Fall 2006 - Sharonville Chamber by wuyunyi


									 FALL 2006                                    A P U B L I C AT I O N O F T H E S H A R O N V I L L E C H A M B E R O F C O M M E R C E

CHAMBERLine                  A Sell-Out Success…
                             W   as the description for
                             the Chamber’s 12th Annual
                             Golf Classic! Special rec-
                             ognition goes to all our
                             sponsors, especially our
                             Title Sponsors, National
                             City, Rumpke, and The
                             Blue Goose Sports Café
                             for their generous support
                             of the outing. Proceeds
                             from the outing will help
                             support the Sharonville
                             Fire Department’s “Bicycle
                             Safety Helmet Program”
                             and the Police Department’s
                             “Kids Safe Program.”

                                                              Red Squirrel foursome discussing their next shot!

                             Mayor’s Breakfast
                             Mallard Cove Retirement Community was the
                             venue for this year’s State of The City Event.
                             Mayor Virgil Lovitt, II, Safety Service Director
                             Al Ledbetter and Building/Planning Director Ted
                             Mack were the featured speakers.

                                                                                              Ted Mack, Building / Planning Director

  what’s inside:                                                             “Fun Networking”
                                                                              A  s you can see from the photo, networking can
  8   CAR SHOW RECAP                                                         be fun! It is also a great way to meet new business
                                                                             contacts in a very non-stressful atmosphere. What a
                                                                             better way to get to that goal than to be able to share
                                                                             food and drink with someone?

FALL 2006                                                        A P U B L I C AT I O N O F T H E S H A R O N V I L L E C H A M B E R O F C O M M E R C E


               Executive Director
                  Pat Madyda
        11006 Reading Road, Suite 301
             Sharonville, OH 45241
                                               From The
              Phone: 513-554-1722
               Fax: 513-956-5522
      Email: info@sharonvillechamber.com


                                               What ever happened to face to
                   Rich Arnold
           Arnold Consulting Group
             Phone: 513-232-7242

                                               face communication?
          Email: rarnold1@cinci.rr.com
            Web: allegracinci.com


                                                Everyday we all seem to be so busy writing emails, talking on
                Kathie Currier
            Rookwood Properties
              Phone: 563-4050
  Email: kcurrier@rookwoodproperties.com
                                               our cell phones, working on the computer, playing video games,
                   Treasurer                   trying to do a multitude of tasks all at the same time. Is this
                  Mark Albertz
           Albertz & Assoc. CPA LLC            okay? I guess it’s become a part of our lives – right?
                Phone: 891-8400
          Email: mark@albertzcpa.com
           Web: www.albertzcpa.com
                                               What ever happened to picking up the phone or walking to the        Rich Arnold, President,
                                                                                                                   Sharonville Chamber
                                               next office to ask a question in person? It may take 45 seconds     of Commerce
                                               to talk to each other versus typing out an email that takes 5 min-
                   Katie Burba                 utes or more. Emails cannot reflect the emotion in our voice or
                Huntington Bank
                Phone: 769-4224                the wrinkle of our nose or a friendly handshake as well as when communicating directly with
       Email: katie.burba@huntington.com
          Web: www.huntington.com              someone.

                   Joe Burke
                                               With face to face communication or a direct phone conversation, solutions can often be found
       Great Oaks Institute of Technology
               Phone: 612-5817
                                               during a short period of time rather than writing back and forth. At our chamber’s Business
         Email: burkej@greatoaks.com           After Hours, we meet and greet people with a friendly handshake and verbal greeting. This
            Ralph Hammonds
                                               helps us create a perception about the other person and may develop into a future business
            City of Sharonville
             Phone: 563-0252
 Email: rhammonds@cityofsharonville.com
                                               Am I from the “old school?” I don’t think so, as I do all the things I mentioned in the begin-
                  Les Koch                     ning. But I continue to make an effort to talk directly with someone, if possible, in order to
             Holiday Inn Express
               Phone: 771-9080                 resolve a question, quickly.
        Email: les@hiexpresscincy.com
       Web: www.hiexpress.com/cincinnati
                                               Put a smile on your face, ask someone how they are doing, and watch the response. Face to
                 Robin Kurlas                  face communication is really a lot of fun!
            Red Squirrel Restaurant
               Phone: 769-5678
            Email: ripkurl@aol.com
            Web: www.redquirrel.org
                  Katie Messmer
        Northern Cincinnati Convention
               and Visitors Bureau
                 Phone: 771-5353
      Email: katiemessmer@cincynorth.com

                    John Perin
              Office Furniture Source
                 Phone: 531-0900                                                                           Rich Arnold, President
     Email: jperin@officefurnituresource.com

                   John Ruhe
              Fifth Third Bank
              Phone: 733-9292
           Email: john.ruhe@53.com

                  Gayla Price
                   PNC Bank
                Phone: 733-8837
        Email: gayla.price@pncbank.com

               Jane McCone
         Heritage Village Museum
             Phone: 563-9484
Email: jmccone@heritagevillagecincinnati.org

                                                   A P u b L i C At i o n o F t h e S h A r o n v i L L e C h A m b e r o F C o m m e r C e

Sun, Green Grass and
Dimpled balls

	    ith	a	score	of	53	the	winners	of	this	year’s	Sharonville	Chamber	Golf	Outing	
were	the	foursome	of	Russ	Benz,	Chris	Bohn,	Hoon	Kim,	and	Steven	Turnbull.	
Second	place	with	a	score	of	54	went	to	Ben	Hutchins,	Larry	King,	Dana	Moody,	
and	Gary	Vosick.	Third	place	winners	with	a	score	of	58	were	Jamey	Duke,	Mark	
Elliott,	and	Larry	Peet.	Chipping	contest	winner	was	Larry	King	and	Brian	Haddix	
won	the	putting	contest.	
Along	with	a	wonderful	day	of	golf	we	had	a	box	lunch,	buffet	dinner,	numer-
ous	raffle	prizes	and	a	silent	auction	featuring	golf	balls	signed	by	greats,	Arnold	
Palmer	and	Jack	Nicholas.
A	special	“Thank	You”	goes	to	Golf	Committee	Chairwoman,	Kathie	Currier	of	
Rookwood	Properties,	to	the	committee	members,	and	to	Executive	Director	Pat	
Madyda,	and	all	the	other	volunteers	for	their	willing	contribution	of	time	and	
energy	that	made	the	outing	such	a	terrific	SOLD	OUT	event!		                                      Kathie Currier, chairperson of the golf outing,
                                                                                                   announces silent auction winners
                                                 See additional photos on next page

