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									                     voluntary, Community & Faith Partnership (VCFP)
                    Minutes of the VCFP meeting held on 11th August 2011
                      Venue: Crompton Suite, Civic Centre, Oldham
Jonathan Yates (Chair)                 Citizens Advice Bureau
Yvonne Lee                             Age Concern Oldham
Michael Hindson                        Oldham Society for Blind & Partially Sighted people
Barbara Christopher                    OMBC Sensory team manager
Jane Pickering                         Oldham Community Accountancy Service
Olwen Fish                             Breathe Easy
Gaynor Edwards                         Greater Manchester Police Authority
Julie Walker                           Barnardos
Jade Czuba                             Oldham Local Involvement Network
Hakeel Qureshi                         GMBME
Paul Howes                             Groundwork Oldham and Rochdale
Liz Windsor-Welsh                      VAO Director
Nayan Joshi                            VAO Engagement Officer (VCFP)

Anna Shields                           Sports development
Christine Hague                        Home-Start Oldham
Sylvia Gibson                          The Neighbourhoods Team
Adrian Ball                            Positive Steps Oldham – HUB representative
Laura Windsor Welsh                    Oldham Children & Youth Alliance/Children’s Hub
Jane Hughes                            Brooks
Rev Paul Monk                          St Barnabas Church
Camilla Guereca                        Oldham Personal Advocacy Ltd
John Mellor                            Higginshaw ARLFC
Betty Knott                            Walkers Road Community & Facility Centre
Ursula Hussain                         Oldham Link
Tony Walsh                             Oldham Society for Blind & Partially Sighted people
Councillor Barbara Dawson              Failsworth East ward
Councillor Jim McMahon                 Failsworth East ward
Councillor John Hudson                 Chadderton Central ward
Councillor Lynne Thompson              Waterhead ward
John Curbishley                        Church Lads and Church Girls Brigade
Councillor Barbara Beeley              Saddleworth and Lees ward
Jenny Daubney                          Lees community Association
Raad Al Hamdani                        Lees community Association
Ben Spinks                             OMBC
Hilary Feinmann                        New Visions
Fazal Rahiem                           Oldham Interfaith Forum


Voluntary Action Oldham, Unit 12, Manchester Chambers, West Street, Oldham OL1 1LF
Tel: (0161) 633 6222, E-mail, Website:
1    Welcome Introductions and Apologies

Jonathan welcomed everyone and apologies were received and accepted.

2    Minutes of previous meeting and Matters Arising

The minutes of the meeting of 12th May 2011 were accepted as a true record by Yvonne
Lee with no amendments.

Matters arising:

Nayan advised that the redrafted Alcohol strategy has not been agreed as yet, once it has,
this will be forwarded to members.

Liz, Bruce Penhale and Paul Howes met following discussions around community
cohesion at the last VCFP meeting. Bruce explained that he is also trying to link up with
all the work that inter faith forum does. This led to further discussions with the cabinet lead
for community cohesion in the Borough leading to an agreement to release £15000
funding to resource new initiatives to bring voluntary and community organisations
together. In October we hope to launch an event to bring VCF groups together, to talk to
them about how OMBC hope to use the £15000 funding to fund series of activities and
initiatives. The council is keen to encourage activities that bring voluntary and community
organisations from different parts of the Borough or communities of interest that don’t
normally work together to come together for a joint initiative.
Liz commented that this initiative came about as a result of a really positive idea from
VCFP members at the last VCFP meeting.

   Nayan to send out Alcohol Strategy once the final version has been agreed.

3    Representative feedback

Jonathan explained that this feedback was provided by representatives that attend various
thematic meetings on behalf of the VCFP. There had been limited number of thematic
meetings since the last VCFP meeting due to changes in the Oldham Partnership
structures. We have two reports from VAO and Children and Young People’s Hub which
he suggested should be sent out with minutes of this meeting. All agreed.

    Nayan to send out feedback reports to members with minutes.

