Get house and land packages to enjoy quiet suburban modern living at Kellyville by Durden1


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									           Get house and land packages to enjoy quiet suburban modern living at Kellyville

Looking for a great place in north growth centers of Australia? Norwest business parks, good schools,
                                             lots of parks and walking tracks makes Kellyville the
                                             most desirable one. Before rezoning and development
                                             plan action by govt., transportation facilities were
                                             mediocre in the region .But now with more growth,
                                             private housing development companies putting their
                                             effort, this place makes a quiet suburb to dwell with lots
                                             of greenery to enjoy.

                                               So whether you are going for land or House and land
                                               packages at Kellyville lets point out some great living
benefits at the place. After all yours hard earned money needs to be invested in place worth investing.

     Being a young suburb the place is bordered by moderns ones as Beaumont Hills, castle hills,
      Glen haven and Bella vista. This gives the place a mix of facilities whether it is in terms of
      shopping or clubs and pubs or cafes or restaurants.
     The major convenience and service stores are Woolworths and Cole. You may find it less big
      then Sydney but these are more than enough to suffice your requirements.
     This family and kid friendly place has lots in store to give you quiet and good living. Bike paths,
      plenty of parks, street planting, well kept gardens
      give you opportunity to take stroll in the
      maintained quiet streets.
     Indoor play centers play grounds, local pubs;
      jumping castles cater for your kids. Good public
      schools are of high standards here.BBQ and street
      Christmas parties’ people enjoy here in the
      neighborhood. People residing here have a class
      and standard and this makes Kellyville a residence
      with great neighborhood. You also get to have
      fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms.
     Work opportunities with Macquarie park and
      Norwest business parks makes it a living here.
     Housing structures caliber varies from high to very
      high. Something comparable to best structures at
      Castle hill and bush.
     Hospital services though not in the vicinity but you find local GP’s and medical specialists at
     Although there are regular bus services and express buses, transportation facilities lack a good
      railway line here and Windsor rd gives you the only way. This makes a rigid traffic in area. But
      traffic is everywhere; even in Sydney. You only have to start early to reach early. That’s a golden
      rule. A personal car is always required.

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