Skaith 6th grade Kagan Cohort by HC120912095543


									Kagan Strategies
    What is Kagan?
  Kagan Cooperative Learning
•Opportunities for students to be
engaged and more academically
•Students are more in charge of
 their learning and helping their
          peers to learn
Group/Student Formation
     A1                      Face Partners                      B2

                                             Shoulder Partner
     A4   Shoulder Partner                                      B3
                             Face Partners

                 Academic levels:
                A1 is medium-high
                B2 is medium-low
                    A4 is high
                     B3 is low
         Kagan Structures
 Kagan includes 36 cooperative learning
 structures designed to enhance student
 learning. In the following slides, you will
see 4 structures demonstrated within our
                  Rally Coach

In Rally Coach, students are paired and take turns practicing a
skill while the other is a coach and then they reverse the roles.
               Rally Robin

Students are assigned a topic by the teacher. The teacher
 tells students which student starts. Then students take
             turns sharing ideas or answers.
               Quiz Quiz Trade

 Above students are engaged in an activity titled Quiz Quiz Trade. During this
 activity students are moving around the room asking questions and praising
   classmates. At any one time, 50% of students are actively engaged. This
activity is used during math, reading, writing, science, social studies and team
                           / class building activities.
                  Mix Pair Share

Students mix around to music. When music stops, students pair up with
  closest person to them. Teacher tells students who goes first in their
pair and students either turn take or have a specific amount of time they
 If you would like more
    information about
Kagan, please visit their
        website at
or see a Kagan trained
 teacher in your grade

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