Our Corporate Sponsors                       …we proudly present…                                   Pat shows off the Hole-in-One prize

FALL 2006   A P u b L i C At i o n o F t h e S h A r o n v i L L e C h A m b e r o F C o m m e r C e

                          A Great Day

       A P u b L i C At i o n o F t h e S h A r o n v i L L e C h A m b e r o F C o m m e r C e

Was had by All…

FALL 2006                                         A P U B L I C AT I O N O F T H E S H A R O N V I L L E C H A M B E R O F C O M M E R C E

A Word From
Our Mayor

New Developments on Chester Road
 I’m happy to report, WAVE Development, the new own-
ers of the Sheraton Hotel, and the old Comfort Suites on
Chester Road, are assessing their options of redeveloping
these two properties.
They are proposing to build a $20 million dollar indoor
water park between the two hotels and reinvest approxi-
mately $4.5 million in renovations to the Comfort Inn. It
is not known at this time what name brand will be on the
renovated hotel; however, it will operate in conjunction
                                                                   Virgil G. Lovitt, II, Mayor
with the Sheraton and water park.
It is very encouraging to hear Mark Flaherty, of WAVE Development, indicate to
us that this redevelopment and investment into the Chester Road corridor was as a
result of the future plans for the Chester Road corridor as spearheaded by the City.
We are excited for this new development to begin and look forward to working
with WAVE and all other future developments as the rebirth of Chester Road is
unveiled to the thousands of commuters each day.

                                                              Sharonville                                    HOLE SPONSORS

  Learning works!                                             Chamber
                                                              Golf Outing
                                                                                                             Blue Chip Mailing Services
                                                                                                             CCS, Inc.

              Develop career skills                                                                          CSI Waste Services
               Career-technical programs
            for high school youth and adults
                                                              Thanks to our                                  Champion Window & Patio
              Train your workforce                            Sponsors!                                      Enterprise Rent-a-Car
     Customized services for business and industry
                                                              TITLE SPONSORS                                 Hunter Consulting Company
               Enhance the region                                                                            Miller-Valentine Group
                 Partnerships that enhance                    National City
            the community’s economic climate                  Rumpke                                         Paycor

                                                              The Blue Goose Sports Café                     Performance Lexus
                                                                                                             Rookwood Properties

                                                              BEVERAGE SPONSORS                              Select Benefits Global Marketing
                                                                                                             Speedpro Imaging, LLC
                                                              Coldwell Banker West Shell
                                                              – West Side Realty                             Taco Bell

                                                              PNC Bank                                       The Dental Care Plus Group
          Find out more at greatoaks.com                                                                     Trinity Debt Management
             513.771.8881 • 800.441.6257                      Sheraton Cincinnati North Hotel

                                                  A P u b L i C At i o n o F t h e S h A r o n v i L L e C h A m b e r o F C o m m e r C e


business Partners help Seniors Prepare
for Success after Scarlet oaks                                                                    A student volunteers to answer a question during the
                                                                                                  apprentice segment

	 L ocal	volunteers	from	the	busi- In	the	apprentice	segment,	which	was	                           all	of	the	time	and	effort	they	put	into	
ness	community	provided	high	school	        patterned	on	the	show	with	the	same	                   planning	the	event	as	well	as	spending	
seniors	who	are	completing	a	career	        name,	business	partners	described	a	                   the	entire	day	at	our	school.”
technical	program	at	Scarlet	Oaks	          challenging	scenario	and	the	student	                  After	reviewing	the	students’	evalua-
Career	Development	Campus	with	the	         participants	were	asked	to	respond	to	                 tions	of	the	event,	Jon	Quatman,	vice	
opportunity	to	have	some	fun	and	also	      questions	about	how	they	would	react.	                 president	of	performance	and	outcomes	
develop	important	skills	that	they	will	    The	Dress for Success	segment	began	                   for	Great	Oaks,	said,	“The	evaluations	
need	to	land	a	good	job.	On	May	12,	        with	a	discussion	about	how	important	                 indicate	that	the	Scarlet	Oaks	students	
more	than	200	seniors	experienced	          good	grooming	and	dressing	appropri-                   overwhelmingly	believed	that	the	day	
Success	after	Scarlet	Oaks,	a	series	of	    ately	are.	The	grand	finale	for	this	seg-              was	beneficial	to	them.	72%	of	rated	
workshops	that	were	designed	to	hone	       ment	was	a	fashion	show	during	which	                  the	event	in	the	top	two	categories.	
their	communication	and	interviewing	       student	models	demonstrated	suitable	                  They	want	us	to	continue	to	provide	
skills.                                     attire	for	several	types	of	work	settings.             this	for	students	in	the	future.”
In	the	Student feud	segment,	which	         Julie	Woodward,	Dean	of	Instruction	                   Members	of	the	Scarlet	Oaks	Regional	
was	a	take-off	on	the	Family	Feud	          at	Scarlet	Oaks,	said,	“Success	after	                 Business	Partnership	Council	and	
game	show,	teams	competed	to	see	           Scarlet	Oaks	was	a	phenomenal	experi-                  members	of	the	Cincinnati	Chamber	
which	would	earn	the	most	points	by	        ence	for	our	students	and	the	business	                Leadership	Cincinnati	Class	29	project	
answering	questions	about	what	to	          partners!	The	seniors	had	fun,	but	they	               team	were	very	involved	in	the	plan-
bring	to	an	interview,	appropriate	and	     also	took	it	seriously.	And	we	can’t	                  ning	process	and/or	assisting	during	the	
inappropriate	interview	behaviors,	and	     thank	our	business	partners	enough	for	                event.	
how	to	follow-up	after	the	interview.	

