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									                                                                        Fort Hunter Liggett
                                                                  2011 Military Elk Hunt Tag Drawing
                                                               Eligibility Requirements and Application Procedures
                                                                 Application Deadline is 4:30 pm on June 2, 2011
                                                                       (Successful hunters will be notified by June 30, 2011)
                                                         Incomplete, Incorrect, Illegible or Late Applications will be Rejected
                                For the 2011/2012 hunting season, an applicant priority system will be used for the Military Elk Hunt Tag Drawing
                                based on Army Regulation 215-1 (Table 7-1)*. Eligibility criteria and priority of use are:
                                                                                                   Eligibility Criteria
                                        Priority Code*
                                               1            Active duty (AD) military personnel and Families (includes U.S. Coast Guard)
                                                             Members of the Reserve Component and Families (includes Ready Reserve (to include
                                                              Scholarship/Contract ROTC Cadets) and National Guard, and their Family members)
Note new mailing address

                                                             Delayed Entry/Delayed Training recruits
                                                             Cadets of Armed Forces academies (USMA cadets have first priority at USMA)
                                                            Commissioned Corps of the Public Health Service and Commissioned Corps of National
                                                            Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and their Family members
                                                             Retired military personnel from active duty and Family members
                                                             Retired from the Reserves with pay and retired without pay
                                * There are 19 priority categories; however it is likely that all tags in some hunt codes will be awarded to priority code 1
                                applicants and all tags in other hunt codes will be awarded by priority code 2-4 applicants.

                                Proof of Eligibility: Each eligible applicant must have a 2011/12 California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG) hunting
                                license, a valid FHL hunting permit, a valid and appropriate federal U.S. government issued document(s) demonstrating
                                eligibility to one of the four priority codes to include but not limited to: Department of Defense (DoD) Common Access Card
                                (CAC), U.S. Identification and Privilege Dependant Card or U.S. Uniformed Services Retired Military Identification Card.
                                Elk Application Process: Complete and submit: (1) a 2011 FHL Military deer Tag Drawing Application with (2) a photocopy
                                (both sides) of your valid DoD CAC or appropriate U.S. government issued document(s), and (3) a copy of your 2011/2012
                                California hunting license (4) a copy of your FHL Hunting permit. Apprentice applicants must be a dependant of one of the four
                                priority categories, have a 2011/12 CDFG Junior hunting license, and submit their own and their legal guardian’s eligibility
                                document. Social Security Numbers are not required on any document and can be removed, if desired .
                                Preference Point System was established with the 2009 Draw. This system allows applicants to apply each
                                year regardless of previous year’s success in the draw. One preference point will be awarded to applicants
                                who were entered into the FHL draw but were unsuccessful in drawing a FHL tag in the previous year.
                                (Applicants that were unsuccessful in drawing an FHL tag in 2010 will be awarded 1 preference point for the
                                2011 FHL Elk draw.) Only one elk application may be submitted per hunter.

                                          Hunt               Hunt Name                    Hunt Season           # of Military Tags
                                           449       Archery only either-sex         Sept. 3rd - Sept. 11th               3
                                           450       Archery only Antlerless         Sept 24th to Oct 2nd                 5
                                           444       Period 1 Antlerless             Oct. 15th to Oct. 23rd               7
                                                     Period 1 Antlerless
                                           471                                       Oct 15th to Oct 23rd                 2
                                                     (Apprentice Hunt)
                                           326       Muzzleloader Bull **            Nov 5th to Nov 13th                  3
                                           448       Period 2 Antlerless             Nov 19th to Nov 27th                 8
                                                     Period 3 Bull
                                           472                                       Dec. 22nd to Jan. 2nd                1
                                                     (Apprentice Hunt)
                                            447      Bull                            Dec 22 to Jan 2nd                 7
                           Mail Applications to:                                                Or Drop-Off Application at:
                           CSTC Family & MWR                                                      Building T-630 Hunting & Fishing Office at the campground
                           Hunting and Fishing Program (Big Game Draw)
                           PO Box 7091, Fort Hunter Liggett, CA 93928-7091
                           ** Hunters may only possess muzzle loading rifles equipped with open or peep sights as described in CDFG regulation 353k.
                           Contact us at (831) 386-2677/2214, or or visit our website at for info.
                           Fort Hunter Liggett - Hunting and                                                Anticipated 2011/2012 FHL Special Elk Hunts
                                                                                                            (only one elk draw application per person):
                                                                                                                449 Archery Either Sex; Sept. 3rd – 11th
                           Fishing Program                                                                      450 Archery Antlerless; Sept. 24th to Oct. 2nd
                                                                                                                444 Period 1Antlerless; Oct. 15th – 23rd
                           2011 FHL MILITARY ELK TAG                                                         
                                                                                                                 471 Apprentice Antlerless; Oct 15th – 23rd
                                                                                                                 326 Muzzleloader Bull; Nov 5th – 13th
                           DRAWING APPLICATION                                                                  448 Period 2 Antlerless; Nov 19th -27th
                                                                                                                472 Apprentice Bull; Dec. 22nd - Jan. 2nd
                           APPLICATIONS MUST BE      RECEIVED BY 4:30 P.M. JUNE 2, 2011                         447 Bull; Dec 22nd - Jan 2nd

                           SUCCESSFUL HUNTERS WILL BE NOTIFIED BY JUNE 30, 2011

                                                   To be eligible for the drawings ALL information requested below is required.

                           APPLICANT(S)                               ENTER ONE
                           PRIORITY CODE:                             HUNT CHOICE:

                           2011/2012 HUNTING LICENSE NUMBER *

                           2011/2012 FHL PERMIT NUMBER          *
Note new mailing address

                           DRIVER’S LICENSE, DMV ID NUMBER             DMV STATE               DATE OF BIRTH

                           FIRST NAME                                                         INITIAL

                           LAST NAME

                           MAILING ADDRESS


                           STATE         ZIP CODE                                 DAYTIME TELEPHONE

                           E- MAIL ADDRESS

                           * If applicant is deployed overseas provide unit / APO Address with application. License and
                           permit # must be received NLT state submission deadline.

                           FHL USE ONLY Date Received: ___________________                     Received By: _______________________

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