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									                                                    September Keynotes 09 Edition

Grand Knight                              The State fall Workshop will be held in
No notes Received                         Albert Lea on October 10th. Four of us
                                          attended this last year. True, it was
Auxiliary Report                          on a Saturday morning and we had to
We were saddened by the passing of        get up early but it was so worth it. We
two of our members, Marianne Peter        gained a lot of information, had a
and Harriet Karr. A number of our         wonderful lunch, were entertained and
members attended the funeral as a         said a living rosary. If you can join us,
group. We are trying to revive this       let me know, 334-4431 or tell me at
practice. There is an Auxiliary plaque    the          September         meeting.
that goes in the coffin and all
members that attend can wear a            Respectfully    submitted       with
medallion. Please try to join us at the   enthusiasm, Mary Ardolf, Pres. 2009-
next funeral which we hope won't be       2010
for        a        long          time.
                                          Notes from the Church
Thanks to Marlene Gustafson and Barb      Father Kevin Finnegan
DuChene for helping at the Bingo          (Based on his homily of August 23,
lunches that we served. We will           2009)
continue to do this when the pot gets
large and there are more attending the    “Do you also want to leave?” These
bingo                          games.
                                          words spoken by Jesus in the Gospel
One of the many benefits of being an      (John 6:67) from August 21, 2009 are
Auxiliary member are masses that are      also spoken to us. Do you also want to
said each month for us. The next          leave? Jesus gives some very strong
dates are August 23, Sept. 27 and Oct.    teaching on the Eucharist: “Unless you
2. Do attend the mass if you can.         eat of the flesh of the Son of Man and
                                          drink his blood, you do not have life
Our next meeting is Sept. 10 with
                                          within you” (John 6:53). His teaching
Admission Ceremony of new members,
birthday     celebration   of    our
                                          was too much and some followers began
organization and some new ideas for       to leave. So Jesus asked his Apostles. It
our group. We need your input and         is as if Jesus is giving us an opportunity
would like you to get to know and         to leave. Maybe he is.
welcome the new members. Diane
Sundwall with IRIS will be our guest      To be a disciple to fully commit ones
speaker.                                  self to Christ such that the pattern of
                                          your life, your beliefs, values and goals
We are hosting the State Auxiliary
Bowling Tournament on September           all conform to the pattern of Christ’s life.
19th. Get a team together and join        As such it appears as if I cannot achieve
ladies from all over our state in a fun   what Jesus asks of me. Hence the
time. Contact Abbie Balfe for more        question, “Do you also want to leave”
information.                              can seem like an invitation. And don’t

we have a gazillion reasons for taking         every year and intend to be buried out of
leave of Jesus.                                the church – but go to church? Not any
                                               more. Most of the two thirds of our
People have shared many reasons why            parishioners I believe fit into this
people leave Jesus, leave the Church, or       category: Church Drifters.
abandon their faith. Reasons include:
The Church’s teaching on the Eucharist         HOLY DESIRE is what the saints of old
(still!), capital punishment, health care      and today have taught as being an
and immigration reform; divorce,               indispensable element of Christian
annulments, and remarriage; gay                discipleship. I have to want to grow in
marriage, natural Family Planning,             holiness. I must desire to be close to
Catholic Schools, parental responsibility      God. Jesus tells us to ask, knock and
in raising their children in the practice of   seek. Just as a married couple must keep
the faith, the amount of money spent or        the “spark” in their marriage, so too we
not spent on teenagers, the traditional or     must have HOLY DESIRE fuel our faith.
contemporary style of music chosen; the        Married couples or any two friends must
Church’s unyielding opposition to              engage in activities and honest
assisted suicide, euthanasia and of            communication about their relationship
course abortion; the building of a church      to renew and deepen their love and
(at Divine Mercy and back when St.             friendship. When the relationship wanes,
Pat’s was built); homilies too long and        all the more they need to foster their
just about money and sex, and “some            friendship and love, their desire for each
priest was mean to my grandmother 80           other. The same is true with our
years ago.” And people are sincere in          relationship with God.
their reasoning.
                                               HOLY DESIRE is not spiritual
However, I believe that the reason two-        emotionalism; rather it is interiorly
thirds of Catholics at St. Michael, St.        seeking and wanting God. St. Augustine
Patrick and Divine Mercy don’t go to           preached that we must pray for HOLY
Mass (and only half go on Easter and           DESIRE, for the interior longing for God
Christmas) has less to do with the above       and the things of God. As you TAKE
“excuses” and more with the                    TEN – every day this week – ask God for
phenomenon of “drifting.” Christians           the grace of HOLY DESIRE.
tend to drift away from church; few
make a hard and fast decision to leave           Knights of Columbus Council
Her.                                                         #889
                                                        August 4, 2009
We “accidently” miss mass or we sleep
in or we get caught up in other activities     Meeting called to order at 7:21 p.m. by
or we are on vacation or go to college –       Grand Knight Paul Vizina.
whatever – we just happen to miss Mass.
Life goes on, we miss again next month,        Officers Roll Call:
then again, and again … we just slowly         Grand Knight: Paul Vizina – Present
drift apart from the church, from the          Deputy Grand Knight: Charles
Body of Christ. Oh, we still might pray,       Constantine – Present
go on Easter, even give a few bucks