Princeton City Schools have  out of 10 rated
“excellent” or “effective”
	 S even	of	the	ten	Princeton	City	Schools	are	rated	in	the	category	of	“Excellent”	or	“Effective”	on	
the	2005-2006	School	Report	Card,	according	to	the	latest	data	released	by	the	Ohio	Department	of	
Education	(ODE).	In	addition,	three	Princeton	schools	moved	up	one	performance	rating	since	the	
2004-2005	School	Report	Card.
In	2006,	four	Princeton	schools	are	rated	“Excellent”:	Glendale,	Sharonville,	Springdale	and	Stewart.	
Glendale	moves	up	to	join	the	other	three	schools,	which	were	rated	“Excellent”	in	2005.	
Three	schools	are	rated	“Effective”:	Evendale,	Woodlawn	and	Princeton	High	School.	The	performance	
index	scores	for	Evendale	(98.4)	and	Princeton	High	School	(98.2)	are	very	close	to	the	“Excellent”	
threshold.	                                                                                                                 Princeton Elementary
                                                                                                                            School Principal
Finally,	three	schools	are	rated	“Continuous	Improvement”:	Heritage	Hill,	Lincoln	Heights,	and	
Princeton	Community	Middle	School.	Lincoln	Heights	moved	up	from	an	“Academic	Watch”	rating	
and	Woodlawn	moved	up	from	“Continuous	Improvement”	in	2004-05.	

FALL 2006                                        A P u b L i C At i o n o F t h e S h A r o n v i L L e C h A m b e r o F C o m m e r C e

29th Annual Classic
and Antique Car Show

Great Cars, oldies music,
Food and Fun
	 t he	threat	of	rain	couldn’t	keep	die-hard	car	owners	and	enthusiasts	from	attending	the	Sharonville	Chamber	of	Commerce	
29th	Annual	Classic	and	Antique	Car	Show	on	Sunday,	April	30,	2006.	A	major	fund-raiser	for	the	Chamber,	this	event	
brought	hundreds	of	car	registrants	and	thousands	of	lookers	to	the	blocked-off	streets	in	historic	downtown	Sharonville.	
major sponsors, National City Bank and Rumpke,	allow	this	event	to	be	the	success	that	it	has	continued	to	be	and	
received	a	huge	standing	ovation	at	the	awards	ceremony.
From	brats	and	burgers	to	BBQ	pork	and	everything	in	between,	visitors	enjoyed	strolling	the	streets	admiring	the	shiny	
chrome	of	the	27	different	classes	of	cars.	The	sound	of	revving	engines	and	mufflers	could	be	heard	above	the	familiar	tunes	
of	the	oldies	being	played	by	the	DJ.	Trophies	were	awarded	in	the	27	classes	with	judging	performed	by	members	of	the	
Model	A	Club.	
Robin	Kurlas,	co-owner	of	Red	Squirrel	and	Chairperson	of	the	event	said	that	a	highlight	of	this	year’s	event	was	award-
ing	The	Ken	Madyda	Memorial	Chamber’s	Choice	trophy,	given	in	honor	of	the	Sharonville	businessman	and	husband	of	
Executive	Director	Pat	Madyda,	who	devoted	years	of	dedication	and	service	to	the	Car	Show	and	other	chamber	events.	
A	special	thanks	to	the	many	volunteers,	
including	University	of	Dayton	Army	
ROTC	students.	Committee	members	were	
Johnda	Kueffer	and	Matt	Ready,	National	
City	Bank;	Gayla	Price,	PNC	Bank;	
Bing	Spitler,	Heritage	Village;	Barbara	
Scull,	Alleen	Rentals	and	Pat	Madyda,	
Sharonville	Chamber	Executive	Director.	
A	BIG	THANKS	to	all	for	a	great	show	
and	mark	your	calendar	for	next	year’s	
30th	Annual	Classic	and	Antique	Car	
Show	–	Sunday,	April	29,	2007.		

                                            A P U B L I C AT I O N O F T H E S H A R O N V I L L E C H A M B E R O F C O M M E R C E

Trophies were awarded in 27 classes with
judging performed by members of the
Model A Club.
Class sponsors included Albertz &
Associates, Alleen Rentals, Allegra
Printing, BBQ Cabin, City of Sharonville,
Coca-Cola Bottling, Dave and Busters,
Gutter Pro, Heritage Village Museum,
Holiday Inn North, Huntington Bank,
Impact Fleet, Market Direct, Miller
Valentine, Northern Cincinnati Convention
& Visitors Bureau, PNC Bank, Red Squirrel
Restaurants, River City Sunrooms, Sentry
Insurance, Sharonville Coin Op Carwash,
Sheraton Hotel, Show N Shine Calendars,
Superior Automotive Group, Taco Bell and
The Glass Doctor

FALL 2006                                                 A P u b L i C At i o n o F t h e S h A r o n v i L L e C h A m b e r o F C o m m e r C e


Piggy backing (Wireless Security)

