�Walking in the Light of the Lord� by caf9P0


									               “Walking in the Light of the Lord”
                       Convention 2010

                                  Servant Activities

Get ready to walk and be a light for others

Servant activities will start Friday, June 4 in the large dining hall area. Session time is
9:00 AM – 11:00 AM. These activities are open to every registered convention attendee.
Sign in at the registration table and pick up your servant event card. Precede to the
servant event tables and collect a sticker for each servant event that is completed.
Complete all servant events and receive a memento for your “Walk of Light.”

Walk a mile in their boots….

Men and women serving in the United States military face times of separation from their
families, homes, communities, and churches. A simple care package can go a long way in
helping our chaplain’s reach out to these men and women. As a light shining for others
you will be preparing care packages for our service men and women.

Soul survivors ....

People who must flee their homes quickly often do not have time to pack essential items.
Health kits can help refugees or those displaced by natural disasters maintain personal
hygiene while living in various forms of shelter. Items may also contribute to a new start
for those who can return home. Health kits will be assembled and sent to Lutheran World
Relief for distribution to those in need.

Hygiene kits will also be assembled for distribution by Lutheran Social Ministries of
New Jersey for their many programs across our state. Many of the residents in LSM/NJ’s
Housing Programs are on limited or fixed income and are always in need of basic
                              Cards of Thanks….

The Pastors of our congregations spend long hours caring for their flock. These men of
faith often travel many miles to visit the sick and infirmed. They share the gospel to the
masses and do it freely out of Love for the Lord.
But they too need to be spiritually uplifted through our prayers and appreciation for all
that they do.
Special greeting cards expressing thanks for their dedication will be set up on a table in
the prayer chapel. We are encouraging the attendees to take time to locate their Pastor on
the state map and sign one of the cards for them. You are also encouraged to say a prayer
for the many Pastors who serve the state of New Jersey.
This Human Care event will be continuous all through the convention.

                                       Prayer Chapel

The prayer chapel will be open from 1:00 PM on Friday and continue through the close
of the convention on Saturday. You can submit your prayer requests here for display in
the chapel. Please take time to pray for those in need and consider taking those prayer
request home with you for further spiritual support.

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