Draft Equality and Diversity Action Plan for School of Community

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					Draft Equality and Diversity Action Plan for School of Community, Health Sciences and Social Care
June 2007

1.   Equality and Diversity vision

Develop opportunities for dialogue about different ways of understanding Equality and Diversity
Develop consensus about School vision and key priorities
Begin dialogue across the Faculty about Equality & Diversity

Action                            Steps                           Who is responsible     Timescale/Progress
Review remit, membership          Consult with other Schools      E&D coordinators       September 2007
and attendance requirements       about arrangements and
of E&D committee                  effectiveness
                                  Agree new arrangements          School Exec

Coordinate Equality &             Create working group            E&D coordinators,      £1000 Grant applied for
Diversity seminar/ workshop                                       interested staff &     and approved from
series to provide opportunities                                   students               University T&L
for presentation, discussion                                      As above               Committee
and development                   Deliver event/ series                                  Throughout the academic
                                                                                         year 2007/8

2.   Student recruitment and retention

Develop approaches to student recruitment and retention which address issues of access and equality

Action                     Steps                    Outcomes (inc. deadlines    Who is      Timescale/
                                                    and measures of success)    responsible Progress
Each Directorate to        Each Directorate to      Programme identified        Directorate January 2008
identify one programme     identify one programme                               teams
and examine profile of     for development.
admissions and identify                             Agree action plan for       Prog team,
potential barriers to    Programme team,            recruitment for this        Admissions
particular social groups admissions tutor and,      programme                   Tutor, E&D
                         where required, E&D                                    coordinator
                         coordinators to devise and
                         apply format for identifying
                         issues of representation
Implement action plans Programme team,                Produce plan              Programme     January 2008
to address issues of     admissions tutors and,                                 team,
recruitment and          where required, E&D                                    Admissions
retention in response to coordinators to produce      Implement plan            Tutor, E&D
any under-               plan, implement and                                    coordinator
representation           consider plan’s impact
identified                                            Review

3.   Student support

Develop support systems for students which have a positive impact on marginalisation and inequality

Action                   Steps                       Who is responsible                Timescale/Progress
Review current                                       AH (T&L)                          September 2008
arrangements for                                     PDP coordinator
personal tutor support                               Prog leaders & Directors
in all programmes

Review work of student   Consultation with group     Group facilitators, E&D           January 2008
groups. Produce plan     facilitators and students   coordinators
for future support       about current
arrangements             arrangements and

4.    Curricula

Develop the inclusion of Equality and Diversity issues in all curricula in the School

Action                    Who is responsible                                Timescale/Progress achieved

Deliver development       E&D Coordinators and any other interested         Grant applied for and approved (see
workshops (see            members of School                                 Objective 1)
Objective 1)                                                                Throughout academic year 2007/8

Action                   Who is responsible       Timescale/Progress
                         Head of School; Social
Continue                 Work & Social Policy     Ongoing dialogue with
communication with       Director                 E&D Office
E&D Office about
managing students’ and
regulatory body

Pilot and review system E&D coordinators
for disseminating       Quality Officer           December 2007
student support forms   Programme Leaders

6.   Staff experiences

Further examine whether systems of inequality operate with regard to staff

Action                     Steps                       Who is responsible     Timescale/Progress
Consult with staff about   Research project to         E&D Coordinators; AH
staff development and      explore gender and          (Research);            June 2008
research; establish        participation in research   Director of SCSWR
whether there are          work
particular issues that
need to be addressed


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