	 s	I	sit	in	                                        Here	are	the	most	common:                             from	connecting,	but	don’t	think	this	is	
my	family	                                           MAC	Filtering:	With	MAC	Filtering,	                   secure.	Anyone	with	a	free	hackers	tool	
room	writing	                                        you	enter	the	MAC	Address	of	each	of	                 can	crack	your	WEP	key	in	a	matter	of	
this	article,	my	                                    your	computers	into	the	access	point.	                seconds.	
laptop	is	pick-                                      Only	computers	with	registered	MAC	                   WPA:	WPA	is	similar	to	WEP	in	that	
ing	up	signals	                                      Addresses	are	allowed	to	connect.	This	               you	setup	a	passphrase	to	access	the	
from	six	wire-                                       is	a	good	first	step,	but	any	good	hack-              wireless	signal,	but	is	much	more	
less	access	                                         er	can	“spoof”	your	MAC	Address	and	                  secure.	The	problem	with	WPA	is	that	
points,	three	of	                                    connect	right	in.                                     many	devices	(print	servers,	wireless	
which	have	no	        Jeff is the President and
                                                                                                           camera’s,	older	network	cards)	do	not	
security	what-        co-founder of Infitech,        SSID	Hiding:	Most	access	points	give	
                      located in West Chester.
                                                     you	the	ability	to	hide	the	SSID	(bea-                support	WPA.
soever.	With	         Infitech provides computer
a	simple	click	       services for small business-   coning	signal	from	your	Access	Point).	               If	your	equipment	will	support	WPA,	
                      es. These include computer
of	the	mouse	         networking and repair, web
                                                     This	is	a	good	idea	as	neighbors	won’t	               that	is	the	way	to	go.	If	not,	consider	
I	can	instantly	      site design and hosting,       see	your	access	point.	Again,	however,	               using	a	combination	of	MAC	Filtering,	
                      customized software devel-     hackers	can	easily	get	around	this.                   SSID	Hiding	and	WEP.	Read	the	
connect	to	           opment and consulting
these	wire-           services. Infitech can be      WEP	Security:	WEP	allows	you	to	                      manual	and	follow	their	recommended	
less	networks	
                      reached at 513-779-5700 or
                                                     enter	a	security	key	that	must	be	known	              steps	for	securing	your	wireless	net-
                      at www.infitech.net.
and	get	free	                                        to	connect	to	the	wireless	signal.	This	              work.	If	you	are	still	unsure,	consult	a	
Internet	access	                                     will	keep	your	casual	“Piggy	Backer”	                 network	professional.	
as	a	“Piggy	Backer.”	Piggy	Backing	is	
a	term	used	to	describe	the	common	
practice	of	neighbors	who	“borrow”	
your	Internet	connection.	Sometimes	
even	complete	strangers	will	sit	outside	
your	home	or	office	for	the	express	                                                                                      WELCOMES
purpose	of	using	your	wireless	signal.	                                                                           Global Marketing Ventures
Usually	all	they	have	in	mind	is	free	                                                                           Whitehall Financial Services, Inc.
                                                                                                                  American Lung Association
access	to	high-speed	internet	connec-
tivity.	Sometimes,	though,	they	can	                                                                            THANKS FOR EXPANDING
and	will	do	more	sinister	things,	such	                                                                       Family Service of the Cincinnati Area
as	copying	your	files,	sending	SPAM,	
                                                                                                                THANKS FOR RENEWING
deliberately	damaging	your	computer,	
                                                                                                              M.A.D.D. Southwestern Ohio Chapter
spreading	viruses,	etc.	If	you	have	                                                                               Home Care Network, Inc.
purchased	a	wireless	access	point	and	
installed	it	right	out	of	the	box	without	                                                                        THANKS TO REALTORS
setting	up	security,	you	are	a	target.	                                                                    Don Murphy, Colliers Turley Martin Tucker
There	are	a	number	of	ways	to	protect	
                                                        ASHWOOD OFFICE CENTER                     CORPORATE PARK                 EXECUTIVE PARK
your	wireless	signal.		                                      Reed Hartman & Ashwood Dr.             Montgomery Rd. & I-275            Route 42 & I-275
                                                                      For Leasing Information, call Katherine Currier: 513.563.4050

                                                  A P u b L i C At i o n o F t h e S h A r o n v i L L e C h A m b e r o F C o m m e r C e

                                                                                                   	 ostco	Wholesale	Club	was	the	
business After                                                                                     sponsor	for	our	Business	After	Hours.	
                                                                                                   Donna	Asalone,	Marketing	Director,	
hours                                                                                              and	her	staff	welcomed	over	50	mem-
                                                                                                   bers	and	guests	who	enjoyed	great	
                                                                                                   Costco	food	and	desserts.	

State of the City breakfast
	m arch	22,	2006	was	this	year’s	State	of	the	City	Breakfast	and	was	held	at	one	of	
Sharonville’s	best	kept	secrets,	Mallard	Cove	Retirement	Community.	They	have	
a	beautiful	dining	area	which	overlooks	a	pond	with	a	large	fountain	with	water-
fowl.		Mayor	Lovitt,	II,	Al	Ledbetter,	and	Ted	Mack	were	the	speakers	at	this	event.		
Various	topics	were	highlighted,	such	as	some	of	the	new	companies	in	town,	street	
work,	and	highway	intersection	updates.	

Sheraton - 100 in Attendance
	 o ur	Business	After	Hours	was	held	at	the	new	Sheraton	Cincinnati	North	Hotel.		The	event	was	held	in	their	beautiful	
ballroom.	The	Sheraton	staff	welcomed	over	100	guests.	

FALL 2006                                         A P u b L i C At i o n o F t h e S h A r o n v i L L e C h A m b e r o F C o m m e r C e