4    Share vision of new style of VCFP

Jonathan ran through the presentation proposed by the VCFP steering group (attached) to
share a vision of new style of VCFP. He explained that the VCFP steering group have
decided to review the VCFP meeting format due to a number of factors: external
environment is changing, Oldham Partnership is changing its structures, which VCFP
previously changed to mirror and changes in leadership in the Borough of Oldham. In light


Voluntary Action Oldham, Unit 12, Manchester Chambers, West Street, Oldham OL1 1LF
Tel: (0161) 633 6222, E-mail, Website:
of this we felt it was important to reposition and revise the format of the VCFP to ensure
we can continue to achieve our aims.

Members felt the new proposed structure of the VCFP meeting allowed for more in depth
discussions, meetings were relevant and useful as a consequence and that it was up to
members to make it work. Members welcomed this approach.

A discussion took place around the concern that service providers cannot have a seat on
the Health and Wellbeing (H&W) board. Ursula Hussain from Oldham LINk has a place
and VAO has a space but not a VCFP place. The shadow board is in the process of
agreeing its membership. Liz has fed in the importance of having a place for VCF
providers to influence directly. This is likely to be through a sub group of health and
wellbeing board. We will keep members updated.

    Nayan to send out presentation with narrative behind the diagram.

Oldham Forum
Liz explained that the Oldham Partnership is proposing a new mechanism to engage
communities and to help them give strategic direction and this is the Oldham Forum(OF).
The VCFP steering group have agreed to consider whether we should combine the VCFP
meetings with Oldham Forum meetings, whilst maintaining independence of VCFP. We
are currently in initial discussion with the council. We see that we have an important role
to play and duplication could be damaging to both VCFP and OF.

Liz explained that the proposal is for the Oldham Forum to hold thematic discussions 4
times a year with the wider community and organisations throughout Oldham which would
also include the VCFP. All participants would bring local knowledge and use the OF as a
vehicle to influence decision making.

The VCFP steering group recognises that there are limited resources for VCFP at the
moment and this could dwindle further in the future. Working with the OF would provide
an opportunity to strengthen the position of the VCFP.

The members present agreed with proposals put forward within the presentation.

A member asked whether OF and the district wide community networks are same
Liz explained that OF and district wide community networks which are being piloted in
certain areas are separate mechanisms. VAO are supporting VCF organisations in East
Oldham, bringing together groups interested in working together, sharing resources, and
putting in joint bids and it is hoped that they will eventually negotiate a seat on the local
district partnerships. VAO’s view is that each district has the autonomy to use the format
which works for them i.e. some groups may prefer a formal network or others may prefer
informal social networks. The Council is keen to develop these networks, however,
formation of networks will depend on whether groups can see the benefit of coming
together to make a real impact.

Neighbourhood Working Structure


Voluntary Action Oldham, Unit 12, Manchester Chambers, West Street, Oldham OL1 1LF
Tel: (0161) 633 6222, E-mail, Website:
There has been a restructuring of OMBC, it is proposed that neighbourhood managers role
is increased with more responsibilities. A new role is being created of a district coordinator
with more control and influence on how services are provided in a district. They will
manage 2 areas of work – Place which is about physical environment, and People which is
about community engagement sector. There is ongoing restructuring in the Council to
recruit to these posts.

5    Local policy update

Cooperative Commission and Principles

Liz explained that Councillor Jim McMahon the new leader of Oldham Council, has
outlined Labour’s vision for a Cooperative Borough. Labour wants to create an
environment in Oldham of cooperation and improved communication between the council
and citizens to make Oldham a better place to live.

The Council are looking for organisations that run in a cooperative way to take up the
delivery of services to show their commitment to sharing resources and encouraging
Community dividend schemes – It is proposed that organisations tendering for contracts
need to demonstrate that they work within the cooperative ethical framework or give
something back to people of Oldham into a fund which will create a grant scheme
available for community organisations to benefit from.

