YAB Brochure San Diego County District Attorney by alicejenny


									  Want a 4-or-40 Presentation?                                                               Y O U T H A D V I S O RY B O A R D

To request a presentation please e-mail
                                                    district attorney
YABsandiego@sdcda.org with the
                                                  community programs
following information:
                                          330 W. Broadway, Ste. 1300, San Diego, CA 92101
• Your name                                              (619) 531-3567
• Your school or organization
• Your contact information                 Visit www.choose4or40.com to watch
                                          the 4-or-40 film and get information on
• The address of your school
  or organization                            valuable youth resources such as:

• The number of students in your class                   Crisis hotlines
  or members in your organization                   Mentoring programs
• Three dates and times (in order of                  Family counseling
  preference) for the visit
                                                     Education programs
                                            Info on bullying and cyber-bullying

                                               www.choose4or40.com                          empowering san diego youth:

                                                                                                  Bonnie M. Dumanis
                                                   www.sandiegoda.com                              District Attorney
A Message from your District Attorney:               “4 or 40: The Choice is Yours”                                 What is the DA's Youth Advisory Board (YAB)?

                                                          The choices you make during your 4 years in high          • Composed of Morse and Lincoln High Schools students,
     High school can be a difficult time for
                                                     school will impact the next 40 years of your life. It is not     with other schools to be added in the near future
many students. With new surroundings, the
                                                     about crime or violence; it's about choices. The focus is on   • Has been active since 2008
pressure of school work, and the desire to fit
                                                     positive decisions and possibilities.
in, students make important decisions that                                                                          • Learns about the criminal justice system from the
                                                          The YAB came up with the idea of “4 or 40” and was
shape their futures.                                                                                                  San Diego District Attorney’s Office
                                                     inspired to make a short film. The Board worked with a
     The Youth Advisory                                                                                             • Advises the San Diego District Attorney’s Office on
                                                     local studio to produce the film, using the characters and
Board (YAB) is a partnership                                                                                          youth needs and issues, including gang violence
                                                     story the board created. The YAB had editorial control and
between the San Diego
                                                     was involved throughout the production process. The film       • Educates young people on the power of making
County District Attorney’s
                                                     was honored with a National Association of Counties              good choices
Office and local high
                                                     Achievement Award and a regional Emmy Award.                   • Conducts presentations for high schools and youth
school students. The group’s
goal is to educate young
people about making positive choices during a                                                                       • Works to reach younger students through visits

crucial time in their lives. The Board has been                                                                       to middle schools

taking their message, “4 or 40: The Choice is
Yours,” to schools and youth groups in the
     The members of the Board work with the
DA’s Office to empower young people, show them
that they can make their own choices, and raise
awareness of the true impact those choices have
on the rest of their lives.
     Children are our future and we cannot fail
them. The key to their success lies in the support
they get from families and the community.
I’m proud of the work being done by the
Youth Advisory Board to boost that support.

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