Sexual harassment                            Why Sharonville has a Property
in the Workplace                             maintenance Code
	 S exual	                                   	 t he	City	of	Sharonville	was	one	of	the	very	first	munici-
Harassment	                                  palities	to	adopt	a	property	maintenance	code	in	the	area.	
is	a	topic	that	                             We	first	adopted	this	type	of	code	in	1985	and	have	had	a	
I	would	ven-                                 version	ever	since.	
ture	to	say	is	
                                             More	recently	the	City	administration	as	well	as	the	elect-
awkward	and	
                                             ed	officials	felt	that	this	code	should	be	more	pro-actively	
                                             enforced.	The	essence	of	this	change	in	enforcement	is	due	
in	today’s	busi-
                                             to	the	negative	effect	of	just	a	few	properties	can	have	on	a	
ness	world.	
                                             community	as	well	as	our	businesses.
The	problem	        Sgt. Bill Hensley,                                                                                     Ted J. Mack, CBO is
with	not	talking	 Sharonville Police         The	effort	is	to	enhance	your	business	environment	as	well	                   Director of Building
                                                                                                                           and Planning, City of
about	it	is	that	   Department               as	create	a	positive	and	attractive	place	for	new	businesses	                 Sharonville. He can be
it	leaves	the	                               to	relocate.	Should	you	have	a	concern	with	a	property,	                      reached at 513-563-0033.
                                                                                                                           or by Email at tmack@
door	open	for	a	lot	of	misunderstand-        please	do	not	hesitate	in	calling	us.	Mr.	Scott	Wallace	has	                  cityofsharonville.com
ing	as	to	what	sexual	harassment	really	     recently	joined	my	department	and	is	a	nationally	certified	
is.	Small	business	owners	struggle	to	       professional	in	resolving	property	maintenance	issues.	
understand	this	topic.
Keep	in	mind	that	I	am	not	an	attor-
ney	nor	am	I	an	expert	on	the	topic	
of	sexual	harassment,	but	I	have	been	       Chamber Ambassador’s
through	some	training	and	have	read	
information	pertaining	to	sexual	harass-     	 e nthusiastic	Sharonville	Chamber	Ambassadors	are	visibly	“out	there!”	In	recent	
ment	as	well	as	some	of	the	court	cases	     months	they	have	welcomed	30	new	members	to	the	Chamber	by	delivering	their	
arising	from	it.	I’d	be	happy	to	be	of	      new	member	packet	and	Chamber	plaque.	Their	presence	was	seen	and	heard	at	
assistance.                                  our	Breakfast	with	the	Mayor,	Business	After	Hours	events,	the	Antique	&	Classic	
To	be	perfectly	honest	with	you,	as	a	       Car	Show,	and	our	recent	12th	Annual	Golf	Classic.
supervisor	the	topic	even	makes	me	          Ambassadors	Frank	Adams	of	LPL	Financial	Services,	James	West	of	Coldwell	
nervous.	Even	if	I	have	no	part	in	          Banker	West	Shell,	and	Nick	Ernst	of	Frames	By	Design,	have	participated	in	
sexual	harassment,	if	I	witness	or	have	     ground-breaking	ceremonies	and	ribbon-cuttings	as	the	Chamber’s	official	repre-
knowledge	of	its	occurrence	the	courts	      sentatives.	It	can	be	said	they	also	like	to	party!
will	hold	me	(as	a	supervisor)	account-
                                             Please	thank	these	extroverted	and	enthusiastic	folks	when	you	meet	them	at	
able	if	I	fail	to	take	steps	to	stop	it.	
                                             Chamber	events.	Their	participation	in	our	activities	and	events	is	extremely	
I	know	that	you	can’t	be	with	every	         important	as	we	work	to	recruit	new	members	and	to	make	all	members	feel	com-
employee	every	second	of	the	day,	but	       fortable	and	welcome.	Each	phone	call	and	visit	gives	them	an	opportunity	to	
you	certainly	must	make	it	clear	to	         meet	new	people	and	to	promote	themselves	and	their	own	company	as	well	as	
your	employees	that	your	business	will	      the	Chamber!	If	you	are	interested	in	joining	this	active	committee,	contact	Katie	
not	tolerate	any	harassment	based	on	        Burba	at	513-769-4224	or	Kathie	Currier	at	513-563-4050.	It’s	fun	and	it’s	net-
sex,	age,	race,	religion,	national	origin	   working	at	its	best!	
or	disability.	

                                                   A P U B L I C AT I O N O F T H E S H A R O N V I L L E C H A M B E R O F C O M M E R C E

                                                                                                        Guide for
Column                                                                                                  Effective
Features                                                                                                Networking
                                                                                                        • Be positive!
“Training and Speaking—                                                                                 • Network anywhere
Just My Thoughts"                                                                                         and everywhere.
As we complete the area on verbal skills, we need to first                                              • Be a mentor to others.
look at emphasis. Try saying the following and putting the
emphasis on the underlined word:                                                                        • Be excited…
I did not say that she stole his watch.                                                                   convey energy.
I did not say that she stole his watch.
                                                                                                        • Show interest in others
I did not say that she stole his watch.
I did not say that she stole his watch.                                                                 • Request one thing
I did not say that she stole his watch.                             Wayne E. Baughman,
                                                                                                          at a time.
                                                                    Certified Trainer and
I did not say that she stole his watch.                             Accredited Speaker, is              • Let others know how
                                                                    president of Creative
As you can see, just by putting the emphasis on differ-             Presentations, a com-                 they’ve helped you.
ent words, you can completely change the meaning of the             munications, leadership,
                                                                    management training
words.                                                              and insprirational speak-           • Set schedules and goals.
                                                                    ing business. He can be
Fillers are the “ers” and “ums” that presenters use to fill in      reached at 481-4428,
gaps or silent moments and are one of the most common               speakupweb@aol.com or               • Systematically track
errors of presenters. Usually the filler process occurs when
                                                                    www.speakingskills.com                your progress.
thought processes interfere with speech processes. The best
method of cure is recognition. Tape yourself and then listen for the filler words. It                   • Prepare before
is alright to pause at the end of the sentence or thought before going forward. The                       meetings/functions.
more that you are aware of yourself and others using filler words, the better you
will be able to eliminate them.                                                                         • Stay in touch with

                                                                                                        • Be patient!
                                                                                                          Results take time!!

                                                                                                        • Say “THANK YOU”
                                                                                                          to all who help.

FALL 2006   A P u b L i C At i o n o F t h e S h A r o n v i L L e C h A m b e r o F C o m m e r C e

                                                  A P u b L i C At i o n o F t h e S h A r o n v i L L e C h A m b e r o F C o m m e r C e