Councillor Jim McMahon’s and Labour’s vision is to create a Cooperative Borough; with
strong partnerships, young people networks, where cooperative trust schools are
encouraged, dividend fund, and a range of cooperative pilots.
Councillor McMahon will be attending the next meeting in November to explain these
concepts in more detail.


The Council is devolving more power to district partnerships and are seeking to deliver
more services at district level and create community hubs. The Council feel that if services
are devolved from Oldham town centre then this will create more of a local feel producing
better dialogue and engagement between service providers and communities.

Councillor McMahon wants to create better leadership in the community by making the
role of councillor more accountable to the citizens in their local districts, leading new
initiatives and pilots. Support will be provided to councillors in their new roles through
support staff and leadership development.

Liz explained that the VCF sector should embed the cooperative working principles, as we
are essentially examples of community led cooperatives.


Voluntary Action Oldham, Unit 12, Manchester Chambers, West Street, Oldham OL1 1LF
Tel: (0161) 633 6222, E-mail, Website:
District budgets

Liz summarised the current understanding of money going to districts.

There are some opportunities for the VCF sector. £600,000 will be allocated to each
district partnership, £60,000 for bloom grow, £100,000 for alley gating and £2000 for each
councillor. A further £360,000 district investment fund that districts can bid into for larger
schemes is also being provided. Members are encouraged to look for opportunities to
engage at district level.

Each district will prioritise their needs and produce a district plan. A needs assessment in
each area will be undertaken, which should influence which services are delivered and
where money is spent. Essentially each district will have autonomy to make their own
decision regards where money is spent and all districts will receive the same amount.

Oldham’s Transition Fund

Liz reported that Voluntary, Community and Faith Transition Fund was announced last
March 2010. £200,000 was set aside for the fund with extra £50,000 of Area based grants
underspend being ring-fenced for the transition fund. Voluntary and Community sector
Chief Officers group members have had some influence as how this money should be

The Council have agreed therefore that between October 2011 to September 2112, VAO
will run £50,000 small grants pot, community groups will be able to apply up to £1000.
VAO will run the monthly grant scheme with a fast turnaround enabling money to flow to
communities at the time they need it.

The Council will also fund 10 organisations up to a maximum of £15000. These
organisations must have a turnover of less than £500,000 and can demonstrate a robust
sustainable and change management plan. Organisations must not have received the
national Transitional Fund distributed by the lottery.

VAO are administrating this fund so please look out for our e-bulletins and check our
website for your opportunity to apply.

VAO will also provide a partnership and consortia resource 2 days a week until August
2012. This will enable voluntary organisations to come together and run consortia and
help them become more competitive and stronger by bidding and purchasing jointly.
Oldham fund is made up of dormant assets in different charitable trusts that will be used
as a general fund to provide small grants for local community groups. VAO will inform all
VCFP members once we have further information.

6    Any Other Business
Gaynor Edwards from the Greater Manchester Police Authority (GMPA) explained that the
GMPA is the body that governs the Greater Manchester Police force i.e. policing the
police. They are running a range of multi faith events starting with an Eid celebration on
7th September, 6.30-8.30pm, Civic Centre in Salford. All welcome. Speakers from specific


Voluntary Action Oldham, Unit 12, Manchester Chambers, West Street, Oldham OL1 1LF
Tel: (0161) 633 6222, E-mail, Website:
faiths will be invited to talk about the faiths. Gaynor agreed to send the full list of events to
Nayan to pass onto members.

    Gaynor to forward list of events to Nayan who will circulate to VCFP

Jade circulated Oldham LINks August 2011 update. Please contact Jade on 0161 622
5700 or email if you would like further information. The update will
be sent with minutes.

7    Dates, venues & time of next meeting

The next VCFP meetings will take place on:

Thursday, 10th November 2011, Crompton Suite, Civic Centre, Oldham,
1.00 - 3.00 pm.

Meeting ended at 2.30pm

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Voluntary Action Oldham, Unit 12, Manchester Chambers, West Street, Oldham OL1 1LF
Tel: (0161) 633 6222, E-mail, Website:

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