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									     Property Turn into Negative Gearing

I went to my village after a very long time, I think after about two decades.
None of my relatives leaved there and so, I always gave the last priority of
visiting this place. I had a property there, but due to lack of time I could not go
there and as there was no one to take care of it, my property turned into a
negative gearing one.

About six months back, I was on a tour to a city near my village and seeking
the opportunity I also paid a visit to my property. My property was in a very
bad condition and I then decided to maintain it properly. Earlier I had thought
of selling it, but didn’t do so and after all the maintenance work was carried
out, which incurred huge expenses I decided to give it on rent and accordingly,
got in touch with a Vendor Finance to find a suitable renter.

I knew it is a difficult task to find a renter in a village but for this Vendor
Finance it was not at all difficult. They found an appropriate one within two
months of getting in touch with them and my negative gearing property is
also well maintained.

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