	 J  oe	Burke	is	a	Training	Coordinator	specializing	in	the	Motorcycle	Safety	program	at	Great	Oaks	
Institute	of	Technology	and	Career	Development.	He	assisted	in	helping	over	2,000	adults	complete	the	
Ohio	Department	of	Public	Safety	program	in	2005.
Joe	lives	in	Colerain	Township	with	his	wife,	Karen,	along	with	4	daughters,	ages	of	15	to	33.	He	is	
very	proud	of	having	completed	his	Masters	Degree	at	the	age	of	50	from	Xavier	University.	He	has	
mentioned	something	about	his	team	always	winning	the	cross-town	shootout!!
His	interests	run	outside	of	the	Great	Oaks	campuses	as	he	designed	his	own	energy	efficient	solar	
home.	He	is	very	proud	of	his	family	and	finally	a	male	grandson	is	in	the	family.	Joe	would	like	to	be	
remembered	for	always	being	willing	to	help	others.	                                                                       Joe Burke
It’s	this	attitude	that	helps	make	Joe	an	asset	to	the	Sharonville	Chamber	Board.	He	has	expressed	a	                      Training Coordinator,
desire	to	have	the	community	and	Great	Oaks	work	hand	in	hand	helping	one	another.	                                        Great Oaks

	r   alph	Hammonds	is	Assistant	Chief	with	the	Sharonville	Fire	Department.	He	has	served	with	the	
Fire	department	since	1988.	Starting	as	a	volunteer	he	was	the	first	Full	Time	Paramedic	Firefighter	
hired	by	the	City	of	Sharonville	in	December	1995.	Since	then	he	has	been	promoted	to	Paramedic	
Supervisor,	EMS	Chief	and	then	Assistant	Chief.	
Ralph	and	his	wonderful	wife,	Mindy,	have	a	lovely	3	year	old	daughter	Rachel	who	runs	the	house	
and	is	the	center	of	their	lives.	
The	opportunity	to	serve	on	the	Sharonville	Chamber	Board	was	very	unique	to	someone	in	the	fire	
service.	I	hope	to	make	the	most	of	this	time	by	fostering	better	relations	and	partnerships	between	the	
chamber	and	city	departments	and	services.	It	is	truly	an	honor	for	me	to	be	able	to	represent	the	Fire	                   Ralph Hammonds
Department	and	the	City	on	this	board.	I	hope	to	build	relationships	that	will	have	an	impact	on	the	                      Assistant Chief,
future	of	the	chamber	with	the	city.	                                                                                      Sharonville Fire Dept.

    Your business financial advisor.
    Give us a call.
    11100 Reading Road n Cincinnati, OH 45241 n www.nationalcity.com

FALL 2006                                      A P u b L i C At i o n o F t h e S h A r o n v i L L e C h A m b e r o F C o m m e r C e

new and renewing

new members                               Cracker Barrel old Country Store
                                          2255	Sharon	Road
                                                                                               fitness Beauty Center
                                                                                               2241	Crown	Point	Drive,	Suite	200	
                                          Sharonville,	OH	45241                                Sharonville,	OH	45241	
advance me inc.                           Tony	Cecardo,	Manager                                Jerry	Hogan,	Sales	Associate	
9808	Meadow	Bluff	Lane	                   Phone:	771-3207                                      Phone:	505-8983	
Sharonville,	OH	45241	                    Cross County Pool Service                            Email:	jdenterprises@fuse.net	
Paul	Kubiak,	Authorized	Funding	          7180	Pippin	Road                                     Web:	www.fitnessbeautycenter.com	
Agent	                                    Cincinnati,	OH	45239                                 Fitness, Beauty and Health
800-854-5827	                             George	Grubb,	Owner
Email:	pkubiak@cinci.rr.com               Phone:	741-7774                                      Gannett Directories
Web:	www.advanceme.com	                   Fax:	741-9474                                        6948	Oakwood	Drive,	Suite	103
Financial Solutions                       Email:	crosscountypools@yahoo.com                    Florence,	KY	41042
                                          Swimming Pool Retail Store                           Mary	Pankowski,	Executive	Assistant
advanced Steel &                                                                               Phone:	866-211-4212
metal Processing inc.                     DNa answers, inc.                                    Fax:	248-922-3176
4469	St.	Rt.	128                          2486	E.	Sharon	Road	                                 Email:	mpankowski@gannettdirecto-
Hooven,	OH	45033	                         Sharonville	OH	45241	                                ries.com
Jim	Aitken,	President	                    Jeanie	Wrenn,	President/CEO                          Web:	www.finditnow.com
Phone:	513-353-2946	                      Phone:	771-4DNA	(4362)                               Telephone Directory Publisher
Fax:	513-353-2983	                        Fax:	772-6696	
Email:	jimadvancedstl@aol.com	            Email:	jcwrenn@aol.com	                              home Specialist Relocation llC
Steel Fabricator                          DNA Testing                                          2	Standen	Drive	
                                          Member	to	Member	Benefit:	$25	Off	                   Hamilton,	OH	45015	
Blue Chip mailing Services                Per	Case                                             Carla	Wyatt,	Owner	
6665	Creek	Road	                          	                                                    Phone:	895-1600	
Cincinnati,	OH	45242                      Direct Personnel Services inc.                       Fax:	874-5070	
Rich	Arnold	                              9501	Union	Cemetery	Road                             Email:	homespecialist@cinci.rr.com	
Phone:	541-4800	                          Loveland,	OH	45140                                   Moving/Relocation Provider
Fax:	541-2727	                            Diane	Dudley,	VP
Email:	rarnold@bluechipmail.net           Phone:	793-5100                                      K & G fashion Superstore
Web:	www.bluechipmail.net	                Fax:	794-4888                                        2430	E.	Kemper	Road	
Mailing Services                          Email:	ddudley@starpersonnel.net                     Sharonville,	OH	45241	
Member	to	Member:	10%	of	first	order.	    Web:	www.starpersonnel.net                           Amy	Mueller	Assistant	Manager	
Please	tell	them	you're	a	Chamber	        Personnel services                                   Phone:	326-5402	
Member.                                                                                        Fax:	326-5411	
                                          Drury inn & Suites                                   Email:	akmg@kgstores.com	
Cal Crim inc.                             2255	E.	Sharon	Road                                  Web:	www.kgstores.com	
11177	Reading	Road	                       Sharonville,	OH	45241                                Mens & Ladies Clothing
Sharonville,	OH	45241	                    Slade	Stratman,	General	Manager
Randall	Hollenbaugh,	President	           Phone:	771-5601
Phone:	563-5500                           Fax:	771-5601
Fax:	563-8362	                            Email:	dis.cinn.119.gm@druryhotels.com
Email:	randall@calcrim.net	               www.druryhotels.com
Web:	www.calcrim.net	                     Hotel
Contract Security/Private Investigation

