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									                           Spring 2012
Congratulations PV Baseball on becoming the 2012 Lancaster-
              Lebanon League CHAMPIONS!

 Congratulations to the 2012 Softball and Baseball teams for making the
 Lancaster-Lebanon League Playoffs! Best of luck as you enter the post

 Congratulations and good luck to Mitch Weaver and John Archibald for
qualifying for the PIAA District 3 boys tennis championships-AA doubles.

        Congratulations to the following athletes for making the
              Lancaster Lebanon League All Star team!

                             Boys Tennis
                             Section All-Star:
                             John Archibald

                            1st Team All-Star:
                      Ashley Schoenstadt-Centerfield
                       Kasey Williams-Second Base
                          Kayla Wallace-Pitcher
                        Mariah Sensenig-Shortstop

                            1st Team All-Star:
                         Mitch Stoltzfus-Catcher
                            Ryan Shirk-Infield
                         Danny Stoltzfus-Outfield
                          Colton Smoker-Pitcher

                             2nd Team All-Star:
                           Mitch Stoltzfus-Infield
                           Mike Stoltzfus-Infield
                      Tyler Schmitt-Outfield & Pitcher
                          Colton Smoker-Outfield

                             Girls Soccer
                             1st Team All-Star:
                              Heather Lockard
                                           2nd Team All-Star:
                                           Hadassah Huyard
                                             Brooke Lacock

                                    Winter 2011-2012

Congratulations to Pequea Valley bowlers Eric Erb and Chelsey Merklinger for an outstanding job in the
Lancaster-Lebanon League Bowling Singles Championship. Eric placed 2nd in the championship and
Chelsey placed 16th.

Congratulations again to Chelsey Merklinger for her 1st place finish in the PIAA District 3 bowling

Chris Schmid has reached his 100th win as he took 3rd place at the PIAA District 3 Wrestling
Championship. Mitch Ball took 1st place and Jon Ross and Drew Jackson finished at 2nd place. Chris,
Mitch, Jon and Drew will advance to the regional tournament on March 2nd and 3rd at Wilson Area High

Congratulations to Pequea Valley wrestlers Taylor Ball, Drew Jackson, Chris Schmid, and Jordan Crouse
for their first place finish at the Spartan Invitational January 7th to help their team capture first place at
North Schuylkill High School.

Also, congratulations to Mitch Ball for his 1st place finish at A.I. Dupont Tiger Classic Tournament
December 27th & 28th. He finished 1st out of over thirty wrestlers.

Once again, a great weekend for PV wrestlers. Drew Jackson became the 5th wrestler in PV history to
enter the 100 win club during the Coatesville Steel Town Duals. At the same tournament, Mitch Ball
became the PV wrestler with the most wins ever at 129. The last record was set last winter by Mitch's
brother, Ray Ball, at 128 wins.

                                            Girls Basketball
The Lady Braves basketball team won the Tulpehocken Holiday Tournament, December 27th & 28th.
They got to the championship game by defeating Schuykill Haven 46-36 in the opening round, and then
brought home the trophy with a 53-39 victory over Antietam. Kayla Wallace was named the Tournament
Most Valuable Player, and Kasey Williams was named to the All-Tournament Team.

              Congratulations to the following athletes for making the
                    Lancaster Lebanon League All Star team!

                                           1st Team All-Stars:
                                          Drew Jackson-138lbs
                                          Chris Schmid-152lbs
                                          Mitchell Ball-160lbs
                                            Jon Ross-182lbs
                           Honorable Mention All-Stars:
                                Kyle Wanner-132
                               Jordan Crouse-285

                               Girls Basketball
                                 3rd Team All-Star:
                                   Kayla Wallace

                               Boys Basketball
                                3rd Team All-Stars:
                                   Tyler Schmitt
                                    Chad Tyson

                                All Defensive Team:
                                    Tyler Schmitt

                                  Fall 2011
Congratulations to Chad Tyson, Tyler Schmitt, and Jordan Crouse for being selected to
           participate in the LL League Tri-County All Star Football game.

          Congratulations to the following athletes for making the
                Lancaster Lebanon League All Star team!

                                  Boys Soccer
                                1st Team All-Stars:
                       Alex Twardowski and Brandon Hoover

                                2nd Team All-Stars:
                          Ehtan Hoover and Kevin Lockard

                                 Academic All-Star:
                                    Chris Karg

                                 Field Hockey
                           Honorable Mention All-Stars:
                               Hadassah Huyard
                                Heather Lockard

                                Academic All-Stars:
                                   Heather Lutz
                                 Candace Cosgrove

The PV Field Hockey Team has also received the Lancaster Lebanon League Academic
                                  Team Award!
                                1st Team Defense All-Star:
                                    Jordan Crouse-DE

                               2nd Team Defense All-Stars:
                                    Jhensen Lapp-OL
                                    Tyler Schmitt-DB
                                     Chad Tyson-DB

                               2nd Team Offense All-Stars:
                                    Chris Schmid-RB
                                   Tyler Schmitt-WR
                                    Jordan Crouse-G

                               Honorable Mention All-Star:
                                    Chad Tyson-QB

                                    LL League All-Star:
                                       Dylan Beiler

     Congratulations to Emily Hoskins on being a Girls Tennis District Qualifier!

                               College Recognition
Congratulations to Bri Teijaro for making the women's basketball team at Philadelphia Biblical
 University and to Marissa Ferris for making the women's basketball team at Elizabethtown
                 College. Both Bri and Marissa are 2011 graduates of PVHS.

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