenating Mask cannot change 30 years old into 18 years old. It can
only effectively postpone aging and keep your skin at your age at optimal state. So
you would looks like younger than your age cohorts. Intelligent Rejuvenating Mask
cannot take instant effect either. Its principle is to repair and activate cell. The
metabolic circle of human body’s cell is 28 days, so you can get the effect after insist
on use for 1 month. It can last for 10 years or longer. If you persevere, the work that
you have done would not disappoint you.

    You must follow the instructions for use while operates. You cannot spoil the
beauty by excessive enthusiasm. Many people would increase the frequency of use
and enhance the strength manually because of good effect at beginning, or don’t clean
carefully the “assistant series”. All of these can bring troubles for your face. At the
first 20 days, use one time each day and 16 minutes each time, and then increase to 2
times per weak. Never do it too frequently. Never change its intelligent diagnosing
system artificially. In addition, you should pay attention to do deep skin cleaning due
to the activated cell activity. The best is to do one time professional skin cleaning.
This is far less than the time usually needed. Meanwhile, the caution has to be
executed on sun-proof in summer and moisturization in winter as a conventional task.

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