                                             A P u b L i C At i o n o F t h e S h A r o n v i L L e C h A m b e r o F C o m m e r C e

l. l. Peet Construction Services inc.   National employment Workplace                         Starwind vacations
3515	Maple	Lane                         Screening                                             11006	Reading	Road,	Suite	103	
Sharonville,	OH	45241	                  2486	E.	Sharon	Road	                                  Sharonville	OH	45241	
Larry	Peet,	President	                  Sharonville	OH	45241	                                 Dennis	Hensley,	President	
Phone:	563-7550	                        Jeanie	Wrenn,	President/CEO                           Phone	769-5666	
Fax:	563-1693	                          Phone:	772-4811	                                      Fax:	769-9301	
Email:	llpeetconstr@fuse.net	           Fax:	772-6696	                                        Email:	starwindtravel@hotmail.com	
Construction - General Contractor and   Email:	jcwrenn@aol.com	                               Web:	www.starwindvacations.com	
Facility Maintenance                    Background Checks, Physicals, DNA                     Full Service Travel Agency
                                        Testing, Drug Testing, Background
la Quinta inn & Suites                  Checks, Corporate & Vendor Profiles,                  SPCa Cincinnati
11029	Dowlin	Drive                      Tenant Screenings                                     11900	Conrey	Road
Sharonville,	OH	45241                   Member	to	Member	Benefit:	10%	on	                     Sharonville,	OH	45241	
Lindsay	Fish,	Director	of	Sales         Background	Checks,	Drug	Tests	and	                    Mike	Retzlaff,	Director	of	Development	
Phone:	513-771-0300	ext.	109            Physicals                                             Phone:	489-7390	
Fax:	513-771-3710                        	                                                    Fax:	489-7394	
Email:	lq7002dos@laquinta.com           NovoTec USa inc.                                      Email:	mretzlaff@spcacincinnati.org	
Web:	www.lq.com                         11473	Enterprise	Park	Drive                           Web:	www.spcacincinnati.org
Hotel                                   Sharonville,	OH	45241                                 Non-Profit
                                        Rheuben	McCorkle,	VP
market Direct                           Phone:	772-4456                                       Winestyles of mason & West Chester
3478	Hauck	Road,	Suite	C                Fax:	772-4438                                         7884	Mason-Montgomery	Road	
Sharonville,	OH	45241                   Email:	rheuben@novotecusa-edm.com                     Mason,	OH	45040	
John	Harmon,	President                  Web:	www.novotec-edm.com                              Jesse	Weaver,	Owner	
Phone:	563-4900                         Distribution of Consumables for EDM                   Phone:	759-1575	
Fax:	733-8710                           Industry                                              Fax:759-0975
Email:	johnh@marketdirect.com                                                                 Email:	jweaver@winestyles.net	
Web:	www.marketdirect.com               Rendigs fry Kiely & Dennis llP                        Web:	www.winestyles.net
Printer                                 One	West	Fourth	Street,	Suite	900                     Retail Wine & Gifts
                                        Cincinnati,	OH	45202
mTCi                                    Karen	Rolcik,	Attorney
11260	Chester	Road,	Suite	700           Phone:	381-9200
Sharonville,	OH	45246
Carol	Kirschbaum,	Marketing	Director
                                        Fax:	381-9206
                                        Email:	kar@rendigs.com
                                                                                                 	 he	following	businesses	are	
                                                                                                 New Tenants at executive Park	
Phone:	755-3400                         Web:	www.rendigs.com                                     in	Sharonville.
Email:	carolk2mtci.com                  Law Firm
Web:	www.mtci.com                                                                                The	LAM	Foundation
Telecommunication Consulting Firm       Speedpro imaging, llC                                    Global	Marketing	Ventures
                                        2736	E.	Kemper	Road	                                     Whitehall	Financial	Services,	Inc.
multiColor Sharonville                  Sharonville,	OH	45241	
12110	Champion	Way                      Dave	Sperry,	President/CEO	
Sharonville,	OH	45241                   Phone:	919-6501	
Laura	Noble,	Manager,	Human	            Email:	dsperry@speedpro.com	                               t
                                                                                                 	 he	following	businesses	have
Resources                               Web:	www.speedproimaging.com	                            expanded at executive Park:
Phone:	842-2042                         Large Format Digital Printing                            Alliance	Shippers
Fax:	772-0045
Email:	Lnoble2mcclabel.com                                                                       Fresenius	Medical	Care
www.quick-pak.com                                                                                F.	Harrison	Green,	Attorney
Contract Packaging & Decoration

FALL 2006                                   A P u b L i C At i o n o F t h e S h A r o n v i L L e C h A m b e r o F C o m m e r C e

renewals                               Home	Sweet	Home	Inspections
                                       Homewood	Suites	by	Hilton
                                                                                             Principal	Financial	Group
                                                                                             Quorum	Development	-	Kemper	Hill	
                                       Infitech                                              Offices
Allstate	Insurance                     Intercommunity	Cable	Regulatory	                      Ray	Hamilton	Companies
Ameridian	Specialty	Services	Inc.      Commission                                            Rock	of	Israel	Inc.
Artizan	Dental	Laboratory	Inc.         Livingston	Solomon	&	Tipton	Inc.                      Root	Beer	Stand
Bethesda	Care	Sharonville              McDonald's	Restaurant                                 Schmidt-Dhonau	Company
Black	Diamond	Casino	Events	LLC        McGill	Smith	Punshon	Inc.                             Sharonville	Convention	Center
CBR	Brokerage                          Miami	Valley	International	Trucks                     Sharonville	Police	Association
CDS	Signs                              Micro	Center                                          Sheraton	Cincinnati	North	Hotel
Cincinnati	Sub-Zero	Products	Inc.      Midwest	New	Media	LLC                                 Shippers	Supply	Company
Cliff	Hardware	&	Paint	Supply	Inc.     Mount	Vernon	Nazarene	University                      South	African	Casket	and	Coffin	
ContainerPort	Group	Inc.               National	City                                         Suppliers
Cross	County	Pool	Service              N.	Cincinnati	Convention	&	Visitors	                  Spaaaah!	for	Medical	Wellness
Curves                                 Bureau                                                Sports	Plus
Custom	Cast	Marbleworks                Office	Furniture	Source                               St.	Gregory	Group
Dental	Care	Plus	Inc.                  Ohio	CAT                                              St.	Lawrence	Homes
Detail	At	Retail                       Optima	Services                                       Star	Self	Storage	LLC
Doubletree	Guest	Suites                Pedco	E	&	A	Services	Inc.                             State	Farm	Insurance
Educational	Resource	Consultants	of	   Personal	Choice	Financial	Advisors	                   The	Blue	Goose	Sports	Cafe
Ohio	Inc.                              LLC                                                   Toyobo	Kureha	America	Co.	Ltd.
Electric	Welder	Repair                 Potts	Specialized	Hauling	LLC                         Tri-County	Heating	&	Cooling
Fifth	Third	Bank                       Prestige	Audio	Visual	and	Computer	                   Troyke	Manufacturing	Co.
Flexible	Packaging	Solutions           Rental                                                Universal	Industrial	Supply	Inc.
Habegger	Corporation                   Pride	Seals	Inc.                                      Verst	Group	Logistics
                                                                                             Village	Pantry	Catering


