ENERGY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM
                               FOR RESIDENTS IN THE MUNICIPALITY OF TRENTO

From January 1st 2009 all Italian citizens and foreign residents in the municipality of TRENTO may request
for energy assistance at the appointed Fiscal Assistance Centres - CAF (*).
The energy assistance program, which was introduced through the Italian intergovernmental decree dated
28/12/2007, provides funding for low-income families to pay for the cost of energy, which therefore guarantees an
annual savings on the cost of electric energy. In addition, all families with a member suffering from a serious
medical condition, in which this member must use a home electro-medical device in order to sustain life, have the
right to energy assistance.
Therefore, all citizens with an account with the household energy supplier in their name and at their place
of residence have the right to energy assistance, based on the following conditions:
    ‐    LOW-INCOME for individuals with an annual maximum income of 7,500.00 Euros according to the ISEE
         guidelines (which assess the poverty level) and for families with four or more dependent children with an
         annual maximum income of 20,000 Euros.
    ‐    DISABLING PHYSICAL CONDITION, in which one family member has a serious medical condition which
         requires the use of electro-medical devices to sustain life.

To receive energy assistance, applicants which meet the above mentioned requirements may refer to a Fiscal
Assistance Centre to request the following forms, which must be filled out and signed:
    ‐    FORM A or A/bis (in the case of large families) – Istanza per l’ammissione al regime di compensazione per
         la fornitura di energia elettrica - Disagio Economico (Application for Electric Energy Compensation - Low-
    ‐    and/or FORM B – Istanza per l’ammissione al regime di compensazione per la fornitura di energia elettrica -
         Disagio Fisico (Application for Electric Energy Compensation – Disabling Physical Condition)

Applicants must enclose and present the following documents along with one of the above mentioned forms:
    ‐    Valid ISEE DOCUMENTATION, in the case of low-income families
    ‐    ASL CERTIFICATION OR FORM C (Dichiarazione sostitutiva della certificazione ASL - Documentation which
         substitutes the ASL certification), for disabling physical conditions
    ‐    FORM E (Dichiarazione sostitutiva della certificazione dei figli a carico - Documentation which substitutes the
         certificiation of dependent children) for large families with financial hardship
    ‐    Copy of a DOCUMENT OF IDENTIFICATION (if presented by an appointed delegate, a document of
         identification of the delegate must be included)

Once the applicant has provided the required documentation, the Fiscal Assistance Centres will issue the
Attestazione di Presentazione della Domanda di Agevolazione (Documentation of Presentation of the
Energy Assistance Application), thereby confirming the data be sent to the proper energy supplier and the assisted
funding be directly applied to the bill within and no later than 60 days from the date the request is received by the
energy supplier. Once the applicant has provided the required documentation, the Municipality will start controls as to
the personal data provided by the applicants. The applicant may track the progress of the application by visiting the
website and inserting user name and password issued by the Fiscal Assistance
Centres and included in the same Documentation of Presentation.
According to the parameters established by the decree, each family may request energy assistance for only one
energy supply. Funding for low-income families is valid for 12 months. Funding is not subject to expiry and will be
applied without interruption for families with a disabling medical condition as long as the need for in-home electro-
medical device exists. Funding is applicable to both households with low-income as well as those in which a family
member has a disabling physical condition, as long as all requirements are met.

Please contact the Servizio Tributi – Ufficio canoni e tariffe - of the Municipality of Trento, Piazza Fiera, 17, tel.
0461/884157 – 0461/884076, e-mail address: for more information or assistance
on the application process for assisted funding.

Citizens who have the right to energy assistance may refer to the Fiscal Assistance Centres (CAF). It is not necessary
for them to go to the Municipality. The assistance provided by CAF is free of any charge.


        CAF                                                             INDIRIZZO                    TELEFONO
        Caaf Nord Est srl - Centro Servizi CGIL del Trentino            Via Giusti 49                0461/924988
                                                                        Via Lunelli 9                0461/428588
                                                                        Via Roma 35                  0461/221768
                                                                        Via Murerei 8                0461/924988
        Caf CISL srl – Cisl Servizi Srl                                 Via Verdi 10/1               0461/236105
        Caf ACLI srl – Acli Servizi Trentino Srl                        Galleria Tirrena 10          0461/274911
        Caf UIL spa - Centro Servizi UIL del Trentino srl               Via Matteotti 20/1           0461/376100
        Caf Pensionati e dipendenti CIA srl - Agriverde Cia srl         Via Maccani 199              0461/420969
        Caaf 50& Più srl – 50&PIU’ Fenacom Servizi srl                  Via Solteri 78               0461/880533
                                                                        Piazzetta del Sas 4          0461/236071
        Caf Fenalca dipendenti e pensionati Srl e Caf                   Via al Torrione 11           0461/231060
        Nazionale del lavoro spa – Unione Centro Servizi srl
                                                                        Via Brennero                 0461/402141
        Caaf F.A.B.I. srl – Centro Servizi FABI Trento srl              Passaggio Zippel 2           0461/236362
        Caf Confartigianato - SAPI Srl                                  Via Brennero 182             0461/421146

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