Chaplain: Fr. Kevin Finnegan – Not              after a discussion with Fr.
Present                                         Finnegan and after Spirit Fest.
Chancellor: Kerry McCarthy – Not               Looking at having a raffle this
Present                                         October and the proceeds would
Recorder: Richard Klatt – Present               go to the K of C Scholarship.
Financial Secretary: Randy Ochs –
Present                                  Treasurers Report:
Treasurer: Kevin Lang – Present          Report by Kevin Lang
Lecturer: Chuck Ernste – Present         Motion to approve by Mark Reuvers
Advocate: Gary Voegele – Not Present     Motion Second by Ken Brazil
Warden: John Hake – Not Present          Report approved
Outside Guard: John Lovold – Present
Inside Guard: David Krenske – Present    Financial Secretary Report:
Trustees: Mark Reuvers, Larry McHugo     Report by Randy Ochs.
and Ken Brazil Present
                                         Gambling Report:
Grand Knights Report:                    Report by Ryan Bauer
    Two thank you letters – One         Motion to approve – Rick Sheil
      from the Friendship Ventures for   Motion Second – Gary Schmiesing
      the tootsie roll drive and the     Report approved.
      Isaac Van Thomme to attend
    Club Manager Rick Scheil has        Estimated Expenses:
      received the VIP award for         Report by Ryan Bauer:
      having 5 new members join.         Motion to approve – Randy Ochs
    Knights of Columbus member          Motion Second – Ken Brazil
      Albert Koeing presented with a     Report approved.
      new Rosary that is made of olive       $420.00 from Gambling to Spirit
      wood from the Holy Land.                  Fest for a Silver Membership
    Knight of the Month for August             listed under Charitable Requests
      is Mark Reuvers. He will receive          from last months Key Notes.
      a certificate for a free burger
      basket or breakfast.               Home Inc. Report:
      Congratulations Mark.              Report read by Ryan Bauer:
    Clarification regarding what the        Our debt reduction is at
      Quota is with regard to new               $4,735.00 at this time. Once we
      members is defined as: A net of           reach $5,000.00 we will apply
      35 new members per year above             that amount towards the debt.
      and beyond normal losses.
    We are planning on having a         Old Business:
      First Degree Exemplification           Nominations for Home Inc.
      next month.                              Offices will be next month 9-1-
    K of C Scholarship that was               09.
      discussed last month will be           Chuck Ernste is checking to see
      setting up a new bank account            if there is a substitute
                                               organization that will replace

       “Safe Place For Newborns.” If           Motion by Rick Scheil to add an
       we cannot find a substitute we
       will have to do some                    incentive to paying dues on time
       brainstorming to find where the
       money can be sent, maybe St.            whereby, dues will be raised to
       Vincent DePaul for example.
      Motion from Mark Reuvers for            $40.00 per year and if paid early (by
       $100.00 to dry clean the First
       Degree Exemplification robes.           a selected date i.e. 12-30-09) the
       Motion Second by Clem Wall.
       Motion Passes.                          member will receive a $5.00 break or
      Spirit Fest is coming up this
       month and Brother Knight Gary           savings on dues.
       Schmiesing gave an update.
       Spirit Fest is still in need of         Motion Second – John Zoubek
       volunteers especially for clean up      Motion Approved.
       and take down. Sign up sheets
       are located in the narthex of the    Fourth Degree Report:
       new church.                                 Approximately 35 Fourth Degree
                                            Knights of Columbus members attended
New Business & Charitable Requests:         the church dedication ceremony.
   Charitable requests for this            Sixteen to seventeen members attended
     month are: Free Pops Program           from Faribault, ten from Owatonna and
     and Hope Center. Council passes        10 from New Prague. Thank you for
     this month.                            supporting the dedication.
   Long discussion on if we should
     increase membership dues or            Good of the Order:
     leave as is. Approximately 40%            Sick or ill member
     of dues go towards Supreme and               acknowledgements conducted.
     State. This next year it may be              Keep our departed and ill
     as much as 50%. We still have a              brothers in your prayers.
     few members that have not paid               Reminder, that if you know or
     dues this year. We don’t want to             hear of a Brother Knight that is
     lose members so if you know of               in the hospital, please notify
     a member that hasn’t paid their              Clem Wall so a card can be sent.
     dues, please remind them. If
     there is a hardship case, the          Meeting adjourned at 8:16 p.m.
     Council does help out.
   If anyone from either the parish        *Note: As always, prior to the regular
     in Kenyon or Shieldsville are          meeting of the Council members pray
     interested in attending a round        the Rosary. Come on down to the club
     table with Council #889 please         and offer your prayers as well.
     contact us. This is a good way to
     get involved in the Knights Of         Next Meeting: September 1, 2009.
     Columbus and this Council.

