but must be handed in to the office by an adult in order that appropriate paperwork is by HC120912111619


									                                  Burnside Primary School
                                  3 Glenlui Anenue, Glasgow, G73 4JE
                               TEL: 0141 634 1916 FAX: 0141 630 0883
March 2011                                      Hea d Te a ch e r : M r s . H ele n M cG a rve y
                                        he ad te a ch e r@ b ur nsi d e - p ri .s - l an a r k .s c h . uk

             Dear Pupils, Parents, Carers and Staff,

             February has been a busy month and as           notes/cheques in the box provided at
             the days begin to get longer, March             the office by 9.30 am as this is when
             brings more activity at Burnside                money is transferred to the cafeteria.
             Primary. Please note the school will            No change can be given from these
             close for the spring break on Friday 1          deposits but children can still pay
             April at 2.30 pm. We will re-open again         £1.20 per day at the machines
             on Monday 18 April at 9.00 am. The              provided. Please note the machines
             school will also be closed for the Easter       automatically deduct any negative
             weekend on Friday 22 and Monday 25              balance owed. Accounts need to be
             April.                                          in credit at all times.
                           Latecoming                                    Parents’ Evenings
             As you know latecoming has been a               Parents’ Evenings will take place on
             particular concern in recent months.            Tuesday 22 and Thursday 24 March,
             Thank you for your support in ensuring          6.30-8.30 pm. Invitations will come
             children are in school in time to join          home this week.
             their line in the morning. This is
             improving and is making such a
             difference to teaching and learning for
             them and their classmates! We still have
             too many children arriving late on
             Monday mornings, however, so I ask for
             your continued support with this. Please
             let me know if the school can help in
             any way.
             Just a reminder to deposit any paper

             February Highlights……..
                                                             Basketball Festival
             ~ Room 13 learned lots from their visit
             to Stirling Castle                              ~ pupils in Room 6 visited
                                                             Chatelherault Country Park as part of
             ~ Room 11 successfully completed their          a study on RME in Nature while Room
             block of tennis lessons                         5 continued with their exciting
             ~ Pupils in Rooms 9-15 enjoyed an               ‘Querks’ programme
             educational and entertaining session            ~ Room 9 hosted a visiting Viking as
             about Robert burns                              part of their studies
             ~ P7 pupils trained as sports coaches           ~ Our Eco group met to plan the next
             with the support of Sportsworks while           steps towards our Green Flag and the
             P6 pupils completed Playleader Training         children’s garden group (BBIGG) met
             with our Active Schools Co-ordinator,           to choose design aspects for the
             Karen McInally                                  Mathematical Garden
             ~ P6 pupils tried out their basketball
             skills at the Stonelaw
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                                     Current Clubs at Burnside Primary
   Yoga Club for P5 – Monday lunchtimes with Mrs.                  Streetdance for P6 – Friday lunchtimes with Active
    McGinness                                                        Schools
   P7 Football training – 3.15 pm Mondays with Mr. Port            Art Club for P3 ,Tuesdays 3.15 pm -4.15 pm with
                                                                     Miss Barnes
   P6 Football Training – 3.15 pm with Mr. McGill
                                                             Aerobics Club for P4 will begin Wednesday lunchtimes, 9 th
   J.A.M Club for P6 & 7 – Tuesday lunchtimes with Ross,                              March.
    Karen & Andrea
                                                              As always, if you would be able to run a club or help out
   Badminton Club for P5-7 – Tuesdays 5-6 pm, Burnside-                         please get in touch!
    Blairbeth Church
   Choir for P5-7 – Wednesday lunchtimes with
    Mrs. McGarvey
   Stamp Club for P4-7, Thursday lunchtimes with
    Glasgow Philatetic Society

