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									                 GREATER MANCHESTER POLICE
                      JOB DESCRIPTION

POST TITLE:                                    Advanced Indexer / Intelligence Researcher

DEPARTMENT/DIVISION/BRANCH:                    North West Counter Terrorism Unit

SECTION/UNIT:                                  Covert Investigations, SPOE (Single Point of

GRADE:                                         F

RESPONSIBLE TO:                                Detective Sergeant, SPOE

RESPONSIBLE FOR:                               N/A

AIM OF JOB:                                    To support counter terrorist investigations by
                                               receiving, indexing and researching
                                               information entering the CTU.

                                               Conduct research across all databases (overt
                                               and covert) and produce research packages.

                                               Contribute towards the production,
                                               dissemination and presentation of
                                               intelligence packages in line with the national
                                               intelligence model (NIM).

                                               Support all major covert counter terrorist
                                               investigations as part of the operations room
                                               indexing and research facility.

                                               Within the operations room conduct
                                               immediate research to inform decision
                                               making by the SIO, operations room
                                               manager, Silver or Gold.


   Index all information on entry to the CTU (SPOE).

   Research all CTU Databases including, CLUE 2, NSBIS, SECURE HOLMES and other
    police databases.

   Endorse documents as indexed, either manually or electronically

   Forward all indexed material for further assessment within the SPOE.

Advanced Indexer / Intelligence Researcher, GMP CTU
October 2008
   Identify any immediate threats to life and advise CTU supervision.

   Within the Operations Room provide immediate research to inform decision making by
    the SIO, Operations Room Manager, Silver or Gold.

   Raise actions as directed, either where indicated in any document or by a specific
    instruction from a named person in writing.

   Register all incoming material on relevant databases.

   To accurately input items into the CLUE2, NSBIS, or HOLMES2 databases to ensure that
    their location complies with the indexing system, and the rules and conventions required.

   To devise searches and conduct research of the CLUE2 database, NSBIS and HOLMES,
    extracting and analysing the resulting information and intelligence outputs, in order to
    facilitate particular lines of enquiry.

   To understand the method and state of an investigation in order to create and revise links
    between details stored in the relevant databases and identify connections, correlations
    and discrepancies.

   To revise the indexing system and structure of the CLUE2 and NSBIS database to ensure
    that it reflects policy decisions made during the course of the investigation.

   To liaise closely with the investigation team in order to provide expert advice in relation to
    the relevant indexing and research systems, and the structure, search and operation of
    the CLUE2 and NSBIS database.

   To operate the relevant software in order to prepare accurate graphical displays of
    information items taken from the CLUE2, NSBIS and HOLMES system, for the reference
    of the investigation team.

   To operate ancillary computer systems and applications as required in order to locate
    additional information items

   To deal with telephone enquiries and take messages as appropriate.

   To undertake word processing and proof reading of documents as and when required.

   To be responsible for filing and retrieving documents during an incident and the
    caretaking of documents which require indexing following closure of the Operations room.

   Evaluate, Analyse, Sanitise and appropriately disseminate Intelligence Material in a timely
    manner. (Recommendation 8 Bichard Enquiry 2004)

   Ensure that Intelligence activity is undertaken in compliance with all relevant legislation
    (CPIA, RIPA, DPA, HRA) and according to National Standards of Good Practice

   Maintain close liaison with all specialist departments both locally and nationally.

   Maintain liaison with Officers engaged on Division and other specialised divisional offices.

   Maintain contact with OPUs.

   Maintain close liaison with Force FIB.

   Liaise closely with other intelligence sources and users both inside and outside the Force
    e.g. NCS, NCIS, Customs and Excise, Local Authorities and Security Services.

Advanced Indexer / Intelligence Researcher, GMP CTU
October 2008
   To ensure compliance with statutory requirements in relation to information management
    including the Data Protection Act 1998, the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the
    Code of Practice on Management of Police Information 2005, as appropriate

   To comply with the requirements of GMP's policies on Drug and Alcohol testing –
    requirements in respect of specific posts/ roles are described in the policies which are
    available on the Force Intranet

   To promote and comply with GMP's policies on equal opportunities and health and safety
    both in the delivery of services and the treatment of others

   To be responsible for improving your performance by participating in the Performance
    Appraisal process with your manager

   To carry out such other duties which are consistent with the nature, responsibilities and
    grading of the post


This job description records the principal responsibilities of the job at the date shown. The
job description will be updated from time to time in conjunction with the post holders to
reflect changes.

