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					                               Sauk Valley Community College
                                      March 23, 2009

                                                                           Action Item 5.6

Topic:                Faculty Appointment - Criminal Justice

Presented By:         Dr. George Mihel and Dr. Donald Pearl


        The administration has concluded the process of searching for the position of Criminal
Justice instructor. The position was advertised on-line on Sauk Valley Community College’s
website, in the Sauk Valley Newspapers (the Dixon Telegraph and the Daily Gazette), and
nationally in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Twenty-six (26) applications were received.
A committee composed of Mr. Ralph Pifer, Mr. James Wright, Mr. Luis Moreno, Ms. Chris
Shelley, Mr. Thomas Breed, and Mr. Emilio Fischer (student) was chaired by Dr. Donald Pearl,
Academic Vice President. Five (5) candidates were interviewed by the committee and by the
President. All candidates gave a teaching presentation before the committee. The committee
unanimously agreed upon Mr. Jonathan Mandrell.
Academic background: Mr. Mandrell attended Sauk Valley Community College, received a
Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration from Western
Illinois University, and a Master of Arts in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration from
Western Illinois University in December 2008.
Professional background: Mr. Mandrell has been a Police Officer with the Oregon, Illinois
Police Department for six (6) years and has taught as an adjunct instructor for Sauk Valley
Community College since August 2008. Mr. Mandrell has the rank of corporal and has been the
night shift supervisor for five years and managed the juvenile offender program. He is a certified
law enforcement officer, juvenile police officer, and field training officer. Additionally, he has
taught criminal justice classes, successfully using advanced technology to deliver instruction via
streaming video and through the web. His experience and training make him uniquely qualified
for the position and to be able to expand the College’s offerings in Criminal Justice. All three
references who were called spoke highly of Mr. Mandrell. References stated that Mr. Mandrell
communicates well at all levels and his strengths are his honesty, intelligence and good

        The recommendation is for an 11.5 month contract for the 2009-2010 academic year in
order to develop curriculum for on-line courses and classroom.


       The administration recommends that the Board of Trustees approve the employment of
Mr. Jonathan Mandrell as an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice starting June 1, 2009 for an
11 ½ month contract for Fiscal Year 2010 at an annual salary of $44,821.

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