                                                                 “All that Art”
                                                                 	 haronville	Fine	Arts	Council	(SFAC)	held	their	5th	
                                                                 Annual	Evening	With	The	Arts	Gala	on	September	22,	
                                                                 2006	at	the	Sharonville	Convention	Center	Ballroom.	The	
                                                                 theme	of	the	Gala	was	“All	That	Jazz”	–	“All	That	Art”.	
                                                                 Featured	were	a	Jazz	Trio	from	Princeton	High	School	
                                                                 and	Dr.	Carolyn	Mazloomi’s	new	Traveling	Art	Exhibition	
                                                                 entitled	“Textural	Rhythms:	Constructing	the	Jazz	Tradition	
                                                                 Contemporary	African	American	Quilts.”
                                                                 The	three	year	worldwide	tour	begins	at	the	Kings	Art	
                                                                 Center	in	Columbus,	OH	in	January	2007	and	will	be	
                                                                 accompanied	by	Dr.	Mazloomi’s	new	book	of	the	same	title	
                                                                 -	publishing	in	January	2007.	The	SFAC	thanks	all	for	their	

                                      A P u b L i C At i o n o F t h e S h A r o n v i L L e C h A m b e r o F C o m m e r C e

upcoming Chamber
and Community events

 Special event                                                  Power Lunches
 :30-:30 pm                                                   11:00 am to 1:00 pm
Thursday, November 2nd                                       Fee: $15 / members; $20 / non members
Wine	Tasting	Party
Wine	Styles                                                  11:00 a.m. – 11:45 - Networking
White	Blossom	Plaza                                          11:45 – end - lunch
7884	Mason-Montgomery	Road                                   Noon – 12:45 pm - Speaker
                                                             12:45 – 1:00 p.m. - Question & answer

 business After hours                                        Wednesday, october 16th
 :00 to :00 pm                                             RCP	Power	Lunch
                                                             Dave	&	Buster’s
Tuesday, october 10th                                        11775	Commons	Drive,	Springdale
Blue	Goose	Restaurant                                        Speaker:	Brian	Leedy,	VP	&	GM,	Xerox
Sharonville	Police	Assoc.,	Sponsors                          “How	to	Build	a	Management	Style	on	
11060	Reading	Road,	Sharonville                              Personal	Values”

Wednesday, November 8th                                      Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Red	Squirrel	Restaurant                                      RCP	Holiday	Party
11959	Lebanon	Road,	Sharonville                              Sheraton	Cincinnati	North
                                                             11320	Chester	Road,	Sharonville
Wednesday, December 6th
LivINN	Suites
11385	Chester	Road,	Sharonville

FALL 2006                                                           A P u b L i C At i o n o F t h e S h A r o n v i L L e C h A m b e r o F C o m m e r C e

          Sharonville Chamberline		

                                                Great night at the
    is	published	three	times	annually	by		
    Sharonville	Chamber	of	Commerce	
       11006	Reading	Road,	Suite	301		

                                                Queen City racquet Club
           Sharonville,	Ohio	45241	
            Phone:	(513)	554-1722	
             Fax:	(513)	956-5522	

        It	is	distributed	to	Chamber		
       members,	new	businesses	and		
    other	interested	parties.	We	are	not		
                                                	 he	May	Business	After	Hours	was	held	poolside	at	
    responsible	for	content	of	inserts	or		
   advertisements	which	are	provided	by	
                                                Queen	City	Racquet	and	Fitness	Club.	Chamber	members	
  advertisers.	No	article	in	this	newsletter	
     may	be	reprinted	in	whole	or	part		
                                                and	guests	took	advantage	of	the	fantastic	weather	and	
       without	the	permission	of	the	           great	food	by	lingering	until	after	8:00	pm!	
    Sharonville	Chamber	of	Commerce.

           Design	and	Printing:		
          Allegra	Print	&	Imaging	
           11137	Reading	Road	
          Cincinnati,	Ohio	45241	
         Toll	Free:	(513)	554-1797	
           Fax:	(513)	554-0343	

          For	advertising	rates	and		
        information,	please	contact		
     Pat	Madyda	at	(513)	554-1722	or		
   email:	info@sharonvillechamber.com.

   The	Sharonville	Chamberline	newsletter		
      is	a	publication	of	the	Sharonville		
        Chamber	of	Commerce	and	is		
       provided	through	the	Chamber’s		
     publisher,	Allegra	Print	&	Imaging.		
  Every	attempt	is	made	to	assure	accuracy	
 and	timeliness	of	content	published	herein.	
     However,	both	Sharonville	Chamber		
      of	Commerce	and	Allegra	Print	&		
    Imaging	are	not	liable	in	any	way	for		
  misspellings,	omissions,	or	errors	of	any	
  kind	should	they	occur.	Submissions	may	
      be	edited	and	may	be	published	or		
       otherwise	reused	in	any	medium.

                                                                                                                                                  Presorted Standard
                                                                                                                                                  U.S. Postage Paid
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Sharonville Chamber
Of Commerce
11006 Reading Road, Suite 301
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