Advanced Indexer / Intelligence Researcher, GMP CTU
October 2008
POST TITLE:                                       Advanced Indexer / Intelligence Researcher

LOCATION:                                         North West Counter Terrorism Unit


 Openness to change (C)
 Understands the need for change and is willing to adapt to it. Is flexible and prepared to try
 out new ideas.

 Respect for race and diversity (A)
 Understands other people’s views and takes them into account. Is tactful and diplomatic
 when dealing with people, treating them with dignity and respect at all times. Understands
 and is sensitive to social, cultural and racial differences

 Team working (C)
 Works effectively as a team member and helps build relationships within it. Actively helps
 and supports others to achieve team goals.

 Effective communication (B)
 Communicates all needs, instructions and decisions clearly. Adapts the style of
 communication to meet the needs of the audience. Asks probing questions to check

 Problem solving (B)
 Gathers information from a range of sources to understand situations, making sure it is
 reliable and accurate. Analyses information to identify important issues and problems.
 Identifies risks and considers alternative courses of action to make good decisions.

 Planning and organising (B)
 Plans activities thoroughly for self and others. Builds milestones into plans, monitors
 progress and adjusts them as necessary in response to any changes. Provides clear
 direction and makes sure that staff know what is expected of them.

 Personal responsibility (B)
 Takes personal responsibility for own actions and for sorting out issues or problems that
 arise. Is focused on achieving results to required standards and developing skills and

 Community and Customer Focus (c)
 Provides a high level of service to customers. Maintains contact with customers, works out
 what they need and responds to them. Is aware of issues of diversity and understands and
 is sensitive to cultural and racial differences.

Explanation of competency levels:
(A), (B), (C) indicates the level of competency taken from the National Competency

All behavioural competencies will be discussed in the Performance Appraisal.

Advanced Indexer / Intelligence Researcher, GMP CTU
October 2008

                           Essential                                         Desirable

          Able to demonstrate high standard of             Knowledge of CTU procedures relating to
          accuracy and attention to detail.                the use of Covert Human Intelligence
                                                           Source Management.
          Knowledge and experience of major crime
          investigation procedures (MIRSAP).               Knowledge of the workings of OPU’s and
                                                           the 4 intelligence products.
          Knowledge of the National Intelligence
          Model.                                           Experience of Major Incident Room
                                                           procedures and roles.
          Knowledge of the management and
          dissemination of intelligence.                   Knowledge of Covert techniques.

                                                           *CLUE2 Training

                                                           *NSBIS Training

                                                           *PNC Training

                                                           *Ability to use all aspects of GMPICS

                                   TRAINING/EXPERIENCE REQUIRED

                           Essential                                         Desirable

          Carried out duties including inputting,          Worked in a clerical/administrative capacity.
          recording, retrieving of information and
          associated filing.

          Trained and experienced in Indexing and
          Researching Holmes 2.

          Keyboard experience and computer

          (Training will be given in the use of systems/
          software, techniques, methods, procedures

Advanced Indexer / Intelligence Researcher, CTU
October 2008
                                          OTHER REQUIREMENTS

                           Essential                                       Desirable

          Has achieved a good attendance record.

          Prepared to be flexible in relation to work
          requirements as necessary and to work
          abnormal hours when necessary.

          This post operates a standby/call out
          arrangement at weekends (current
          arrangement to be revised to operating a
          shift arrangements where appropriate
          enhancements will be paid).

          This is a designated post under the Force
          Vetting Strategy and the post will therefore
          attract an enhanced level of vetting.

          Full UK driving licence and access to a
          vehicle for business use.

       All essential criteria above will also be discussed in the Performance Appraisal.

       The desirable criteria marked with an asterisk will be desirable at selection stage but will become
       essential once in post and will be discussed in the Performance Appraisal.

       Please note that we will consider making reasonable adjustments to the above, in line with the Disability
       Discrimination Act.

Advanced Indexer / Intelligence Researcher, CTU
October 2008

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