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									                          Toronto & District Badminton Association

              Ontario Winter Games 2012 Selection Tournament Regulations

DATE - December 10th and 11th, 2011

VENUE – Bill Crothers Secondary School, 44 Main Street, Unionville, ON L3R 2E4

CONDITIONS - The selection tournament will be open to all players who meet the athlete eligibility
criteria found in the T&D Ontario Winter Games Tryout notice. This can be found on the TDBA website
at along with the rules of the tryout. The competition will be
conducted under the official rules of Badminton Canada and the World Federation of Badminton.

Note: You do not need to be a member of an affiliated club to participate in the tournament, but if you
are selected, you must join an affiliated club and you must purchase an OBA competition card.

CHAIRPERSON – Chuck Hoang, Tel: (647) 216-5109, Fax: 905-927-0849
REFEREE & OFFICIAL – Qualified official will be in attendance at all times

Saturday, December 10th
   -   8:00am – courts available
   -   8:30am until 9:30am - Registration for ALL athletes. The selection process will be explained
       and all athletes competing will be asked to sign they agree with the selection process.
   -   9:30am to 5:30pm - Matches

Sunday, December 11th
   -   8:00am – courts available
   -   8:30am until 5:30pm – completion of remaining matches
   -   upon completion of matches, selected players and selected alternates will be required to attend a
       short meeting.

SCHEDULE OF PLAY – The schedule of play will be handed out at the registration meeting on
Saturday, December 10th.

SHUTTLES – Feather shuttles will be provided for all matches.
ENTRY DEADLINE – November 30th, 2011, midnight UPDATED December 7, 2011
         Entries to be emailed to or faxed to 905-927-0849.

SEEDING – Will utilize most recent results on OJRS on OBA website as decided by organizing

RULES – Colours are permitted. The 21-Point Rally scoring format will be utilized. Three minute
warm-up and ten minute default will be strictly enforced. Players must follow the OBA protective
eyewear regulations.

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