                            The Month Ahead……March
                                1    ~ Room 6 begin tennis lessons, last ‘Querks’ session for Room 5
                                2    ~ Room 2 ‘Spring Is Here’ assembly at 9.15 am for parents
                                3    ~ ‘Bags 2 School’ collection – please send in all bags by today
                                4    ~ Room 10 visit the Burns Centre as part of their class studies
                                7     ~ Parent Council meets at 7 pm – all welcome!
                                14   ~ Info session - ‘Seasons for Growth’ Programme (see letter
                                        issued last week) at 9.15 pm – please come along! R.13 visit
                                        Rutherglen Library
                                15   ~ Falconer visits Room 6 as part of their studies
                                     ~ Room 9 Open Afternoon for parents/carers at 2.15 pm
                                18    ~ Room 12 visit Rutherglen Library
                                      ~ P7 Enterprise Day – all P7 parents welcome to see their child
                                       ‘at work’
                                21   ~ P5 Stonelaw Netball Festival and Emotional Health week begins
                                23   ~ Dawn Louden, School Nurse, leads intro session on
                                        Sexual Relationships for P6 & 7 pupils (letter issued)
                                29   ~ Room 6 ‘Owls’ Open Afternoon for parents(details to follow)
                                31   ~ Room 4 ‘Fairyland’ Open Afternoon for parents (details to
                                     ~ Parent Council ‘Pamper Night’ in school (info. to follow)

     Parental Involvement

     Thanks to all of you who organised and helped out at the recent P1 Spring Fling play evening and school
     discos~ thank you also to Russell McLachlan who again, offered his services as DJ.
     I hope that you enjoyed the family disco on Friday evening if you were able to manage along. Thanks to all
     our parents who worked hard to make it a success ~ all monies raised will benefit all pupils in the school.
     Please see March Parent Council minutes for the amount raised.
Page 3 of 3                              Burnside Primary School              March 2011 Newsletter

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 Congratulations to Mr. John Leslie who was last month’s 50/50 winner!

                                                                   Healthy Burnside
 Staffing Update
                                                Just a reminder that medicines are administered on a voluntary
 Mrs. Lindsay will return from                  basis by school staff. We will do our best to help but you can
 Maternity Leave on Tuesday 29th                support us by ensuring that medicines are requested to be
 March and will take over from Miss             administered only if necessary (most can be given before and
 Freel as Room 3’s class teacher. We            after school hours). Please note that medicines should not be
 will be delighted to welcome her               taken into school by pupils, but must be handed in to the office
 back but will also be sad to see Miss          by an adult in order that appropriate paperwork is completed.
 Freel leave us to return to her                It is the responsibility of pupils to request medicines at the
 position as area cover teacher. She            appropriate times, from the school office. Thank you for your
 has been a valuable member of our              co-operation with this.
 staff for many years now and will be
 sorely missed. We hope she will                I hope you will manage along to our introduction to ‘Seasons for
 return soon. Good luck and thank               Growth’ on 14th March at 9.15 am. This is a new programme we
                                                hope to introduce which will help children suffering loss
                                                through death, divorce etc. Please let us know if you would like
                                                to come along.

                                         Celebrating Success
           Congratulations to our Secret Superstars from January/February…….
                 Abbie Paterson, Room 4 ~ for being an exceptional big sister
                     Lisa McVey, Room 4 ~ achievements in gymnastics
                   Holy McLellan, Room 4 ~ achievements at cheerleading
                  Niamh Gillies, Room 5 ~ achieving 25m swimming badge
              Amelie Falconer, Room 9 ~ 4th place in under 8 fiddle competition
                   Lewis Laird, Room 9 ~ moved up to Sharks at swimming
                   Emma MacLean, Room 9 ~ achievements in gymnastics
             Katie Whiteside, Room 10 ~ moved up to Intermediate at swimming
             Elaine Henderson, Room 10 ~ won a trophy for hard work in karate
              Joshua MacPhee, Room 11~ ‘Warrior of the Week’ at martial arts
              Megan Campbell, Jonathan Christie and Calum Gowran ~ gaining
                        awards in Club Championships for swimming

           Have a wonderful Spring Break!


           Helen McGarvey, Head Teacher

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