Lecturer Column - Nothing Received           and a cofounder of the American
                                             Federation of Labor, was first in
                                             suggesting a day to honor those "who
Things of Note:                              from rude nature have delved and
In case you hadn’t noticed, the new          carved all the grandeur we behold."
Divine Mercy Church is Open. Mass
times are: Saturdays: 4:00pm; Sundays:       But Peter McGuire's place in Labor Day
8:00am, 9:30am, 11:30am (Spanish) and        history has not gone unchallenged. Many
5:00pm                                       believe that Matthew Maguire, a
                                             machinist, not Peter McGuire, founded
On October 4th, St. Patrick’s Church
                                             the holiday. Recent research seems to
will be having their annual Town and         support the contention that Matthew
Country Festival. Come out and enjoy         Maguire, later the secretary of Local 344
some great food and good company.            of the International Association of
September 13th the Start of the Sunday       Machinists in Paterson, N.J., proposed
                                             the holiday in 1882 while serving as
football games at the KC’s. Bring a dish
                                             secretary of the Central Labor Union in
to share and watch the Vikes and that        New York. What is clear is that the
new guy play with a pigskin.                 Central Labor Union adopted a Labor
September 20th, is the monthly Euchre        Day proposal and appointed a committee
Tournament at the KC’s. It will be a 1       to plan a demonstration and picnic.
PM Start, and of course the Ladies Aux
will be serving food. The game will also
be going in the barroom.
September 27th, is the first Breakfast.
The first breakfast will be benefiting the
youth going to world youth day.

Labor Day:

Labor Day: How it Came About;
What it Means

Labor Day, the first Monday in
September, is a creation of the labor
movement and is dedicated to the social
and economic achievements of American
workers. It constitutes a yearly national
tribute to the contributions workers have
made to the strength, prosperity, and
                                             Getting Married? Having a Party?
well-being of our country.
                                             Call on Weddings by Deb for your
Founder of Labor Day                         Formal wear, then call Rick to book
                                             the KCs for your next function.
More than 100 years after the first Labor
Day observance, there is still some
doubt as to who first proposed the
holiday for workers.

Some records show that Peter J.
McGuire, general secretary of the
Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners

Officers                 Auxiliary Officers
Grand Knight             President                     Fourth Degree
**Paul Vizina            ** Mary Ardolf                Officers
Deputy Grand Knight      Vice President                Faithful Navigator
** Charles Constantine   **Julie Ochs                  **George Voracek
Chaplain                 Secretary                     Faithful Captain
**Fr. Kevin Finnegan     **Carolyn Sammon              **Mark Reuvers
Chancellor               Treasurer                     Faithful Admiral
** Kerry McCarthy        ** Audrey Tebo                **Albert Koenig
Recorder                 Trustees                      Faithful Pilot
**Richard Klatt          ** Gretchen Siemers,          **Ken Mracek
Financial Secretary      Joanne Wall and               Faithful Comptroller
**Randy Ochs             Marlene Gustafson             **Ray Johnson
Treasurer                                              Faithful Friar
**Kevin Lang                                           **Fr. Dennis Evenson
Lecturer                                               Faithful Scribe
**Chuck Ernste                                         **Mark Winter
Advocate                                               Faithful Purser
**Gary Voegele                                         **Aldon Sammon
Warden                                                 Faithful Inner Sentinel
**John Hake                                            **Ron Wermerskirchen
Outside Guard                                          Faithful Outer Sentinel
**John Lovold                                          **Tom Wirtzfeld
Inside Guard                                           Trustees
**David Krenske                                        3 Year*George Fink
Trustees*                                              2 Year*Clem Wall
**Mark Reuvers                                         1 Year*Robert Staska
**Larry McHugo
**Ken Brazil

www.rentnsave.com                   How is your digital?

Knights of Columbus #889
17 3rd St. N.E.
Faribault, MN 55021

Looking ahead:

August 4th, Council Meeting.
August 16th, Spirit Fest – Rice County Fair Grounds.
Sept 1st. Home Inc Annual Meeting at the Council Meeting. Come
and find out the important news.


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